Marvel’s strongest pirate Chapter 154

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Qin Fei still underestimated the power of the sonic shock cannon, and the black giant hand only lasted for ten seconds before cracks appeared under the shock of the silver sonic wave.

Qin Fei didn’t talk nonsense, frantically instilling the armed color domineering into it, while he was increasing his strength to advance.

50 meters, under Qin Fei’s efforts, they were only 50 meters away from the sonic shock cannon.

Such a distance was just a blink of an eye for Qin Fei.

But every step forward for Qin Fei like this, he had to spend a lot of strength.

It’s a struggle.

“BOSS! Don’t forget you and us! ”

Boom! Dr. Octopus pushed behind the black giant palm and helped Qin Fei push forward.

The beast shouted from behind: “BOSS, you just need to strengthen the giant palm and keep it from collapsing, leave the rest to us!” ”

After saying that, the beast ran with one aid, and then kicked with all its strength, and fiercely kicked the black giant palm for several meters.

Ruiwen shouted: “Get closer, this distance is too limiting, just get a little closer!” ”

Dr. Octopus started with all his strength, holding on to death.

The beast wanted to follow the gourd and advance a few more meters.

But Qin Fei was even more crisp.

He had already understood everyone’s good intentions, especially Ruiwen’s intentions, and without nonsense, he gathered his strength and prepared to advance another ten meters.


But a figure flew by.

It was the black cat, she slammed a punch on the black giant palm, and actually pushed the black giant palm by at least 3 meters.

“Shaving, you actually comprehended shaving first!”

Qin Fei looked at the black cat in surprise.

Without waiting for the black cat to respond, Ruiwen at this time had already opened the slaughterhouse, and then teleported, and then one, the sonic shock cannon split into two.

The last layer of obstacles ends.

The black cat then seized the time to answer: “The fruit memory I got has a lot of memories about the Navy Six, but I didn’t care much before, if it weren’t for the performance of the dead woman, I wouldn’t remember it.” ”

Qin Fei asked, “But how long has it been now?” ”

The black cat continued to answer: “I found that cultivating the Navy Six Style is far faster than cultivating the armed color domineering. ”


Qin Fei was speechless.

It seems that the memory experience attached to the Devil Fruit can be easily mastered.

This was his previous negligence.

Otherwise, the black cat would have mastered the Navy Six under his urging, and the overall combat effectiveness of the Demon Pirate Group would have gone further.


Came to the main ship’s command room.

Qin Fei’s violent palm smashed the superalloy electronic door.

Ronan the accuser stood in front of him.

Ronan didn’t even ask, and directly launched the first attack on Qin Fei.

It’s a simple violent blow.

Ronan is an alien with extraordinary physical qualities that can knock over a car with one punch.

If it is calculated in terms of the level of the attack, then this punch is at least tonnage-level, one level stronger than Captain America and the Winter Soldier.


Such an attack was simply negligible for Qin Fei, who had fought with countless masters.


Ruiwen directly slashed away with a sword.

Ruiwen’s sword was so ruthless that it actually split Ronan’s armor abruptly, and a fatal gap appeared in the originally flawless armor.

Such a situation is no different from waiting for death.

You must know that Ronan’s armor is infinitely close to Edman alloy, and the raw materials come from the civilization that was sacked by them.

With a simple sword, it can be seen how much stronger Ruiwen is than before.


Ronan is not stupid straight-headed, he is a real hero.

Although his strength was much worse than Qin Fei, he was a true villain, and at the delicate moment when Ruiwen had not yet completed the second blow, his bulky heavy hammer bombarded him.

Before Ruiwen could react, the killing move was approaching.


Raven is not an idiot, and her agile skills saved her life.

But the roaring warhammer came again, forcing Ruiwen, who had not yet stood firm, to raise her sword and fight hard.


Ruiwen’s body was so shocked that she couldn’t stand steadily, couldn’t stop sliding back, and all the planned killing moves died instantly.

“You look for death!”

Ruiwen, who could even stop the apocalypse, felt that the old cat burned his whiskers, cursed secretly, and prepared to reorganize the offensive to kill the past.

Qin Fei reminded: “Ruiwen, you made the mistake of a love enemy just now. Ronan abandoned all defenses and was bent on killing the enemy, the exact opposite of you, so he could force you back. Otherwise, with his strength, ten of him will not be enough for you to kill. ”

“Forget it, don’t waste time, end the battle!”

Qin Fei gave Luo Nan an ultimatum.

The most obedient death woman immediately stabbed Ronan in the head.

Black cats and beasts also killed the past.

The continuous powerful attacks of the death woman, the black cat, and the beast were all dissolved by Ronan, who reported his death will, with the momentum of life for life.

Such strength is definitely not what Ronan could do before.

“Ahhh… You guys are so strong! ”

“I have attacked so many countries and civilizations before, and I have never met a terrifying person like you.”

Ronan looked at Qin Fei in pain.

Qin Fei asked: “Say everything, I can give you a pain.” ”

“I am the king and do not need your mercy!”

“I want to die gloriously like a true king!”

Ronan exuded a strange aura.

A strong uneasiness welled up in Qin Fei’s heart.

“Die with me!”

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