Marvel’s strongest pirate Chapter 153

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Just 10 seconds.

A large group of at least a hundred people, heavily armed Kree warriors were slaughtered by Qin Fei.

This kind of attack efficiency is not known to be exaggerated by many times compared to other transcendent beings.

If such a scene goes to Earth, I am afraid it will cause countless cheers and a large number of women to scream.

“BOSS, there’s a live one here.”

The Beast found a survivor.

“Arrogant earthlings, Ronan the accuser will not let you go.”

One because big. After being found by the beast after his leg pierced and hiding in a corner, the Kree warriors who avoided all the deadly attacks could only shout in despair.

Qin Fei asked, “Professor?” Can I contact the professor here? ”

“I’m here!”

The professor immediately responded, saying, “The distance is too far, and there is strong interference, if it weren’t for the brainwave booster machine also relocating to the main ship, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you at all.” ”

Qin Fei didn’t want to talk nonsense and ordered, “Professor, I need his memory.” ”

“Okay, give me a little time.”

The professor immediately invaded the head of the Kree warrior.

The professor believed in his words, and said a little time for a little time: “I got it, I will share the memory with you, don’t resist my power, especially you, Qin Fei, I got not only the map, but also some attack plans of Ronan and Thanos.” ”


Qin Fei let go of his heart.

He felt an external force intending to invade, but was shut out by his own soul.

Since redeeming the Mind Gem and upgrading the system, Qin Fei’s Psychic Ability has far surpassed before. It’s a pity that he doesn’t have time to cultivate, otherwise he can completely fake the professor’s hand.

Let go of the defenses, and a wave of memories floods in.

Map, he finally had a general understanding of the main ship of the Kree Empire.

I also know Ronan’s ambitions and Thanos’ attack plan.

Thanos actually controlled the most terrifying race in the universe, the mother queen of the Zerg.

If the Ziritas are the bandits of the galaxy, then the Kree Empire is a cosmic-level bandit, and the Zerg are a race of destruction that is purely instinctive to destruction.

They parasitize on a planet with living things, and then use the planet as a nest, frantically absorbing all the resources of the planet.

Once the plunder is complete, they will shift their target in search of the next parasitic planet.

And this plundered planet will also go to decay, or even disintegrate and explode.

Compared with the Zerg, the Kree Empire is simply a small witch.

“We don’t have much time.”

After Qin Fei took a deep breath, he put Thanos’ matter behind him.

With Qin Fei, they kept charging and malfunctioning everywhere.


A particularly huge Kree appeared.

Wearing mechanical armor and holding an energy weapon, he led a brigade of Kree warriors to force Qin Fei and them.

Qin Fei was not impressed at all.

Let even the mythical giants have seen it, not to mention this Kree mechanical warrior who is only 3 or 4 meters tall.

Qin Fei’s eyes flashed a cold light, and more than a dozen pure black giant pillars composed of lines broke through the air, mercilessly slamming into the Kerry mechanical warrior.

This kind of thing like a siege giant pillar, let alone ordinary people, even if the giant elephant is hit, it will definitely die, it is a super killing move to attack the city and seize the land.


The Kree mechanical warrior actually tried to use brute force to take down the giant pillar.

Using strength to fight against Qin Fei is simply seeking his own death.

The Kree mechanical warrior couldn’t hold the black giant pillar at all, and kept retreating.

He was really anxious, he didn’t expect Qin Fei’s strength to be so strong, the most terrifying thing was that this was just a random move of the enemy.

“It’s actually worth withstanding! Hey, so many flies! ”


A series of twelve black flying swords flew towards the Kree warriors who had outflanked them from behind.

Perhaps these were not enough to kill this army of Kree warriors who numbered more than 200 men, but a series of twelve swords was more than enough.

Because these twelve handles cover the entire passage.


A crisp penetrating sound sounded.

At the same time, the Kree mechanical warrior was dismembered on the spot by the death woman who seized the opportunity.

The battle is over.

Qin Fei still did not stop, and rushed non-stop to the core area of the main ship.

For Qin Fei, only by killing there to destroy it would he have a chance to break this battlefield. No matter how many minions you kill here, you can’t turn the tide of the war.


“How so! Even such a powerful machine can’t stop it! ”

An angry Ronan almost ran away.

However, Ronan is the representative of the Kree Empire no matter what, one of the most murderous characters in the universe.

After so many wars, he immediately calmed down, forcibly suppressed the fear in his heart, and sacrificed the last hole card:

Energy cannon.

This is not an ordinary energy cannon, but a mechanical sonic shock cannon, far more powerful than the sonic cannon developed by S.H.I.E.L.D., and enough to directly shock the Hulk to death.

All stood in front of a necessary passage, and the muzzle of the cannon was aimed at Qin Fei and them.

The sonic concussion cannon saw Qin Fei and opened the cannon as soon as possible.

A silver ripple similar to the rippling water instantly swept towards Qin Fei.

A huge black palm appeared.

This is a giant hand composed of threads and threads, which is formed by the instillation of armed color domineering energy, and then the embodiment of etheric particles.

It was such a giant hand that actually took over the devastating sonic shock cannon.

“M’s! This power is the real sonic cannon. ”

Qin Fei had experienced the sonic cannon of S.H.I.E.L.D., and even wanted to arm it to Proverbs.

But in space, sound waves cannot be transmitted, so they can only be lost.

Unexpectedly, the power of this sonic shock cannon is more terrifying than the three destructive shockwaves of the apocalypse, I am afraid that the apocalypse is here, even if he opens the energy shield, it will be finished in an instant.

The unexpected sonic concussion cannon posed a huge threat to Qin Fei and them.

“It’s not a way to go on like this!”

Qin Fei suddenly gritted his teeth, stepped forward, and actually pushed the giant palm forward, against the sound wave.

Although the black giant palm can block the silver sound wave, it does not mean that it will not break.

Duh! _

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