Moba: I, Desperate King chapter 688

After all, the director of the plant picked up the axe at this time, and Olaf with the axe was the most terrible, because Olaf could pass a skill at any time, slow down to their people again, and then an E pass.

It can be said that this set of operations passed, and the fourth-level lower road on the opposite side was crippled, and then the two combinations of Xiao Zhao and Mei Kong also took away their people very smoothly.

Seeing this, others also smiled helplessly, because at this time EDG is really too strong.

It’s completely overpowered, and EDG strength in that case is almost equal to invincible, isn’t it?

After helping to get off the road, the director also left here, and then came to the middle road.

At this time, the director of the plant was already level eight, and at this time, the two sides of the middle road were almost level six, and the director in this case also smiled faintly.

Because it is obvious that at the next time the director has already understood how to fight, it is obvious that the director has calculated the next new journey.

In fact, it is very normal, because in the next time, Shinichi really came to the middle road, and Shinichi also came here very directly after brushing his remaining wild area.

Because the current new one is already level six, at this time at level six, even if you can’t fight wildly, you have to do things, otherwise you will be scolded, this is considered a professional arena.

And it is clear that Shinichi at this time intends to come to the middle road, but Shinichi brushes from the red zone, which means that Shinichi at this time is in the grass opposite the director of the factory.

Shinichi did not know that the director was on the opposite side, and the director was very familiar with Shinichi’s route.

And the eyes on the side have long been eliminated by the junior brother, and both sides have their own wild fights there, so they are not panicked at all, and at this time they also began to strike without hesitation.

For a while, the two sides fought directly.

Obviously, in terms of operation, the strength of the junior brother is still stronger than the poison coin, so at this time, it is also pressing the poison coin.

Just when the poison coin was about to die, Shinichi ran out directly.

The junior brother saw the direct flash to avoid it, but Shinichi and the poison coin also handed over the flash at the same time to chase and kill.

And the purpose of the junior brother and the director of the factory is this, because the two of them can be introduced at this time.

In fact, the two of them really hit the plan, because the director of the plant appeared directly there at this time.

After that, he also opened the big move without hesitation, and then a skill was thrown directly without hesitation, and I have to say that the director of the factory, Olaf Q, is really vicious, and it is almost empty.

At this time, the poison coin that was directly hit by the director of the factory is also without any way, because the poison coin in this case cannot run, after all, the flash is gone, so what else can be compared?

It is because of this that the director of the factory at this time also began to pursue without hesitation, and seeing this situation, the junior brother also kept Shinichi backhanded.

Originally prepared to leave was how Shinichi could have fought in the face of Olaf at this time, so before it continued, he ended it directly.

After all, Shinichi really can’t beat Olaf, even if he is still chased and beaten by Olaf in the later stage, not to mention that the rank is still suppressed there at this time.

Just after this wave, the middle road almost indicated that the situation of pressing FXP was played, and under this kind of thing, things can be easy.

The two people on the road are people who resist the pressure, there is simply no enough operation, and how to operate at this time?

So the director of the plant didn’t bother with the road at all, after all, the sword fairy could press the opposite side to fight.

But Shinichi, who is good to die or not die, actually thought of going on the road.

But the sword demon of the sword fairy is a joke? In the past, it was just a few skills, but the Jin Gong, who originally had a little advantage, was directly destroyed.

“Lying groove, this is too miserable.” The sword immortal also said very helplessly.

Because the sword immortal never thought that he would kill people, he had always thought that he could just take care of the line, after all, they would deal with other things.

However, I didn’t expect that this new one actually came to the road to send a wave, and this wave was comfortable for the sword fairy, so the sword fairy also returned to the city without hesitation after mending the sword, and came out to think about the equipment for a long time.

Then on the road completely exploded, originally the two sides were almost five or five, but at this time, the strength of the sword immortal became stronger.

That is to say, at this time, the sword immortal can press Jin Gong to fight, which makes Jin Gong extremely uncomfortable, but there is no way, and there is no advantage in other places.

Of course, at this time, Shinichi did not stop leading the rhythm, and after seeing that the road was unsuccessful, he also began to come to the middle to bring the rhythm.

But the director of the factory was also just in the middle of the road, so the two wild people directly killed here in the river, and there were not a few pig girls who were crippled and bloodied, but the director did not take it away, but directly gave the head to the junior brother.

After the junior brother got this head, he also completely took off, and suppressed the poison coin in the middle of the road, and now there are still heads here at this time, wouldn’t it be more takeoff.

So the poison coin at this time is very uncomfortable, can only watch the junior brother mend the knife, as for his own mending the knife, it depends on the mood of the junior brother, if the junior brother wants to break the line, there may be nothing for the poison coin.

Shinichi was unwilling after he died, and it didn’t take long to come to the lower road, after all, the upper and middle roads did not do everything, then come to the lower road to catch.

And it looks like Xiao Zhao and others are easy to catch on the road.

But they forgot that they were pressed and beaten on the way down the road in the first wave, so Tapi was also knocked out a lot.

It can be said that the economic gap of the lower road is almost another gap of the sword of the storm, which is very uncomfortable for the next road.

The director of the factory directly hit a field of vision, let Xiao Zhao and others be careful, according to the general situation, if they find that they are seen, they should find a way to go.

But this Shinichi is really humble, and after understanding that he was discovered, he also continued to go there to arrest people without hesitation.

This can frighten the down-road duo, you know, in this case to go there is completely looking for death, FXP duo has returned to their tower, but Shinichi still threw it over.

Xiao Zhao and Mei Kang were also a little surprised, but they also reacted quickly, after all, FXP’s down-road duo did not shoot, and EDG in this case can be said to be very confused.

Of course, the sister control reacted quickly and directly grabbed Shinichi, and then Xiao Zhao killed Shinichi again.

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