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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 033

Red-haired Shanks: “Garp, you’re going too far. I worked so hard to get the rubber fruit. I immediately returned to Windmill Village and handed it over to Luffy. I also helped him awaken the Overlord’s Haki. You can’t help but explain. Just start chasing us!”

Red-haired Shanks wanted to say something!

Laziru: “That’s right, why did you start chasing us without asking clearly? It’s obvious that the fainting of those villagers was not caused by our red-haired pirates, but caused by Luffy’s awakening of the Overlord’s Haki.”

Monkey ·D Garp: “Shut up! Under such circumstances, most people would think that it was your red-haired pirates who took action against those innocent civilians!” No matter what


It is absolutely impossible for Garp in that world to think that it was his grandson who had accidentally awakened the domineering haki.

So shock those villagers into fainting.

Ben Beckman: “Don’t be so hostile to us, Garp. No matter what, we have never bullied Luffy in this world or in that parallel world.”���He even regarded him as a companion. Monkey

D. Karp: “You still have the nerve to say it?” If it weren’t for your red-haired pirates, my grandson would have become the strongest soldier in the Navy Headquarters, instead of clamoring all day long to become the Pirate King! Sakaski

: “You red-haired pirates are really guilty!”

Porusalino: “It’s all your fault, the red-haired pirates, for tricking Garp’s grandson into becoming a pirate in our world. You also tricked the Straw Hat boy into becoming a pirate in another world. You know the parallel world? ” How much pressure will I have to bear for the Navy? ”

Jesus Bu: “Don’t pour all dirty water on us. It was obviously Luffy’s own choice, but we never forced him to decide his own life. Monkey

D. Karp: “Stop talking nonsense!” I should have never let you get close to Windmill Village from the beginning! This way my grandson will not be harmed by you! ”

Ben Beckman: “Forget it, there’s no way you can make sense with this stubborn old man. Wang

Zhi: “Compared with Garp chasing the red-haired guy, what I care more about is, does the red-haired guy trust Luffy so much?” Leave the fainted Uta in Luffy’s care? ”

Bundivold: “If I remember correctly, in the past few months when the red-haired pirates left Windmill Village to search for the whereabouts of the rubber fruit, the little girl named Uta did not accompany them. In other words, Uta has been with Luffy for the past few months! ”

Vismoke Sanji: “Luffy! ! ! ”

Quinn: “My goddess! ! !

Douglas Barrett: “I really envy the straw hat boy in that world. Having a woman by his side not only did not delay his training, but also made him stronger and stronger. Is this the so-called having your cake and eat it too? ” ? ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “This kid…..Just enjoying life! ”

When Kaido was a pirate, he lived a life of fighting and licking blood all day long. But

Luffy was different. There were women around him, red hair paved the way for him, and he was very talented. Each Devil Fruit can awaken the Overlord’s Haki. They

are both humans, but there is such a difference!

They become pirates to live.

But Luffy becomes a pirate to enjoy life!

【parallel world。】

【After Luffy carried the fainted Uta to Maginot’s room, Maginot came over with concern and asked, ”

What happened? Why did Uta faint?”】

【“Shanks said it was caused by me awakening the Overlord’s Haki. “Luffy scratched his head awkwardly and said。】

【The sudden awakening of Overlord’s Haki caught Luffy off guard.。】

【Facing Uta who was shocked and fainted because of himself, Luffy still felt a little guilty.。】

【“tyrant…..Overlord color and domineering? Little Luffy, have you awakened your Overlord Color Haki?”】

【Hearing Luffy’s words, Maginot was immediately surprised.。】

【Although she is not a pirate。】

【But because she is the owner of the Windmill Village Tavern, she often listens to the gossips of the red-haired pirates.。】

【So naturally she has also heard of the power of Overlord Color and Dominance!】

【I heard that is the strongest domineering spirit!】

【It is a power that only one person among millions can possess!】

【“Well, I don’t know when Uta will wake up, and I don’t know if my overlord color and domineering energy will cause harm to her.。”】

【Luffy nodded slightly, then looked at Uta worriedly.。】

【No matter what, the two of them have been getting along for a few months, and Luffy still has some affection for Uta.。】

【“Don’t worry, little Luffy, I heard from Shanks that the early stage of Haki will only make people faint and will not cause any harm to the body.。”】

【Maginot stroked Luffy’s hair comfortingly and said。】

【“Yeah? I can rest assured that. “Hearing Maginot’s words, Luffy couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief.。】

【“Are you hungry Luffy? I’ve just finished cooking. “Magino asked。】


【As soon as he heard about eating, Luffy couldn’t help but get excited.。】

【Soon, Maginot placed the plates of dishes on the table, then moved a stool and looked at Luffy and said gently: “Come on, Luffy, sit on my sister’s lap and eat.”。”】

【Hearing this, Luffy didn’t talk nonsense and just sat on Maginot’s lap.。】

【Because in the past few months, he has been sleeping with Makino and Uta。】

【And while eating, I always sat on Maginot’s lap.。】

【So he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.。】

【After sitting on Mackinaw’s lap, Luffy took the food in his hand and started to eat it happily.。】


【At this moment, Maginot, who was slightly blushing, put one hand on Luffy’s clothes and touched his belly, while the other hand gently pinched Luffy’s cheek.。】

【At the same time, she would also set her sights on Uta from time to time.。】

【Observe whether Uta shows any signs of waking up.。】

【In the past few months, whenever Maginot wanted to do something outrageous to Luffy, Uta would appear in time to stop her.。】

【This also allowed Maginot to endure it for several months when facing Luffy who was so close at hand.。】

【And now, seeing that Uta has fainted, there is no sign of waking up.。】

【Maginot’s courage is getting bigger and bigger。】

【He gently turned up Luffy’s shirt and began to caress Luffy’s abdomen.。】

【Luffy glanced at Maginot with some confusion, but didn’t take it too seriously and continued to eat the food in his hands.。】

【Maginot’s hand slowly moved downwards。】

【Of course, this video is not played on the projection screen, because as long as the video is ‘prepared’ to play to a more outrageous scene, it will automatically skip and will not be played.。】


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