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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 021

Gol D. Roger: “Next we have to see what Shanks does in another world. I hope that when he is guiding Straw Hat, he will instill the knowledge of pirates in his mind and let him have knowledge of pirates. It’s all about interest!”

Roger could tell.

Luffy from another world.

He doesn’t seem to have much interest in becoming a navy man.

After all, if Luffy was interested in becoming a marine, Garp would have already shown off his potential to learn armed Haki at the age of five.

The entire navy’s top brass will definitely start focusing on training them.

But again, he doesn’t seem to be interested in becoming a pirate.

Now Luffy is facing a turning point in his life.

Luffy at this age, even though he is powerful, still has insufficient cognition.

In such a period, if you are affected by different influences, you will take different paths.

Roger hopes that red-haired Shanks can still be like their world.

Influence Luffy and make him a pirate!

Monkey D. Garp: “My grandson will become the strongest naval soldier!”

Pluto Silbaz Rayleigh: “You’re here again Garp, always trying to lead your grandson to the wrong path.”

Buddha’s Warring States: “Damn it! Garp, what are you doing in the other world now? Hurry up and stop Straw Hat from getting in touch with Red-haired Shanks! If this continues, he will be influenced by Red-haired Shanks and become a pirate. Yeah!”

in their world.

Luffy’s threat has great potential.

Defeated two kings of the Shichibukai in succession.

Declare war on the World Government on the Island of Justice.

He got into a lot of trouble and gave Warring States a deep headache.

The Luffy of another world is obviously better than the Luffy of their world.

It’s several times more powerful!

Such a man becomes a pirate.

One can imagine how much pressure a navy in another world would face!

Monkey D. Garp: “I can’t wait to rush straight into that parallel world and punch that red-haired brat hard!”

While several people were arguing in the chat room.

The video on the projection screen is also continuing to play。


【parallel world。】

【“Very good! Very good! Shanks!”】

【Uta suddenly became happy when he heard that red-haired Shanks was willing to teach Luffy how to see and hear Haki.。】

【Because she was really afraid that if red-haired Shanks didn’t teach Luffy about sex and domineering。】

【Then the conditions she had negotiated with Luffy before would not count.。】

【She had no choice but to sleep with Luffy at night.。】

【There is no other way, no clothes!】

【There’s no way to secretly kiss Luffy while he’s sleeping!】

【“Why are you happier than him when I teach Luffy how to do Haki? “Red-haired Shanks said doubtfully.。】

【“Okay, okay, stop talking nonsense, hurry up and teach him how to be domineering. “Uta said。】

【“Thank you。”】

【Luffy politely thanked red-haired Shanks.。】

【“No need to thank me, I’m quite happy to guide a monster like you. “Red-haired Shanks said with a slight smile.]

When the video was played here,

the sound of the system suddenly reached everyone’s ears.。

“Ding, the one-minute limited Q&A begins。”

“Question: Monkey D. Luffy, under the guidance of red-haired Shanks, how long will it take for him to learn Haki?。”

“A: Seven days!”

“B: Three months!”

“C: Half a year!”

“D year!”

“E: Two years!”

“Tip: There is a new option of abstaining among the options. If you feel that none of the above options are the correct answers, you can choose to abstain.。”

“Wait for the one-minute Q&A countdown to end and confirm that there is no correct answer among the above options. Then the first three people who abstain will receive rewards.。”

“Note: If after abstaining, the correct answer is found among the above options, the person who abstained

will not be able to participate in the next three questions and answers.

Cyborg Kong: “Hurry! ” quick! quick! A new round of Q&A has begun, think carefully about the correct answer! ”

Monkey D. Garp: “Don’t mess with those useless Konggu. In my opinion, let’s discuss the answers first. Anyway, there are only five answers. One of the five answers must be correct. Fifteen people, every three people have an answer. When the question and answer comes up, they answer it directly, so there is no need to think about it, and they get the reward directly! Kuzan: ”

Mr. Karp, if you had made this suggestion earlier, it would have been effective, but now a new abstention option has been added, which means that the above five answers may not be the correct answers. At this time, the only option is Only by abstaining can you get the reward.

Kuzan: “But if you abstain and find that the correct answer is one of the above five, you will not be able to participate in the next three rounds of questions and answers. ” ”

Because every time there is a question and answer question,

there are only five or six options.

If you have discussed first, who will grab A and who will grab B,

then there is really no need to guess the answer.

Just answer the question as soon as it appears. .

There will always be an answer that is correct and they will surely win the reward.

But when they realize that they can use this method,

it is already too late.

Because now there is a new option to give up.

The emergence of the option to give up forces them to go Think carefully about the correct answer.

Because even if they discuss it first and answer all the options,

it is very likely that the real answer is not among the options, which means that all the options A to E that appear are wrong!

In this way, only by abstaining can you get rewards.

But if you abstain at will, you will be unable to participate in the Q&A for three more rounds!

It can be said that the emergence of the option of abstaining has increased the difficulty of guessing the correct answer!

He: “It seems that we need to be serious Think about the real answer to the question. Cyborg

Kong: “Ignoring the abstention option, based on the experience of the first two rounds, there is definitely nothing wrong with choosing the most outrageous answer. I choose A: seven days!” ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “Seven days! ”

Red-haired Shanks: “Seven days! ”

Rocks Djibek:” Hey, hey, are you guys serious? Have you forgotten that the Straw Hat boy is only five years old now. At this age, you asked him to learn the Haki of seeing and hearing, which is more difficult than the Haki of armed colors, in just seven days? ”

It was the first time for a genius as powerful as Rocks to come into contact with the Haki of Kanwense.

It took about a year to master it.

And the most important thing is that when Rocks learned Haki, he was already considered to be the best in the sea. He is a strong man.

His body has fully developed and matured, and he can already sense the power hidden in his body.

But what about Luffy? He

is five years old!

He can sense a hair!

Even the hair is not even long, so how can he sense? What can he use

? Mastered the Haki of the Haki of the Haki of the Haki in seven days?

Kaido Kaido: “Although I don’t believe that the Straw Hat boy can master the Haki of the Haki of the Haki in the Seven Days, but based on the experience of the first two rounds, I still have to choose this to give it a try. ”

The correct answers in the first two rounds were completely unexpected.

Simply, Kaido also gambled his luck and directly chose the most outrageous answer.

See if he can get it right!


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