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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 028

Monkey D. Cap: “Hahaha…..Did my grandson eat such an incredible devil fruit?

Sakaski: “Nika who freed the slaves? ” That straw hat boy! ”

After learning that Luffy had eaten such a Devil Fruit,

Sakaski fell into deep thought.

For the so-called pirates, Sakaski would kill them all without mercy.

But for Luffy, Sakaski Mr. Ji feels that if he can grow up, this sea will seem to be different!

Because Sakaski has also heard the legend of Nika.


After all, he is still a pirate! Even

if he eats He got a Devil Fruit like that, but a thief is a thief!

Although Sakaski did become interested in Luffy for a moment, he quickly denied it.

Because in his opinion, a thief is a thief!

Just by eating it That kind of Devil Fruit is not enough to change Sakaski’s hatred of pirates!

Bartholomew Bear: “Ni…..Nika? Nikka in this era…..Has it appeared yet? ”

Now Daxiong has been completely transformed.

There is not much of his own will left.

But seeing Nika’s appearance, Daxiong still regained his consciousness and spoke in the chat room.

The reason why Daxiong will be very happy when he sees Nika. Excited.

That’s because when Big Bear was young, he was the lowest slave.

At the same time, his father was also a slave.

At that time, his father told Big Bear that Nika was a freedom fighter who could liberate slaves.

It was then that Since the beginning, Big Bear has been longing for Nika’s existence.

Antonio Ivankov: “It’s been such a long time, Big Bear. ”

Ivankov first met Big Bear in the Valley of the Gods.

Both of them were slaves at the time.

It was Ivankov who resisted in the Valley of the Gods, and Ginny revealed information about the Valley of the Gods to the outside world.

In the end They managed to escape as slaves.

Bartholomew Bear: “Antonio…Ivankov? It’s been such a long time coming. ”

Antonio Ivankov: “It seems that you haven’t forgotten me yet, Big Bear, but having said that, we are so lucky. In our era, we finally witnessed the birth of Nika, and he is the son of our leader! ”

Jaygolucia Sartan Saint: “That’s enough! Rubber fruit is rubber fruit! His ability is just to be able to extend a person’s body freely. It is not the so-called form of the sun god Nika of the human fruit phantom beast at all! ”

Markas Maz Saint: “The so-called Devil Fruit in the form of the Sun God Nikka, the Phantom Beast of the Human Fruit, is the most incredible Devil Fruit in the world. It can use unconstrained moves, but the rubber fruit cannot do it at all. At this point, it’s just that you can simply stretch your body. Doesn’t this prove that the rubber fruit has nothing to do with the devil fruit? ”

No matter what, they have to conceal the real name of the rubber fruit!

Because to slaves all over the world, Nika is like a mythical figure.

As long as they are slaves, basically everyone has heard of the legend of Nika!

If they admit that the Devil Fruit Luffy ate is the form of the Sun God Nika, a phantom beast of the Human Fruit,

then I believe that slaves all over the world will blow the horn of resistance.

Then the world will inevitably be in chaos!

The world government will Extremely unfavorable!


Topman Vauchuuri: “You bastard pirates really have ulterior motives. Just a random devil fruit will be fooled by you into thinking it is the sun god Nika fruit. You want to use this to cause trouble in the world.” Big mess? ”

Pluto Silbaz Rayleigh: “It is true that Luffy is currently unable to use incredible and unimaginable moves, but when his Devil Fruit awakens, he will be able to prove to the world that the Devil Fruit he ate is. It’s not the legendary Sun God Nika form of the Renren Fruit Phantom Beast!

Sparky Jabba: “These old guys are so tough-mouthed! ” ”

Gol D. Roger: “Hahaha…..But having said that, I am really curious, will Luffy in that parallel world eat the Devil Fruit with the name of God like the Straw Hat in our world?。”

【parallel world。】

【After Luffy broke away from Uta and Maginot’s attack,。】

【Then came to the tavern。】

【And just in time, the red-haired Shanks was in the tavern at this time。】

【“Good morning, Luffy。”】

【Red-haired Shanks greeted Luffy.。】

【“Good morning. “Luffy nodded and said。】

【“Why are there so many light red marks on your face and lips? “Red-haired Shanks asked curiously。】


【Luffy was also stunned when he heard this.。】

【He was so tired and slept so hard last night that he didn’t know what happened at night。】

【“looks a bit like…..Lipstick marks. “Red-haired Shanks mused.。】


【Luffy was silent。】

【“You slept with Maginot last night, it seems like he likes you very much. “Red-haired Shanks laughed.。】

【Because Luffy was just a kid, red-haired Shanks didn’t think much about it.。】

【But what red-haired Shanks didn’t know was that Luffy not only slept with Maginot, but also with Utta.。】

【Not only was he kissed by Maginot, but he was also kissed by Uta.。】

【There was no other way. Luffy went to wash his face first and then returned to the tavern.。】

【“Interested in talking to me, Luffy? “Red-haired Shanks asked。】

【“What’s up? “Luffy said doubtfully.。】

【“What is your aspiration?”】

【“Dream? I don’t really have any dreams. If I have to say it, my dream is to be free. “Luffy spread his hands and said。】

【“Be freer?”】

【Hearing Luffy’s reply, red-haired Shanks was slightly startled, then fell into deep thought.。】

【After a long time, the red-haired Shanks asked solemnly: “So, what are you going to do in order to realize your dream of being freer?”】

【“As long as I become the strongest in this sea, wouldn’t I be the freest? “Luffy said calmly。】

【“Even if you become the strongest, you are still not the freest person in this sea. Do you know Edward Newgate? That guy is called the strongest man in the world and one of the sea emperors of the new world, but I don’t think that reaching his level means he is the freest person in the world.。”】

【Red-haired Shanks said slowly。】

【“What do you want to say? ” Luffy asked。】

【“Have you heard of the legend of Nika Luffy? “The red-haired man asked back.。】

【“No. “Luffy shook his head and said。】

【“If you want to say who is the freest person on this sea since 800 years ago, then that man must be Nika! “Red-haired Shanks said with a serious expression.。】


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