Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 93

Chapter Ninety-Three I Say Yes, You Can!!

In the course of this little meeting, the earth ball in the sky had swelled to the size of a hundred meters.

As the size of the earth sphere increases, the magnetic force naturally increases in geometric multiples.

Under the strong magnetic force, the entire Banandi kingdom has completely collapsed.

Everything in the Kingdom of Banandi was torn to shreds.

Whether it’s rocks, mountains, buildings……… All of them quickly converged towards the sky, and quickly condensed onto the earth ball.

There are still traces of the Banandi Kingdom here.

Only a huge pit remains.

Above the deep pit, suspended in a huge earthball.

Like a huge star, it left a huge shadow on the ground.

“You……… You have destroyed the Kingdom of Banandi! ”

Seeing the banandi kingdom that had completely disappeared, the Warring States pointed to the white night, and the anger in their hearts could not be described in words.

The kingdom of Banandi was thus destroyed.

Although the kingdom of Banandi, is not the largest kingdom in the world.

However, among the many countries that have joined the world government, the volume is also one of the best.

There is also a great deal of voice in the World Government Conference.

However, it was such a member of the world government that it was destroyed by the white night in half an hour.

“Warring States General, where are the pirates?”

“He is!? Magneto White Night! ”

“Quick, who’s ready to fight!”

At this time, the aide-de-camp of the Warring States also rushed over with other navies.

After seeing the white night, this adjutant was also shocked and immediately issued an order to fight.

As an aide-de-camp of the Warring States General, he had also seen the white night’s wanted notice and knew that the white night was a sea thief with a bounty of 3 billion yuan.

“Warring States General, do you want to attack?”

The adjutant asked toward the Warring States.

“Hmm! Don’t attack~! ”

“Let’s withdraw!”

Sengoku thought for a moment and said immediately.


Hearing the order of the Warring States, the adjutant was stunned.

A powerful pirate appears here, and the Warring States, as a naval admiral, does not attack, but instead chooses to retreat.

This made these navies very confused.

“The kingdom of Banandi has been destroyed! There is no point in fighting any longer! ”

“And this guy is very strong!”

“If you are not careful, you may trigger Tiancheng.”

Sengoku looked at the white night and said very jealously.

If a reckless navy saw the pirate of the White Night, it would not hesitate to attack.

But the Warring States are different, and as a wise general, he needs to weigh the pros and cons.

He knew very well that the kingdom of Banandi had been destroyed, and there was no point in fighting the White Night now.

More importantly, he knew very well that the strength of White Night was very strong

With his own strength, he is not the opponent of the White Night at all, and he may also be killed by the White Night.

There is also the natural disaster-like strength of the White Night.

Meteorites can be easily summoned, causing natural disasters and bringing destruction to the entire sea.

This also makes the Warring States very jealous.

In this way, it is not easy to fight the white night, and the best choice now is to retreat.

“Yes……… Fall back! ”

Although the adjutant was still a little puzzled, he still left here quickly according to the orders of the Warring States.

“Little devil, you can come out!”

Seeing that the Sengoku and all the navies had left, White Night continued.

As the sound of the white night fell, Doflamingo came from behind a large tree.

When he discovered the arrival of the Admiral, Doflamingo went into hiding.

He didn’t want the Navy to discover his Draco identity.

“Your answer!”

White Night looked at Doflamingo and said.

“Lord White Night, I will be your men from now on!”

Doflamingo knelt before the white night.

Now Doflamingo is just a little ghost.

The powerful power of the White Night had completely shocked him.

“Very good value for money”

Seeing doflamingo kneeling, the corners of White Night’s mouth revealed a smile.

Although White Nights was very clear, Doflamingo was not a good man.

But White Night didn’t care at all.

And this is one piece world, and good people can’t survive.

“Lord White Night, where are we going!?”

“What do you need me to do!?”

Dofran Mingo asked toward the White Night.

“You don’t have to follow me!”

“You can develop it yourself!”

White Night looked at Doflamingo and said.

White Night is very clear, Doflamingo single-handedly established the Don Quixote Pirate Regiment, which eventually developed into one of the Seven Martial Seas under the king.

In this way, Doflamingo is also a very capable person, so White Night has no intention of changing the development of Doflamingo.

As for whether Doflamingo would betray himself.

White Night wasn’t worried at all.

As long as you have great strength, you don’t have to worry about betrayal at all.

“I developed on my own!? How is this possible! ”

Hearing the words of the White Night, Doflamingo was a little confused.

I am just a small ghost, no power, no power, how to develop.

“I said yes, you can!”

“This is my power for you!”

“Fruit of the line!”

White Night’s right hand was clenched, and a fruit like a papaya, with a white skin and a silk thread pattern, flew from a distance.

There is no doubt that this fruit is the fruit of the line.

This was inadvertently discovered by White Night in the destruction of the Kingdom of Banandi.

Therefore, White Night simply took it directly and gave it to Duo Kai Lang Tomorrow.

“Is this the Devil Fruit!?”

“After eating the Demon Fruit, can you gain the same power as the White Night Lord!?”

“I see, White Night!”

Doflamingo eagerly took the fruit, ate it directly, and then walked alone into the distance.

The news that the Kingdom of Banandi was destroyed by the White Nights of Magneto soon spread throughout the sea, allowing the whole sea to hear the name of the White Nights of ‘Magneto’ again.

At the same time, because of the destruction of the world government member countries, the bounty of white nights has also increased from 3 billion to 4 billion…

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