Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 99

Chapter Ninety-Nine Super Divine Luo Heavenly Sign!!

A vicious wound appeared on the golden lion’s chest.

The golden lion held his chest and quickly retreated, because of the pain, the golden lion’s face also became distorted.

“White Night, you damned fellow!”

The golden lion endured the pain in his chest, and his eyes were like flames, glaring at the white night.

Now the golden lion is very angry, especially angry.

He was actually injured by the white night.

More crucially, White Night had injured himself with his own sword skills.

In the eyes of the Golden Lion, this is simply a shame.

It was a white night that slapped him hard.

“Golden Lion, you have passed all these years, and it seems that your strength has not grown anyway!”

“If that’s all you can do, then you can roll!”

Seeing that the golden lion had been injured by himself, Bai Ye took the opportunity to say sarcastically.

“White Night, you guy don’t be arrogant!”

“Today, I must defeat you, so that you can see the fierce and corrupt golden lion of my golden lion, and immediately use the ability to flutter the fruit.”

“Lion Wei Earth Scroll!”

Under the control of the golden lion, these suspended islands in the surrounding sky quickly collapsed and turned into countless rubble, and then the rubble continued to converge and deform

Soon, it transformed into a huge rock lion and was roaring in the sky against the white night.

But that’s not the end of it.

“Lion Wei Imperial Scroll!”

The sea around them all boiled up, soaring into the sky under the ability of the golden lion to flutter fruit, quickly condensing, and also turning into a roaring male lion.

Although the sea water is the nemesis of the Demon Fruit Ability, the ordinary Demon Fruit Ability will lose its power as long as it comes into contact with the Sea.

But for the master, this restraint does not exist at all, or is minimal.

Even some strong people can attack directly with the help of the power of the sea.

Just like now, the Golden Lion directly used the power of the fluttering fruit to control the power of the sea.


In the sky, the lion roared and roared into the sky.

Countless huge male lions condensed by seawater and rocks, standing in mid-air with their teeth and claws, had already surrounded the white night.

Each male lion let out a roar and was ready to kill

And the pirates around them, seeing the attack launched by the golden lion, all exclaimed in surprise.

“Wow…… So strong! ”

“Is this the strength of Captain Golden Lion!?” It’s so powerful! ”

“Yes! It was the first time I had seen Captain Golden Lion use such a powerful force! ”

“Captain Golden Lion has won, and Captain Lion can definitely defeat this guy!”

In the eyes of the Golden Lion Pirate Regiment, their captain, the Golden Lion, used such a powerful force that he could definitely defeat the enemy.

Not only the pirates, but even the golden lions, smoking cigars, laughed excitedly.

“Haha, White Night, I know your strength is very terrifying!”

“It’s possible to summon natural meteorites, but these are useless to me!”

Although the Golden Lion looks very crazy, it is not stupid to be able to become a legendary pirate.

Before inviting White Night, the Golden Lion also specially investigated the strength of White Night

White Night is a magnetic fruit ability, very powerful, but also can summon natural disaster meteorites, destroy a country, directly in the sky to form a huge meteorite.

In the face of a natural disaster-like meteorite attack, even the golden lion did not dare to fight easily.

Therefore, the Golden Lion did not intend to confront the White Night, but intended to play the advantage of the fluttering fruit.

Create a huge male lion in the sky and nimbly attack the white night.

Even if the white night launches a natural disaster-like attack, the golden lion can launch the fluttering fruit to escape early.

In this way, I can say that I am invincible.

For defeating the White Night and taking the White Night as his subordinate, the Golden Lion is also full of confidence.

“White Night, I’m giving you a chance!”

“When I am on my left and right, conquer the world with me!”

The Golden Lion once again extended an invitation to the White Night.

“My answer is still refusal!”

White Night looked at the male lions with teeth and claws around him, and White Night still said very crisply.

“Damn, since you don’t know good villains, then I can only kill you!”

Under the control of the golden lion, all the male lions roared in anger and all rushed towards the white night.

“Good to be here!”

In the face of the lion rushing in the sky, The White Night also used the magnetic fruit.

A powerful magnetic force was converging around The White Night’s body.

The magnetic force around the body of the white night increased rapidly, and the powerful magnetic force even distorted the light around it, making the space around the white night ripple.

Seeing countless male lions, they are about to attack the white night.

White Night’s eyes shone brightly.

“Feel the power of God!”

“Super God Luo Tianzheng…”…”

“Buzz! Thundered! ”

The magnetic force around the white night instantly burst out, becoming the center of the white night and spreading around.

Add to this the awakening ability of the White Night’s now magnetic fruit, as well as the repulsion of the same sex.

This powerful magnetic force turned into a fierce repulsive force and rushed towards the surroundings.

The first of them are these male lions condensed by the golden lions.

“Bang……… Bang! Bang………”

Under a series of impact sounds, both the rock lion and the sea lion were directly shattered by the repulsive force and turned into a piece of debris.

“What! How can it be! ”

“Hold me back!”

Seeing that his male lion was so easily defeated by the White Night, the Golden Lion was horrified, and at the same time, he once again unleashed the ability to flutter the fruit, wanting to re-gather these debris and continue to attack the White Night.

But it was a pity that the repulsion released by the White Night was too powerful.

Before the debris could be gathered, it was crushed again.

At the same time, the repulsion continued to spread, rushing towards the golden lion himself.

“Damn, his magnetic fruit, how can he have such power!”

In the face of the swarming repulsion, the golden lion’s face was also shocked, and he also wanted to retreat quickly.

It’s just that the speed of the golden lion is fast, but the speed of the repulsion calendar is faster.

“Poof……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

The powerful repulsion slammed into the golden lion’s body, and the golden lion spat out blood and flew out directly.

But this is not the end, the repulsion force continues to spread with the magnetic force to the surroundings, towards the surrounding countless pirate ships.

“Bumper bumper…”

Countless pirate ships were directly knocked out by the repulsive force and turned into debris in mid-air.

Countless pirates also screamed and flew out…

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