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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 041

Bundivold: “Seeing the Straw Hat Boy in our world, I deeply felt how big the gap between the two of them is!”

Douglas Barrett: “Luffy in our world, at this time He hasn’t gotten to know Portcas D Ace yet, and he’s been bullied by the beasts in the jungle, but the Straw Hat boy in that parallel world has already made Portcas D Ace his little fanboy. , can walk sideways through the jungle of beasts!”

Trafalgar Law: “But this is not because the Straw Hat Master is too weak, it’s just because the Straw Hat Boy in that world is too strong.”

Luffy in their world, no longer After all, he is a monster with a bounty of 300 million beli!

He is the man with the second highest bounty among the eleven supernovas!

A man of this level cannot be called weak!

You can even use the title monster!

But Luffy from another world.

It can no longer be called a human being, nor can it be called a monster.

Because he is a monster himself, why does he need to be called a monster again?

Urki: “Luffy in that world was incredibly powerful. If we in the other world didn’t reach half of his strength, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be worthy of being called a supernova with him.。”

【“By the way, thank you by the way. Your name is Portcas D. Ace, right? “Luffy glanced at Ace and thanked him.。】

【If it weren’t for Ace discovering Uta who was in danger,。】

【I’m afraid he won’t be idle and domineering at all. Let’s go and observe the situation in the back mountain.。】

【After all, a group of beasts that can’t threaten him are not worthy of Luffy’s observation.。】

【The consequence of this is that Uta is likely to be killed!】

【“Yes, just call me Ace。”】

【Ace nodded.。】

【“If you want to learn domineering, I can teach you。”】

【Think of this as repaying Ace】

【Moreover, Luffy felt that he needed to get along with Ace for a long time, so that the relationship would not become so tense.。】


【When Ace heard this, he suddenly became excited.。】

【Soon, Luffy took Uta and Ace and killed a lot of beasts in the back mountain and brought them all back. Everyone gathered together to have a big meal.。】

【Moreover, Ace also introduced another friend of his to Luffy, namely Sabo。】

【After a brief contact and chat, the three of them discovered that all they wanted was to become pirates!】

【Facing the three people who were in love with each other, Sabo proposed that the three of them become brothers.。】

【Luffy didn’t refuse, after all, he felt that he got along well with these two people.。】

【In this way, before it got dark, they found a bottle of wine and prepared to hold a sworn ceremony.。】

【“If we become sworn brothers, who among the three of us will be the eldest brother? Sabo wondered.。】

【“Normally, the oldest person should be the eldest brother, but…..If the three of us become sworn brothers, it will be based on our strength. Luffy is the strongest. He is the eldest brother, I am the second brother, and you are the third brother. “Ace suggested。】

【“Is he very strong?”】

【Sabo was

slightly startled when he heard Ace’s words, because he always thought Ace was a very strong man, but he didn’t expect that he would recommend Luffy to be the boss.。】

【At this time, he couldn’t help but become curious about Luffy’s strength.。】

【“Very powerful! He defeated all the wild beast dinners we had just now! Moreover, whenever we encountered saber-toothed tigers or giant elephants in the jungle, we had to run away before. All of them were knocked down by him with one punch! “Ace nodded.。】

【“this……So strong?”】

【After hearing Ace’s words, Sabo couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva, his face full of surprise.。】

【Because he looked at Luffy’s age as if he was younger than himself。】

【But I didn’t expect that the strength would be exaggerated to such an extent!】

【“Well, let him be the big brother!”】

【Sabo finally agreed and made Luffy, who was younger than him, the eldest among the three of them.。】

【In this way, the three of them drank the sworn wine and became three brothers。】

【“From now on, you will be my brother. I will teach you Haki and other powers. If you encounter danger on the sea, come to me!”】

【Luffy looked at the two of them and said solemnly。】

【Luffy has no other friends, he only has these two friends. Although they have only been together for a day so far, Luffy doesn’t hate them!】

【As for Uta…..Uta kept arguing that she was his wife, not just an ordinary friend. 】

Monkey D. Luffy: “Huh? I actually became Ace and Sabo’s big brother?”

Sabo: “This is really a surprising scene. Luffy, who needs our protection in this world, is… That world has become our big brother!”

Portcas D. Ace: “There is no way, Luffy in that world is too strong. In our world we can protect Luffy, but in that world we may not be able to protect him. We need Luffy to protect us.”

Monkey D. Luffy: “Hehe…..I will definitely protect your Ace, Sabo!

Wang Zhi: “Is this the benefit of strength? ” He was originally the youngest Straw Hat boy among the three brothers, but in that world, he suddenly became Fire Fist Ace, the eldest brother of the revolutionary Sabo. ”

Rocks D. Jibek: “This is not something that should be surprising. After all, the Straw Hat boy in that world is incredibly powerful, and it is impossible for him to become the younger brother of the two of them. ”

John: “I don’t know if in the future of that parallel world, the Navy will capture Portcas D. Ace and start a war on top. If that is the case, it will be difficult for a Straw Hat boy of that level to participate in such a war. So funny! ”

Bundivold: “Don’t be stupid in that parallel world’s navy. If you really dare to capture Portcas D. Ace, the younger brother of the Straw Hat Boy, you will face disaster! ”

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha……I’m looking forward to it. In that parallel world, you should hurry up and capture Straw Hat’s younger brother. I want to see what your navy plans to do in the end.。”


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