Moba’s champion player Chapter 394

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The scene entered a short awkward period, and everyone was waiting.


Teplan’s mother is not a big deal, and her life characteristics are still very stable, which further confirms her illness.

In the silence, Lu Yu suddenly gasped sharply, “The mysterious liquid is out, I’ll go to the toilet to pick it up first.” ”

“Give me two bottles.” Hearing Lu Yu’s signal, the staff on the side quickly found two cups and handed them to Lu Yu.

Everyone at the scene was stunned, standing in place and confused, but Lu Yu had already walked away.

Coming to the toilet, Lu Yu took out the orb and forced out the liquid of the blue orb with the white orb, and saw the bean-sized water bead rolling down from the surface of the blue orb.

After a while, the transparent liquid appeared in the cup, gradually filling a full cup.

After packing up, Lu Yu untied his pants again, and a glass of 38 degrees 6 holy water appeared, which this group of gringos must taste.

Fortunately, there was no fire in the past two days, Lu Yu secretly said.

After getting it done, Lu Yu walked out with two glasses of water, and the people at the scene were stunned, this person was obviously a liar.

“You see, the two glasses of water in my hand 663 are mysterious liquids.”

Everyone looked at each other, Tepron almost didn’t fall, did he let his mother drink it?

Thinking of this, Teplann had to doubt Lu Yu’s identity and quietly said to the person next to him, but the person next to him replied affirmatively that Lu Yu must be able to be treated, so Teplang did not speak.

“I am a Taoist priest, in our Celestial Empire we pay attention to the two levels of yin and yang, and the two levels of yin and yang, do you understand? Tai Chi always understands. ”

The translator next to him was nervously translating, Lu Yu’s topic obviously appeared high-energy warning, Yin and Yang This kind of thing is indeed a little difficult to translate in the past.

However, the people next to Teplon are all non-humans, and after some explanation, the magnesium guys probably understand the meaning.

“In our Celestial Empire, the body is a cornerstone, divided into two levels of yin and yang, and the body has always been a balanced relationship between yin and yang, and if there is disharmony, then illness and some other problems may occur.”

Lu Yu said while thinking about how to make this group of stupid dicks drink their holy water.

“At the moment, it seems that Mr. Tepron’s mother (baeb) has a great imbalance in her body, what do you think?”

Mr. Teprang nodded sharply, ** culture is deep and mysterious, so ordinary people have fear, and with fear will naturally respect, coupled with Teplan’s special mood now, he naturally believes Lu Yu’s words.

“This situation occurs because the yang energy in the body has been exhausted, and only the yin qi is surrounding this body, which also causes a semi-vegetative continuous state, which is what we often call a vegetative person.”

Everyone nodded, and Lu Yu saw that the cowhide had already been believed, and then continued.

“Everything in this world is yin and yang, just like my hand has a glass of water, a cup of yang water, and a cup of yin.”

“If you give this cup of Yang water to Mr. Tepron to drink, then his illness will recover quickly.”

Everyone was in an uproar, is it really that amazing?

No matter how the people next to him doubted, Teprang was convinced at first, and at this time listened to Lu Yu’s cowhide with interest.

“However, everything in this world has a certain creation, and if you take yang qi from nature, then you must also take some yin qi, which is why I am holding two cups of water today.”

“So, Mr. Lu Yu, what should we do?” One person in the crowd asked.

The corners of Lu Yu’s mouth immediately rose, and then he smiled.

“What are we going to do? If we take this cup of yang water from nature for Teprang’s mother, then this cup of yin water must also be drunk. ”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned.

Just now Lu Yu entered the toilet, everyone will probably understand, this person can’t not believe but can’t believe it all, in case he is a spoof, let us…

“This must be borne by someone, the balance in the law of all things, how much yang water to give Mother Tepron must drink the same amount of this cup.”

“If you don’t want to, then I really can’t do anything about your mother’s life.” Lu Yu then added.

Teprang next to him was naturally infected by Lu Yu’s words, and said that he would drink a small sip to balance the water his mother drank.

Lu Yu walked up to Mr. Teplang, handed him the urine in his hand, and after handing it to him, walked to his mother’s vicinity and watched Teplan’s movements.

Teplan closed his eyes sharply, then took a small sip, Lu Yu smiled when he saw this, and then tilted the water cup in his hand slightly and poured some into Mr. Teplan’s mother.

I saw that after Mr. Teplon drank it, he pursed the taste in his mouth, and felt a little wrong, but because he was a general manager, how could he show a strange expression at this time, so he had to raise the corners of his mouth and praise it.

With this demonstrative operation, coupled with Mr. Toplon’s order, the scene gradually became lively, and everyone had to take a small sip, and more than twenty high-ranking officials on the scene began to take turns drinking the water.

Seeing these people’s expressions, Lu Yu almost burst out laughing.

Lu Yu was standing by Teplan’s mother’s bed at this time, feeding Teplan’s mother the mysterious liquid of the blue orb according to the speed at which they drank urine.

The guys in front of them scrambled, for fear of causing Mr. Zongtong’s dissatisfaction, and after drinking it casually, they showed a hearty feeling, like drinking a sip of iced sprite under the scorching sun, very sweet.

“Ha~~ What a fragrance!”

“It’s much sweeter than the wine I brought back from France, and drinking this will prolong your life?”

“A burst of freshness rushed to the heart field, so cool, come again.”

Everyone has become actors, and national actors are online, which simply crushes the current little fresh meat, all of them are powerful actors.

Lu Yu stood in place, coughing twice, but to no avail, all the people were intoxicated by their environment.

Is this to laugh at crazy labor and management?

Can this group of silly dicks stop acting and laugh at their fathers.

I saw that in the crowd, Teplang re-pursed the taste in his mouth, and if he didn’t confirm it again, he almost wondered if he was drinking Coke just now.

After everyone’s tasting, the liquid in the water cup was almost finished, and the water cup in Lu Yu’s hand was also poured.

If nothing else, Teprang’s mother will soon wake up.

Tepron stepped forward and whispered, “How long will this take?” “_

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