Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 84

Chapter Eighty-Four Don’t Face the World Government!!

【Outside the number, outside the number】

[The most powerful pirate in history, Locks, was wiped out by Admiral Kapu!] Vice Admiral Karp receives the title of ‘Hero of the Navy’]

In order to hide the truth of the Valley of the Gods, but also to promote the strength of the world government.

Soon, newspapers published information except for the Battle of the Valley of the Gods.

Of course, this is a situation that has been modified by the world government.

In the war situation released by the world government, the world government and the navy became the party of justice.

Vice Admiral Kapu directly defeated Locks with great strength, stopped Locks’ ambitions, and guarded the justice of the Navy.

As for the Roger Pirate Regiment that helped the Navy, and the Valley of the Gods Island destroyed by the White Night, the report did not say anything at all.

At the same time, a new bounty for members of the former Locks Pirate Ship was also released.

【World Government Circular Order】

【One Piece:(Magneto White Night, Bounty:B Bailey】

Pirates: Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, Bounty: 1.8 Billion Peles

【Pirate: Golden Lion St. Kei, Bounty: 1.7 Billion Peles】

【Pirate: (Charlotte Lingling, Bounty: 1.5 Billion Baileys】


Roger Pirates on board.

“White Night, look, your new order!”

“Your bounty has now reached 3 billion!”

A pirate of Roger Pirates came to the White Night with a newspaper

After a banquet, the white nights and the people of Roger’s pirates all mixed up.

“Wow it’s really a bounty of $3 billion!”

“This is probably the highest bounty on the sea!”

“Oh my God! This has completely surpassed the captain! ”

“Worthy of the ‘Magneto King’ White Night.”

Seeing such a high bounty as white night, the rest of roger pirates also exclaimed in surprise, while looking at white night one by one.

“New newspaper!?”

“The world government is indeed still the same shameless and faceless!”

White Night read the report on the Valley of the Gods in the newspaper and said very dismissively.

“Haha, White Night, don’t care!”

“World governments have always been like this!”

“White Night doesn’t know what your plans are for the future!”

Roger came to the White Night and asked the White Night.

“Later?! Haven’t thought about it yet! ”

“However, I will continue to improve my strength!”

White Night said involuntarily.

“Since I didn’t think about it!”

“Then do you want to join my Roger Pirates?”

“Join me in conquering great shipping lanes and changing the world!”

Roger took the opportunity to say to the invitation of the white night.

Hearing Roger’s invitation to the White Night, the rest of Roger’s Pirates couldn’t help but look over.

“Wow Captain is going to invite White Night to join our pirate regiment!?”

“If White Night joins our Pirate Regiment, the strength of our Roger Pirate Regiment will definitely be enhanced!”

“Yes! I just don’t know if he will accept Captain Roger’s request! ”

Obviously, the people of Roger Pirates are also very much looking forward to such a strong addition as White Night.

“Forget it!”

White Night refused Roger’s invitation and saw that Roran really said.

“With your strength, you can indeed conquer great shipping routes!”

“But you can’t change the world!”

White Night, as a crosser, is very clear, although Roger conquered the Great Passage and became One Piece.

He even started the Age of Discovery with his own life.

But Roger didn’t change anything, except for a little more pirates in the sea, and the whole world didn’t have any degrees.

The world government still controls the whole world, and the navy is still hunting down pirates.

Hearing this, Roger was stunned and asked curiously.

“Oh!? How should that change the world! ”

“If you want to change the world, you need strength, the power to beat everyone!”

“As long as I have the power to destroy the whole world and want to change the world, it’s just my thoughts.”

White Night looked at Roger and said very affirmatively.

“Powerful force!? The power to defeat everyone!? How is this possible! ”

Hearing White Night’s words, Roger obviously disagreed with White Night.

“Believe it or not!”

“Roger, thank you as a hitchhiker, if you want to die later!”

“I can take care of my son!”

After saying that, The White Night directly launched the Magnetic Magnetic Fruit and flew towards the distant island

And on this island is the once Hachnos of the Locks Pirates.

Along with the white night, kaido and Xia Qi flew up.

“When I die!”

“What an interesting farewell! Ha ha! ”

Hearing White Night’s words, Roger said with a smile.

Harkinos was once the seat of the Locks Pirates.

Once upon a time, this was the place where all the pirates of the New World aspired, and any pirate was proud to join the Locks Pirates and ascend to Hachnows.

But as news of Locks’ death spread, the whole island of Hachnowos became chaotic.

Countless pirates rushed up to Hatchinos to snatch the treasure that Locks had left behind.

Fighting, chaos, fighting, is constantly playing out on Hachnows.

“Damn, these riches are mine!”

“Whoever dares to take my treasure, I will kill him!”

One pirate clutched a treasure chest in one hand and a long sword in the other, yelling loudly at the surroundings.

But before the pirate could finish speaking, another pirate with a long sword rushed directly at him.

The sword in his hand easily pierced his chest and snatched the treasure chest at once.

“Haha, these cliffs are mine!”

But the pirate who had just received the treasure chest was not happy for long, and more pirates rushed over.

Start robbing these treasures.

Soon, it turned into a scuffle.


In the northwest corner of Hachnowos, there is also a matinee war-weariness.

“Wang Zhi, John, hand over those treasures at once!”

“This is something I’m interested in!”

Charlotte Lingling held a long sword in her hand, surrounded by flames and lightning, glaring at Wang Zhi and John in front of her.

“Hum, Charlotte Lingling, others are afraid of you, we are not afraid of you!”

“And this is the treasure we discovered first!”

Wang Zhi and Yu Lost, also holding weapons in their hands, looked at Charlotte Lingling without fear.

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