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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 037

【“What? Have you learned how to be domineering?”】

【Garp was shocked. He remembered that he never taught Luffy how to be domineering.。】


【“Who taught you this?”】


【“That brat with red hair? I really didn’t expect him to do such a thing, but Luffy, listen up, pirates are all bad people, don’t think that just because the red-haired brat taught you how to be domineering, you think he is a good person.。”】

【“You saw it yesterday, these bastards are so abominable! Actually taking action against innocent civilians! “Garp said angrily.。】

【“Those fainted villagers were not caused by Shanks and the others. “Luffy shook his head and said。】

【“Not the red-haired brat? Who could that be?”】

【Garp frowned slightly and said thoughtfully.。】

【“it was me。”】

【Hearing Luffy’s words, Garp was stunned for a moment, then the veins on his forehead popped out, he clenched his fists and said angrily: “Did that hateful red-haired brat brainwash my grandson into being like this?”】

【“They were obviously the ones who hurt the villagers, but they actually forced and instigated my grandson to take responsibility! I was still wondering if that brat said something to you before he left, but it turned out to be this!”】

【“I will never forgive him, I will never forgive that brat! When I get to the new world, I will make them pay! ! !”】

【Garp’s whole body was full of energy. You can imagine how angry he was at this moment.。】

【Garp believes that the people who knocked out the villagers must be the red-haired pirates!】

【After all, no matter what, Garp doesn’t think that with Luffy’s character, he would take action against innocent villagers.。】

【Karp guessed that what happened should be like this。】

【The red-haired pirates took action and injured the villagers, and then found out that Garp was here.。】

【Before leaving, the red-haired Shanks asked Luffy to take the responsibility this time. This was because he did not want the red-haired pirates to become enemies with Garp. 】

But in fact, what Red-haired Shanks said was to let Luffy take care of Utta.。

【However, the distance was far away at that time, and red-haired Shanks spoke softly, so Garp did not hear clearly.。】

【Of course, the most important thing is that Garp didn’t turn on the Haki of Wisdom and Information at the time. If he had turned on it, he would definitely be able to hear it.。】

【But the domineering skills of seeing and hearing are active skills, not passive skills. They can only be activated when a person remains rational and rational.。】

【At that time, Garp was extremely angry when he saw red-haired Shanks touching his grandson, and he couldn’t show his domineering attitude at all.。】

【“It was really me who did it, grandpa。”】

【“Don’t say any more, I know they forced you Luffy, but you don’t have to be afraid, grandpa, I am a very strong navy! So you don’t have to be afraid of that red-haired brat at all! I will make them pay the price so that they will not dare to take a step closer to Windmill Village from now on!”】

【“This brat actually dares to threaten my grandson. It seems that it is necessary to apply for some military strength from Sengoku. The red-haired pirates must suffer heavy losses!”】

【This is his only grandson, Karp。】

【Guessing that Red-haired Shanks threatened his grandson, Garp could be said to be extremely angry, and he would definitely make the Red-haired Pirates pay the price, and he would even start a war! 】

Lazilu: “Hey, hey, Garp, you bastard

, don’t talk so scary.” Jesus said: “That’s too much, Garp. We are so good to Luffy, and you actually plan to apply for troops from the higher ups and prepare to make us famous. The pirates will pay the price!?”

Red-haired Shanks: “Hey…..Good people are always misunderstood. ”

Monkey D. Karp:” Ahem…..Didn’t I understand the truth of the matter? ”

Ben Beckman: “Don’t be so scary when you talk next time, Karp. ”

In that timeline of the parallel world, their red-haired pirate

group has not yet reached its peak.

I am afraid that just one Garp will make them drink a bottle.

After all, that is the black-haired Garp, with physical strength and condition. Their strength is at its peak!

If Garp really asks for troops to fight them, the red-haired pirates will definitely suffer.

Kaido of the Beasts: “Does this old guy Garp dote on his grandson so much? ? Didn’t he just guess that the red-haired brat threatened his grandson and actually planned to start a war with the red-haired pirates? ”

Quinn: “It’s a good chance that Straw Hat Boy joined the navy. If he did join the navy, the pirate fought with Straw Hat Boy today and injured Straw Hat Boy. Tomorrow, Garp would directly lead his army to destroy him. ”

If Luffy is a pirate, Garp will not be able to protect him at will because of the relationship between the two parties.

But if Luffy is a marine, Garp can dote on Luffy unscrupulously.

Just like Garp’s apprentice Kirby , when he was captured on Beehive Island, Garp rushed there with his people!

In the end, if it weren’t for Kebi holding him back, Garp would never have been attacked by a sneak attack, and he could definitely retreat safely! He can

do this to his apprentices At this point,

one can only imagine how doting he will be on his own grandson!

Perospero: “I also feel now that Straw Hat Boy made the right choice to become a pirate. ”

Otherwise, if Luffy were a marine, who would dare to fight Luffy?。

【Seeing that Garp didn’t listen to his explanation, Luffy didn’t want to talk nonsense.。】

【Instead, he felt the power in his body with his heart, and once again activated his overlord color and domineering energy.。】

【Since I ate the rubber fruit yesterday, I accidentally activated my overlord-colored domineering energy.。】

【After Luffy experienced some growth with Maginot, he can now successfully control the Overlord’s Haki freely.。】

【Luffy couldn’t help but sigh, is this what is called growing up?】

【I saw a terrifying aura, with Luffy as the center, quickly spreading out in all directions, but Luffy was also trying his best to control the domineering aura not to affect it too far.。】

【Only Garp can feel this domineering power。】

【After feeling the sudden overlord’s pressure, Capton froze on the spot.。】

【He looked around, trying to find the source of the domineering aura。】

【Finally he set his sights on Luffy。】

【He was stunned for a few seconds, staring at Luffy in disbelief and saying in surprise: “This…..Is this a domineering look?”】

【It is different from some people who accidentally activate their domineering domineering energy due to being stimulated.。】

【Garp knew that this was Luffy’s active release of overlord-like Haki!】

【“Yes, yesterday I accidentally awakened the Overlord Color Haki, so I accidentally stunned the villagers, but today I can skillfully release it. “Luffy explained.]

Bundivold: “Wait! what’s the situation? He accidentally awakened the Overlord Color Haki yesterday, and can he control it skillfully today? He has even become proficient enough to only spread the release range of Overlord-colored Haki near Garp, instead of uncontrollably affecting it far away like yesterday?

Douglas Barrett: “Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on with this guy? ” How could someone, after awakening the Overlord Color Haki, master the Overlord Color Haki to this level in just one day? ”

It’s one thing to awaken the Overlord’s color Haki.

It’s another thing to initially master the Overlord’s color Haki.

For example, Luffy in their world accidentally awakened the Overlord’s color Haki for the first time when he was on Nine Snake Island. He released it again.

But after training with Rayleigh for more than a year, Luffy successfully mastered the Overlord’s Haki.

And what about Luffy in the parallel world?

He did it in just one day!

Gol… Roger D: “I feel like with how much of a monster this guy is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the Pirate King tomorrow. “


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