Moba’s champion player Chapter 395

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“It’s just ten minutes, everyone wait a little.” Lu Yu said.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu seriously, and after hearing Lu Yu’s signal, they were ready to wait patiently.

“I take the liberty to ask, what does the water smell like just now, you are all men, there should be more yang, so there is no harm to your health.”

Everyone lowered their heads silently when they heard this, and even Tepron did not speak.

Seeing this, Lu Yu didn’t want to ask anything, after all, it was a little embarrassing for people to drink their holy water and say what it tasted.

A few minutes later, I saw Mother Teplan’s body move, and everyone suddenly exclaimed, and then began to talk about it.


“This… That’s amazing. ”

“This ** person is not simple, the world’s problems are easily solved, and it is estimated that it will become the object of contention ~ grabbing by all countries.”

After a few more minutes, Teplan’s mother really woke up, and knew everything, as if she had woken up from sleep, her body quickly returned to a strong state, and her whole spirit-outlook was very good.

Lu Yu was stunned when he saw this, Teprang saw his mother wake up, first hugged his mother and cried for a few minutes, his mother was naturally confused and didn’t know why Teprang was crying, she just simply slept for a while.

After Teprang held his head and cried, he pounced on Lu Yu, only listening to the sound of ‘bang’.

Teprang knelt in front of Lu Yu.

“You are my lifesaver, now you can say, whatever you want, I can give you.”

Tepron suddenly kowtowed a few times, because when they were on the plane just now, they had already inquired clearly, and the Taoist priests and metaphysicists who saw the Celestial Empire should remember to kowtow for blessings.

Lu Yu saw this situation, anyway, you let your attitude go.

“I don’t have anything I want, I’m not interested in money.” Lu Yu said lightly, and then planned to leave.

“By the way, you guys let the tiger go for me.” Lu Yu walked halfway and turned back and said.

Hearing this, where did they dare to snub, and quickly released Little Tiger from the interrogation room, and Little Tiger ran to Lu Yu as if he saw the newborn sun.

“Don’t float in the future, I almost can’t get you.” Lu Yu said lightly, as if reprimanding a child who had made a mistake.

Little Tiger nodded fiercely, “Uh-huh, I promise not to go next time.” ”

“The young man is still quite honest, he advocates every day, and he is not afraid of contracting black AIDS when he comes to the magnesium country?” Lu Yu continued.

Little Tiger GayGay’s angry voice sounded, “It can be said that wealth is in danger.” ”

When the two returned to the base, Brother Feng was almost stunned, how could these two be released back.

“President Tepron came and put us back, Lu Yu’s face is really big, although I can’t hear the sound inside, but I see Tepron kowtowing to Lu Yu.”


“What’s the situation?”

Tepron kowtows to Lu Yu?

Can this Nima believe?

But the reality is that!


Time passed quickly, Lu Yu was soon on fire in the magnesium country, and what he didn’t know was that he was even more hot!

Almost a third of the world’s population knows about traces!

Time flies quickly.

Soon, the next day was already noon, and after eating, today’s match was more complicated, the final of SOLO and the East-West match.

Because he was too busy, Lu Yu didn’t look at the players he faced in the final.

However, he doesn’t plan to look at it anymore, let’s go up and talk about it, anyway, no matter what opponent it is, there is no possibility of confrontation with himself.

The list of East-West Rivalry matches has been announced, and Lu Yu is among them, holding the AD position.

The time passed by minute by minute, and soon it was four o’clock in the afternoon.

The minibus slowly crossed the road and stopped in the courtyard of the competition venue.

Lu Yu has gone through yesterday’s wave of operations, and the whole country, whether it is e-sports players or people who do not understand games, all plan to see what Lu Yu looks like.

**, a high-level secret meeting office.

“How can Lu Yu be lost overseas?” The official asked.

“He’s an esports player and needs to compete overseas, so the visa is very easy.”

“This kind of person must stay in us, which is equivalent to the successor of the new era, and our future depends on them.”

“Yes, I will definitely inform him to return to China as soon as possible and make due contributions to the medical cause of the motherland.”

The official drank tea and nodded with satisfaction.

·0 Ask for flowers…


In a royal courtyard of Ryiodine.

At the head sat a trembling old man, holding a photo of Lu Yu, who is the sixth generation descendant of Nobel and the person in charge of the Nobel Prize.

“Can this man let him come to Sweden?”

“This… I’m afraid not, now all countries are eyeing Lu Yu, although we give awards to people, but I’m afraid we have to visit in person. ”

“For so many years, no one is worthy of us to personally present the award, maybe Lu Yu is the first and last ah, we have to make an exception for him.” The old man said tremblingly.

The grandson next to him said with disdain, “Whether people are rare or not is it another matter, who cares about these bonuses and this rotten thing.” ”


Indeed, does Lu Yu care about what Nobel now?

The answer is yes, I don’t care.


In terms of magnesium country, Teplang has sent people to protect Lu Yu 24 hours a day.

And ** has contacted the magnesium country through the embassy, can not illegally detain ** citizens, and also made it clear that Lu Yu will return to China quickly after the end.

Time flies by quickly, and it’s about to debut.

Lu Yu looked at the player who was nervously rubbing his hands in the distance, it should be him, that’s right.

But Lu Yu looked at it carefully, and he was not very familiar with this boy Lu Yu, and he could be a player in the wild card division and Brazil and Southeast Asia.

Soon on the field, Lu Yu’s appearance directly ignited the entire air, and everyone was cheering.

Lu Yu’s rescue of Teprang’s mother has been cheered by the entire United States and the whole world.

Lu Yu still looked indifferent, walked to it and sat down, no complicated peripherals, no unnecessary movements, a look!

Soon the two sides entered the preparatory stage.

With a muffled sound, the two sides entered the ban-hero stage, and Lu Yu naturally chose “none.” ”

Seeing this, this is Lu Yu’s effective routine, banning Solo’s relatively strong crispy chicken and Lucian and some other heroes.

With a muffled sound, the two sides began to choose the hero.

On the screen, Lu Yu’s mouse pointer kept moving, and a terrifying idea appeared in front of the audience’s eyes.

“Does he want to choose this mountain at random?” _

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