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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 045

【parallel world。】

【After sending Uta away, Luffy returned to the back mountain。】

【In order to become the freest person in this sea, he must continue to become stronger.。】

【And by the way, he taught his two younger brothers, Ace and Sabo, to become stronger.。】

【“Listen, domineering power comes from the power within the body. As long as there is a domineering power in the human body, it depends on whether you can sense the domineering power in the body!”】

【Luffy began to teach them seriously that the most powerful power in the world is Haki.。】

【In a flash。】

【A month has passed。】

【Luffy’s three-color Haki has taken a step closer. At the same time, he also helped Ace and Sabo learn and master the Armed Color and Knowledge-color Haki.。】

【As for the overlord’s color and domineering spirit, Luffy won’t teach him。】

【In other words, there is no way anyone can teach you about Overlord Sex.。】

【Because this power cannot be cultivated, you can only explore it on your own.。】

【Only when Ace and Sabo can awaken the Overlord’s Haki, Luffy can tell them some tips on controlling the Overlord’s color.。】

【“Very good! Finally learned it!”】

【“Are the armed color and the informed color domineering? This force is really powerful!”】

【After a month, the two finally learned the domineering power of armed sex and knowledge sex, not to mention how happy they were inside.。】

【“Your talents are too poor, I’ll teach you for a month before you can learn the Haki of Wisdom and Arms. “Luffy couldn’t help but sigh.]

Bundivold: “What do you mean it takes a month to learn Armament Haki? Don’t the Straw Hat boys of that world know how surprising this is? That’s a month! Douglas Barrett: ”

For us, this is surprising enough, but for the Straw Hat boy in that world, this is not surprising. After all, it only took him half a day to learn the Haki of Wisdom and Information. Although it is not I don’t know how long it took him to learn the armed color domineering, but I can be sure that it was definitely not more than a day! ”

Quinn: “Hey, hey, are you kidding me? Those two brats are probably no more than ten years old now. Can they learn Armament Color and Knowledge Color Haki in one month? ”

You know, Ace and Sabo are now

less than ten years old!

When the body is not yet mature, it is several times more difficult to find the power in the body than for adults! Even More than ten times!

But even so, it only took them a month to learn the weapon color and the knowledge color!

If they were to learn Haki at the age of adults…

Quinn simply couldn’t imagine that they would How shortened the learning time of these two domineering forces is!

Wang Zhi: “Although they are not as talented as Straw Hat Boy, the two of them can still be called veritable monsters! ”

Although Ace and Sabo are indeed not as good as Luffy,

their talents have surpassed almost everyone in their world!

Jhin: “No! This is not because those two guys are too talented, but because the straw hat boys in that world are so good at teaching! ”

Marco: “With monster-like talent, strength, upper limit, and teaching ability t

hat almost surpasses all others, this guy……It really can no longer be called a human being! Kuzan

: “This guy seems to be able to train Portcas D. Ace and the revolutionary Sabo into monsters!” ”

Porusalino: “It’s getting more and more troublesome. In that parallel world, we will not only face the monster Straw Hat Boy, but also the large number of strong men he has trained! ”

Buddha’s Warring States Period:” Garp! Why! Why would you be stupid and give him to bandits in that parallel world? If we can let him join the Navy Headquarters, do you know how many monsters he can breed for us? ”

Sengoku is numb with anger.

Luffy’s fighting power and talent alone are enough to affect the pattern of the world!

And now, they actually know that

Luffy also has a strong teaching ability!!

If Luffy joins the navy , the Warring States Period doesn’t even know how exciting it must be!

Monkey D. Garp:“……”

Zefa: “Terrible teaching ability. I have taught eight hundred students if not thousands, but I know I am not as good as him!”

Although it is hard to imagine and admit it.

But Zefa realized that Luffy in that world was really good at teaching!

Portcas D. Ace: “The younger brother in our world is really amazing, Sabo, no! We should call Luffy in that world our big brother.”

Sabo: “It’s indeed scary. In this world, I I have become stronger under the guidance of Mr. Long and Mr. Big Bear since I was a child, but it also took me a long, long time to learn the weapons and knowledge.。”


【parallel world。】

【In a flash。】

【Two years have passed。】

【Luffy became stronger, and at the same time, under his guidance, Ace and Sabo also became stronger.。】

【“I heard that there is a pirate group called Bluejem nearby. They are a well-known pirate group nearby. I believe they have a lot of money. In order to have money to buy ships when they go to sea in the future, we will destroy them and put them to death. All the money was taken away, right?。”】

【Luffy suggested as he looked at Ace and Sabo. 】

Wang Zhi: “Good guy, this guy named Bluejem is going to be in bad luck!”

John: “I kind of sympathize with this pirate group named Bluejem. In our world, they have at least had some success. They beat up the Straw Hats. Boy, beat up Portcas D. Ace and the revolutionary Sabo, but in that parallel world, they will probably be swept away directly.” Silver Ax: “I guess

the pirates will be stunned, Nian Three little brats who are only ten years old. They are armed and domineering. I don’t even think Portcas D. Ace is needed to fight against that revolutionary Sabo. The Straw Hat boy is so domineering now. It will shock them all into fainting.”

Tea Dolphin: “This is the first time I sympathized with a pirate group.”

Marco: “This Bluejem Pirates Group is going to suffer a lot.”

Jozi: “This pirate group The pirate group can definitely be called one of the worst pirate groups. Obviously they haven’t done anything yet, and they haven’t offended Straw Hat, Ace, Sabo or anyone else, they will directly overthrow them.。”


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