Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 96

Chapter Ninety-Six The Golden Lion’s Action!!

Over the years, the Golden Lion has continued to develop, and his Golden Lion Pirate Regiment has become a legendary pirate regiment in the new world.

At the same time, in the development of these years, the strength of the Golden Lion has also been rapidly improved, especially the ability to flutter fruits has been greatly developed.

Now the golden lion can not only make the ship levitate, but also allow countless islands to be suspended in the air for a long time.

Relying on his ability to flutter the fruit, the Golden Lion was able to build this territory suspended in mid-air.

“Captain Golden Lion, look!”

“There’s a blast in the newspaper!”

“The former ‘Magneto’ White Night appeared, and he destroyed the world government to join the throne!”

“The bounty is now $4 billion!”

One of the pirates took the newspaper and said to the golden lion.

This pirate followed the Golden Lion when he was in the Locks Pirate Regiment, so he also knew the strength of the White Night.

However, during this time, White Night did not form a pirate regiment, and the name of White Night did not appear much on the sea.

He was also about to forget the name of the ‘Magneto’ White Night

So now that the White Night had appeared in the newspaper, the pirate immediately informed the Golden Lion.

“White nights! Where has this guy gone all these years! ”

The Golden Lion saw the message that white night appeared in the newspaper and said with a cigar in his mouth.

“Bounty of 4 billion, destroying a world government member country!”

“It seems that this guy still hasn’t established the Pirate Regiment!”

“If that’s the case, can I invite him to join my pirate group Golden Lion and suddenly think of something, and my eyes can’t help but light up.”

The Golden Lion is also an ambitious man who also wants to conquer the world.

Therefore, when the Locks Pirate Regiment had just been disbanded and all the pirates were alone, the Golden Lion also formed its own pirate regiment, and constantly invited various powerful people to join its own pirate regiment.

As for those who disagree with the invitation!

The handling method of the Golden Lion is also very simple and simple, that is, to directly beat it.

If you don’t join it after a fight! Then just slaughter.

Relying on this method, the Golden Lion’s Pirate Regiment has developed rapidly over the years and has become one of the three legendary pirate regiments.

But the Golden Lion was still very dissatisfied, feeling that there were too few strong people in his pirate group.

Now the message of the white night was seen appearing in the newspaper.

The Golden Lion suddenly had the idea of letting White Night join his own pirate group.

“This! Captain Golden Lion, White Night may not join our pirate regiment! ”

“And the strength of White Night is also very strong!”

Hearing the words of the golden lion, the pirate couldn’t help but say.

Others don’t know, doesn’t he know this pirate who was once a locks pirate!?

In the Locks Pirate Regiment, except for the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment, the strength of the White Night is the strongest.

Once all the captains of the Fan team went together to invite White Night without success.

Now the Golden Lion actually invited White Night to join the Pirates.

This is a bit whimsical to look at.

“Nothing is impossible!”

“Over the years, my strength has also improved a lot!”

“Let’s go now, we’re looking for white nights!” The Golden Lion, who invited him to join my pirate regiment, took a sharp bite of his cigar and shouted in disgust. ”

“Yes……… All fleets are on! ”

Although the pirate felt that the invitation to the White Night would not succeed, he still gave the order according to the golden lion’s command.

All the huge islands suspended, interspersed with countless pirate ships, flew rapidly into the distance.

The territory of the Bigmom Pirates.

Cake Island.

After several years of development, Charlotte Lingling has relied on strong strength to occupy Cake Island and dozens of surrounding islands.

The number and territory of pirates has also become very large.

Although it is not comparable to Whitebeard, Roger, Golden Lion and others, it is also a powerful pirate group in the New World.

“Mom, this is today’s newspaper!”

“‘Magneto’ White Night appeared in the newspaper, and his bounty was $4 billion!?”

Charlotte PerosPerro, Charlotte Lingling’s eldest son, came over and carefully handed the newspaper in her hand to Charlotte Lingling.

“White Night!? Finally got the information about this guy! ”

“What is this guy doing all this time?”

Hearing the news that there was a white night, Charlotte Lingling also immediately took over the newspaper and looked at it.

For the super strong man of White Night, Charlotte Lingling has always been paying attention.

You know, in the past, Charlotte Lingling had repeatedly said that she wanted to have a child with White Night, but White Night had refused.

And when the Locks Pirates disbanded, White Night also snatched Locks’ treasure from her hands.

“Destroyed a country!”

“What the hell has this guy been doing all these years!” Don’t form a pirate group? Don’t build a pirate force!? ”

Seeing the information about White Night in the newspaper, Charlotte Lingling felt very confused and did not know what White Night was doing.

“Hmm, no matter what this guy is doing!”

“I’ll still quickly improve the strength of the Pirate Regiment first!”

I really couldn’t figure out what White Night was doing, Charlotte Lingling simply didn’t want to, she had more important things now, that is, to quickly improve the strength of her bigum pirate group.

For Charlotte Lingling, the way for the bigmom pirates to improve their strength is to have children.

Find all sorts of strong men and have children with her.

The more children she has, the more races of her children, the stronger the bigm pirates are………

“Who should I look for?”

“Kaido is a good guy!”

“He seems to have a special system…”

Soon, Charlotte Lingling thought of the plan in her heart.

There is no doubt that at this time, Charlotte Lingling has set her eyes on the Hundred Beasts Kaido.

On the surface of the new world, a wild pirate ship is sailing fast.

As can be seen from the flag of the pirate ship, this should be the Hundred Beast Pirate Regiment.


“‘Magneto’ White Night, bounty 4 billion!”

A pirate came to Kaido with a newspaper and said.

“White Night Boss!”

Hearing this pirate’s words, the Hundred Beasts Kaido directly grabbed the newspaper and read it, since White Night handed over kaido the green dragon fruit and asked him to form a pirate group, kaido has developed alone in the sea, and has not been in contact with white night for a long time.

Therefore, now that he heard the news of the white night, Kaido would be so surprised that he directly grabbed the newspaper and read it.

“It’s really the White Night Boss!”

“The White Night Boss is so powerful! The bounty of 4 billion has been reached! ”

“Worthy of being the Boss of the White Nights!”

Seeing the information of the white night in the newspaper, Kaido couldn’t help but say.

“Wow! Bounty 4 billion! A lot of money! ”

“Let’s find this guy and kill him and earn his bounty!”

One of the pirates said to Kaido the Hundred Beasts.

But before the pirate could finish speaking, Kaido smashed it with a wolf’s tooth stick and directly flew the pirate out.

“What are you talking about!?”

“White Night is my boss!”

Kaido said somewhat angrily.

Even after all these years, White Nights had a very important place in Kaido’s heart.

“What!? Kaido boss boss! ”

“I heard it right!”

“Boss Kaido, is this true!?”

“This man is really your boss!”

Hearing Kaido’s words, the people around the Hundred Beast Pirate Regiment were very surprised.

It was the first time they had heard that their boss, the Hundred Beasts Kaido, also had a boss.

“Of course it’s true!”

“My boss is ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

Kaido said with great admiration.

“My boss has already paid a bounty of 4 billion, and we can’t be left behind!”

“I also want to quickly develop the Hundred Beasts Pirate Regiment!”

“Let’s go to the kingdom of peace, and occupy the country of peace!”

Bai Shan shouted loudly with a wolf’s tooth stick.

“Roar! Go to the Land of Peace! ”

“Occupy the territory of the Kingdom of Peace!”

Hearing Kaido’s words, the people of the Hundred Beasts Pirate Regiment also roared with excitement…

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