Moba’s champion player Chapter 396

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The audience present was in an uproar, Lu Yu’s mouse cursor constantly circled from the screen, this commotion operation can only Lu Yu can and dare to use.

The pointer clicked sharply at high speed, and a silhouette appeared at the top of the screen.

Only to hear a muffled sound from the scene, “The day the broken sword is reforged, when the knight returns!” ”

At the end of the day, a woman holding a broken sword appeared in everyone’s sight, her short white hair swaying in the wind was quite a bit of a chivalric meaning, she was, Banished Blade-Ruiwen!

Lu Yu immediately arrived at Ruiwen, the hero, and the other party chose Ruiwen’s more difficult hero, Wushuang Jianji!

At this time, the heroes of both sides have been selected to end, Lu Yu’s Ruiwen against IgNar’s Jianji.

IgNar is an auxiliary player of MSF, the rabbit team, but Lu Yu is still relatively new to him, and his “six six three” hand assistance robot is already very famous.

I showed good strength in the world competition, and I must have something to do to reach the final with myself today.

Therefore, this player Lu Yu still can’t be careless.

Although it is said that Ruiwen will have a little difficulty fighting Jian Ji, but it is not impossible to fight, there is still the possibility of killing, Ruiwen’s agility and damage require a very high proficiency, Lu Yu naturally has no problem, the S-level single phantom god proficiency on the personal panel shines dazzlingly.

With a muffled sound, the two sides adjusted their talents to the end.

The screen goes black.

Enter the game!

Soon, Lu Yu’s hero appeared in the spring, and the director also gave the camera.

Lu Yu purchased a long sword and three bottles of blood medicine and went online, and Jian Ji was also running on the road, but his equipment was a Dolan shield.

When the director gave the lens, the audience had some small doubts, “This is too stable.” ”

“Something like this? All Stars are done! ”

“This person looks like a lewd dick, can this be beaten?”

“Jian Ji vs. Ruiwen, you give me this equipment? God…”

Lu Yu manipulated Ruiwen to walk to the line, only to see that the scarlet mark of the other party was also slowly moving, and they were about to meet.

After meeting, Lu Yu showed his sign.

The smell of gunpowder came out at once, and the audience at the scene was exclaiming in amazement!

Lu Yu’s small move was enough to attract everyone’s attention, and the scene boiled for a while.

The first level is naturally to learn Q skills, because the first level cannot be fought against each other, for two reasons, one is that Ruiwen can’t beat Jian Ji at the first level, and the other is that there is a military line, Ruiwen root.

Therefore, Lu Yu learned the Q skill, can quickly clear the line and make up, and there may be a chance to fight back in a wave of second.

Both sides are constantly twisting their bodies, and the first wave of troops arrives.

Lu Yu’s flaw is refreshed in the rear of his body, this position is very comfortable, if Jian Ji wants to break the flaw, then he has to cross the line of troops and go around Lu Yu’s rear.

Therefore, Jian Ji naturally did not dare to step forward, Lu Yu had just practiced QA in the open space, there should be no problem, and at this time, the proficiency was full, and the palm was very hot, which was just a basic operation.

Soon, the two sides of the army line came, and Lu Yu found a small soldier full of blood, and he stabbed him sharply.

The minions’ HP did not drop much, and Lu Yu quickly released the Q skill.

I saw Ruiwen swing her giant sword violently and slash in the direction of the top of the soldier’s head, and when it was over, the three melee soldiers in front of him had only half of their HP left.

The other party’s IgNar is a little confused, this style of play is a little too unreasonable, but he can’t do anything, because the knife that should be replenished can still be perfectly repaired, so it is not a loss, but Lu Yu kills the small soldier first.

Lu Yu’s mouse moved rapidly, point to the floor!

A. A short sword looks from the top of the soldier’s head and directly pockets the gold coins.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Yu clicked the floor, and quickly moved the mouse, and suddenly released the Q skill, and when Ruiwen swung his giant sword again and slashed towards the ground, the two melee soldiers next to him were instantly harvested, Lu Yu had already replenished three knives, leaving only the long-range soldiers in the rear.

At this time, Lu Yu still has the last Q.

IgNar naturally expected it, the damage range of the last Q is relatively large, and there is a short displacement, at this time it is ready to use the Q skill at any time.

Lu Yu walked to the rear long-range soldiers, and did not rush to use the Q skill, but cut two swordsmen, the blood volume of the soldier line was not much at this time, and Lu Yu’s Q skill was almost over.

When he was burning, Lu Yu’s pupils waved violently.

The short sword fell from the sky and slashed on the top of the heads of the three long-range soldiers, and the two small soldiers who had been cut died instantly, Lu Yu harvested gold coins without pause, and directly took another long-range soldier away with an ordinary attack.0

IgNar did not suffer a loss, and in the later mending knife, with his Q skills and normal attacks, he all pocketed it.

So at this time, it is still a five-five situation, but from the hero itself, Ruiwen and Jian Ji are the same under the same sword, and Jian Ji is slightly better.

So at this time, Lu Yu definitely has no advantage, and soon the next wave of troops is coming, because it is the battlefield of the SOLO race, the speed of the army line may be faster.

The second wave of troops has been launched, and Lu Yu is to cut when he meets, which is still the routine just now.

Stepping forward is A-Q-A-Q-A-Q, a set of lightspeed QA. Directly put away the front line, Lu Yu’s pupils shrank, and walked to the side of the long-range soldiers in the rear.

The HP of long-range soldiers is much lower than that of melee soldiers, and Lu Yu’s three swords are to pocket gold coins.

At this time, Lu Yu smiled, his experience point was almost at the second level, and he only needed to make up another knife.

The opponent’s sword Ji is facing a group of remnant blood soldiers at this time, but if he steps forward to mend the sword, he may be consumed by the minions, and if he does not step forward to fight, the opponent’s remnant blood minions may be collected by his own family’s troops.

Lu Yu deliberately hesitated, seeing IgNar’s actions, this young man was quite conscious.

Deliberately let go of a soldier, only the last ranged soldier remains, and the 4.1 HP is slowly declining.

IgNar couldn’t control himself at this time, because Lu Yu’s flaws were refreshed in front of his body, and he only needed Q to go up to easily kill the flaws, causing high damage.

Thinking of this, IgNar rushed up, and a sword shadow streaked past Lu Yu.

The audience at the scene saw that Lu Yu first missed a knife, and then was puzzled by IgNar’s behavior of coming forward to consume, but the next second they immediately noticed.

After IgNar cut the flaw, the corners of his mouth suddenly rose, showing a proud posture.

Just a second before IgNar rushed up, Lu Yu’s fierce swing of his sword, harvesting the last knife, and suddenly a pillar of light surrounded Ruiwen’s body, and a terrifying thing was born.

Lu Yu’s Ruiwen came to the second level! _

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