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Marvel’s strongest pirate Chapter 155

Đọc tại

“Die with me!”

Ronan suddenly forgot all the pain and opened his arms as if to welcome the arrival of some sacred moment.

“Not good! Come on! ”

Qin Fei roared.


At the same time, he also informed Skynet, hoping that Proverbs would immediately withdraw from the main ship and meet them at any time.

But it’s still late.

There was an irregular shaking of the sky, and an irresistible force rushed from afar, as if the shattered earth was about to swallow them up.

In the face of such a force, any human being, even a transcendent being, is incomparably small.

“Blast me!”

Qin Fei punched out.

The power instilled in the fist by the armed color completely burst out, pushing the strongest blow:

One sword!

Qin Fei’s blow is the power of ten thousand swords to one.

Destructive forces bombard the past.

Ronan, who was standing in front of him posing, and the command room in front of Ronan were simultaneously destroyed under this brilliant force.


A huge hole was opened in the command room.

Taking advantage of this huge hole that suddenly appeared, Qin Fei pulled out and threw everyone out, and then he himself flew out like lightning.

A bright starry sky in front of you, an empty and boundless world.

They came out, but they were facing an endless world.

But Qin Fei did not hesitate at all, directly grabbed everyone, connected a Kree fighter with a line that saw the explosion and fled, and then quickly left under the pull of the Kree fighter.


With the self-detonation of the core power furnace of the main ship of the Kree Empire, everything in the battleship was detonated, the thrusters exploded, the arsenal exploded with it, and everything exploded.

The terrifying explosive force swallowed up in all directions in a heaven-devouring destructive posture.

Taking advantage of this pull-like pull, Qin Fei quickly flew out more than a hundred meters away with everyone.

But that’s not enough.

The explosion produced enough force to bring ten New Yorks directly to the ground.

The farther they must escape.

This Kree is clearly not fast enough.

“Qin, left front! Fast! ”

At this moment, Qin Fei heard the professor’s call.


Qin Fei saw the proverb in front of him on the left, which was rushing towards them at full speed.

Qin Fei did not hesitate to put the line on his face, and shouted: “Proverbs, break through to the periphery at full speed, don’t come to meet us again!” I’m already connected to Proverbs! ”

Proverbs immediately breaks out diagonally.

The motto of the all-out explosion is to completely surpass the fighter planes in speed.

But that’s not enough!

The Kree Empire’s main ship exploded, and terrifying energy was coming towards them at supersonic speeds.

It only takes 3 seconds to swallow Qin Fei, who is connected to the tail of Proverbs.

Qin Fei moved and suddenly threw a punch behind him:

Dragon Roll!

Qin Fei’s dragon scroll is a dragon scroll based on lines and etheric particles.

The huge impact force actually sent Qin Fei to the top of the proverbs.

Qin Fei, who fell on the proverb, knew that it was not safe yet, and shouted: “Quick, lift all anti-shock and shock absorption measures, and launch the Super Ark Energy Cannon at the Kree Empire battleship!” ”

Dr. Vulture saw Qin Fei’s self-help attack just now and understood it.

Adjust the energy, do not need to gather energy, and hit it all at once.

The powerful impetus force, after canceling the anti-shock and shock absorption measures, actually slammed the proverbs out tens of meters away.

Don’t underestimate these tens of meters.

The chase process suddenly appears tens of meters away, sometimes equal to the heavenly graben.


Qin Fei and they escaped from the Ascension with the use of two consecutive reaction forces, and finally the explosion energy was close to the moment when Proverbs was up to ten meters.


Qin Fei laughed wildly.

They won, defeating the Kree Empire by absolute inferiority.

At this time, Skynet reminded: “BOSS, the punisher they haven’t returned? ”

Qin Fei asked in surprise, “The other two squads haven’t returned?” ”


Skynet is just a report, and it can’t appreciate the sadness in it.

“Damn it!”

Qin Fei was so angry that he threw out his flying sword in the sky and killed the nearby Kree fighter who had escaped by chance.

He is going to kill now.

Although the Punisher had a little contradiction with Qin Fei before, it was all before.

Kill everyone who deserves to be killed, and the punisher can put aside their grudges and stand up in the face of great right and wrong, fight until the last moment, and still do not know whether they are alive or dead.

Such a sacrifice, if Qin Fei still calculates the little grudge and small contradiction they had before, it would be too petty.

The professor suddenly reminded: “Qin, the punisher is not dead!” ”

“An explosion like that!”

Qin Fei was both excited and suspicious.

The professor replied: “Not only the punisher, but also the journey and the iron fist are not dead, the red giant fled with them before the explosion, and the reason why they escaped in time was because I reminded them!” ”

“It’s fine.”

Qin Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

The professor continued: “The Red Giant protected the journey and the iron fist with his body, and his strong physical fitness ensured that he could withstand the aftermath of the explosion, which was very lucky. ”

Qin Fei was too lazy to inquire about the situation of the X-Men, believing that the fastest notice to the professor was his group of proud students.

“Okay, clean up the battlefield!”

Qin Fei didn’t want to say more.

At this moment, Skynet asked: “BOSS, the representatives of the major countries of the earth have asked to talk to you. ”

Qin Fei impatiently refused: “Don’t listen, let them get out!” ”

Skynet said stubbornly: “BOSS, this problem cannot be avoided, after all, they represent the entire human race to a certain extent.” ”


Qin Fei suppressed the irritability in his heart and faced the so-called representative of the earth.

A lot of people appeared in the interface.

About a dozen, each representing a military power.

No wonder Skynet says they represent almost the entire planet of humanity.

But Qin Fei was most impatient about this, and asked irritably: “Let’s just say it bluntly, my time is precious.” ”

Fury, the representative of the United States, asked: “First of all, on behalf of everyone, I would like to congratulate Mr. Qin on his brilliant victory and thank Mr. Qin for his contribution to mankind. ”

Qin Fei only nodded slightly, which was considered a response.

“Mr. Qin, we hope to send a space team to help you clean up the battlefield.”

“Grab the merit?” _

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