Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 80

Chapter Eighty: A Natural Disaster-Like Attack!!


A huge meteorite fell and smashed into the island of the Valley of the Gods, and a huge roar sounded.

The Valley of the Gods is only an island, and although it has a special significance for the Draco people, it does not change the fact that it is an ordinary island.

An ordinary island simply cannot withstand the impact of a huge meteorite.

Therefore, the meteorite had just collided with the island of the Valley of the Gods, and the entire island was shattered under the powerful impact.

But that wasn’t the end of it, the meteorite continued to attack, completely crushing the Island of the Valley of the Gods, and crashing into the depths of the sea.

Eventually, the meteorite slammed into the ocean floor.


Again there was a loud roar.

A huge impact bombarded the seabed, causing a violent earthquake to set off the entire seabed, and these earthquakes in turn triggered the sea and set off a huge tsunami.


The sea suddenly became boiling, setting off countless huge waves.

For a moment, the place became stormy, terrifying, choppy.

A huge wave of roaring waves spread wave after wave around the meteorites that destroyed the Valley of the Gods.

The first to be affected are the pirates around them who are watching the battle and watching the liveliness.

Some of the weaker pirate groups, without even having a chance to react, were directly swallowed up by the huge waves.

Even some powerful pirate ships are difficult to resist in the face of the huge tide of swarming.

“Whew… Thundered! ”

A huge wave tens of meters high roared from the distant sea and rushed towards the white-bearded pirate ship.

“Ahh……… What a big wave! ”

“The great waves are coming! Dodge! ”

“Damn, this mighty wave is so big, it’s too late!”

“We’re going to be engulfed by the great waves!”

Seeing this huge wave roaring in, the white-bearded pirates were also panicked.

One by one, they looked at this huge wave of waves with trepidation.

They had no doubt that if this wave was slapped down, their pirate ship would sink directly.

“Shock Fruit!”

Seeing that the great waves were about to engulf the pirates, Whitebeard immediately struck.

A fist condensed with the shock fruit attacked the huge wave in front of him.

“Bang! Airplanes! ”

A powerful concussive force erupted, directly destroying the huge wave in front of him.

“Whew……… Great, Captain Whitebeard struck! ”


Seeing that Whitebeard destroyed this great wave, all the pirates gave a mouthful.

“Now is not the time to relax!”

“Take control of the ship now, let’s get out of here quickly!”

Whitebeard shouted at his pirates.

Just as Whitebeard’s voice had just fallen, the sea in the distance surged again, and an even greater wave swept over.

“Here comes the great waves again!”

“Hurry up and leave!”

“Turn the bow of the ship right away and get out of here!”

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment, seeing the huge waves coming again, quickly maneuvered the ship out of here.

“This guy of the White Night, the movement is too big!”

“Not only did I destroy the Valley of the Gods Island, but even my land was affected… Seeing the huge wave coming again, Whitebeard helplessly struck and once again defeated the roaring wave. ”

Although Whitebeard knew that White Night’s strength was very strong.

But he also did not expect that the White Night would be so powerful.

Directly summoned two huge meteorites, destroying the Valley of the Gods and setting off huge waves.

In the face of the rough waves, not only the white-bearded pirate ships, but even other pirate ships are struggling to resist.

“Mom, help!”

“There are huge waves coming, and our ships can’t control them.”

On Charlotte Lingling’s pirate ship, in the face of the constantly coming waves, countless pirates also cried out in fear.


The sword in Charlotte Lingling’s hand was also rapidly swinging.

The huge sword qi destroyed the huge waves in front of him, and at the same time shouted loudly.

“Withdraw……… Get out of here now! ”

“This guy of the White Night, summoning meteorites, actually destroyed the Island of the Gods, which is simply the power to destroy the world!”

Charlotte Lingling looked at the island that had been completely destroyed by the meteorite, the huge meteorite that had fallen, and her heart was also amazed.

“Captain Roger, the great waves are coming again!” Hurry up and destroy! ”

“The left is full of rudder, and there is a huge wave on the right!”

“Damn, there are huge waves all around, and we can’t move forward at all!”

“Block this huge wave quickly, and definitely not let him get close to the ship…”

“Such a big wave, even our pirate ship, may be destroyed!”

The Roger Pirates, who had just left the Valley of the Gods, were also attacked by the Great Waves.

In the face of the swarming waves, the people of Roger’s pirate regiment are also constantly attacking the huge waves that are swarming around, constantly pulling the sails to stabilize the ship

But it is a great pity that in the face of the waves of the huge waves, these attacks are too small.

In front of the waves of the huge waves, the Roger Pirate Regiment is like a flat boat on the side, constantly shaking, looking like it can be swallowed up by the huge waves at any time…

“Haha, that’s interesting!”

“I didn’t expect the strength of ‘Magneto’ to be so strong!”

“He actually destroyed the Island of the Valley of the Gods, something that even Locks hadn’t done!”

Roger stood on the rocking boat, looking at the huge waves swarming in the distance, and laughed.

I don’t know if it was because I was happy or because I was surprised.

Roger had helped the Navy defeat Locks, thinking he could stop the battle.

But unexpectedly, after the death of Locks, the ‘Magneto King’ White Night suddenly broke out.

Under siege by countless navies, huge meteorites were summoned.

Two huge meteorites fell towards the Valley of the Gods, directly destroying the Island of the Valley of the Gods and setting off a tsunami like a natural disaster.

This power, this ash-like power.

Even Roger now felt a sense of hindsight.

If they hadn’t reacted quickly and left the Valley of the Gods Island earlier, their Roger Pirate Regiment might have been destroyed by the huge meteorite.

“Captain, now is not the time to laugh!”

“Let’s find a way to get out of here quickly!”

Reilly and the others looked at Roger, who was laughing, and couldn’t help but say.

“Haha, that’s right!”

“Let’s go!”

Roger laughed loudly, and a powerful domineering spirit erupted.

The powerful Qingwang Colored Qi temporarily blocked the huge waves surging around it.

The pirate ship took the opportunity to quickly rush into the distance…

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