Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 79

Chapter Seventy-Nine The Second Meteorite! Fall!!


Under the attack of many navies, there was a constant explosion on the meteorite in the sky.

Various violent explosions bombarded the meteorite, which made the cracks in the meteorite more and more numerous and larger.

Finally, the meteorite reached its limit.

“Click! Thundered! ”

The huge meteorite shattered from the middle and turned into two huge semicircular meteorites, smashing towards the sea on both sides of the Valley of the Gods.

The meteorite that became in half smashed into the sea, and suddenly there was a roaring sound, and the powerful impact made the sea boil and wave.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, see no!”

“That’s the power of our navy!”

“Naval justice will triumph!”

Karp looked at the white night and said with a scrappy face.

Although because of the battle with Locks, coupled with the attack on the meteorite, Karp was now out of breath, and the naval on his body was no longer damaged

But Karp still didn’t flinch, staring at the white night.

The other navies all followed Karp, and although their bodies were exhausted, they were still staring at the white night with full of fighting spirit.

It can be said that at this moment, Kapu, the vice admiral, has become the backbone of all the navies now, and the heroes in the hearts of many navies, as long as they follow Karp’s side, they have nothing to fear.

“Vice Admiral Karp, really worthy of the name of naval hero”…”

“However, I just don’t know, your navy can block a few!”

White Night looked at Karp and smiled.


Hearing the words of the white night, Karp was shocked and immediately looked into the sky.

Only to see that the dark clouds in the sky were suddenly broken, and an even more huge meteorite fell from the sky.

White Night was very clear, with a meteorite, indeed unable to defeat the Navy.

Therefore, when the White Night released the Celestial Barrier Shock Star, the White Night summoned quite a few meteorites, but two.

The first meteorite in front is only a tentative attack, and the meteorite in the back is the important attack.

“Whew……… Rumble! ”

The huge meteorite fell from the sky with a strong wind pressure and fell again in the direction of the Valley of the Gods.

“What!? And one more! ”

“This guy!?”

“How is this possible!”

“Damn, attack! Destroy this meteorite now! ”

“Never let his meteorite fall!”

“The Valley of the Gods cannot be destroyed!”

Seeing the meteorite that fell again, all the Navy’s faces were suddenly on one side.

At the same time, all the navies attacked the meteorite that fell in the sky, trying to crush the meteorite again.

But it is a great pity that the strength of these navies has reached its limit, and they have no strength.

Their attack bombarded the huge meteorite, and did not bring the meteorite the slightest damage at all.

“Damn, break me apart!”

“Hold me back!”

Even Karp, Sengoku, Zefa and the others gritted their teeth and launched a fierce blow at the meteorite.

A powerful force bombarded the meteorite, causing the meteorite to splash with rubble and breaking a large hole in the meteorite.

But these attacks are like tickling relative to giant meteorites.

Such an attack cannot destroy the meteorite at all, and it is even more impossible to prevent the meteorite from falling.

The huge meteorite, still with the momentum of ten thousand jun, fell rapidly in the direction of the Valley of the Gods.

“Navy! Play by yourself! ”

“I’ll go first!”

Seeing the falling meteorite, White Night immediately activated the ability of the Magnetic Fruit, and his body quickly flew up and retreated towards the distance.

The meteorite summoned by the White Night this time was simply too big.

It has completely enveloped the entire Valley of the Gods and the surrounding sea.

Such a huge meteorite, even the white night is within the attack range.

White Night didn’t want to be affected by his own attack, so he left first.

At the same time, White Night relied on strong magnetic force, grabbed Kaido and Xia Qi, followed behind White Night, and also flew quickly towards the distance.

Now white night’s magnetic fruit ability has awakened, so white night can now magnetically control anything, including people.

“Damn, ‘Magneto’ White Night wants to escape!”

“Hurry up and stop him!”

“Damn, how to stop, or find a way to destroy this meteorite!”

“Don’t care about the ‘Magneto King’ White Night, destroy this Meteorite first!”

Seeing the white night that was leaving, the world government and the navy also wanted to stop it.

However, there was also a huge meteorite in the sky that fell.

Now that they don’t have time to care about the white night, they need to prioritize blocking the meteorites falling in the sky and protecting the Valley of the Gods Island.

“Attack! Attack with all your might! ”

“Destroy this meteorite!”

“Artillery, where is the artillery, attack this meteorite for me!”

“You must not let the meteorite fall!”

Countless artillery pieces fired at the meteorites in the sky at the same time, and even the guns of some naval warships immediately turned the bow of the ship, also towards the meteorite bombardment in the sky.

Various shells exploded on the meteorite, and various demon fruits attacked the meteorite.

Countless fierce attacks suddenly set off a huge explosion in the sky.

The violent explosion bombarded the meteorite, and countless blasts of rubble scattered like raindrops.

But it was a pity that these attacks were not even tickling compared to the vast majority of meteorites.

The huge meteorite still fell towards the Valley of the Gods with great power

The meteorite is getting closer and closer, and people on the Valley of the Gods can already see the lines on the meteorite.

These people were finally scared.

“No way! Can’t stop it at all! ”

“Run! Evacuate! ”

“The meteorite is coming!”


Looking at the huge meteorite that fell, the people on the Valley of the Gods began to run away madly.

However, the meteorite fell too fast, and the size of the meteorite was too large.

They had nowhere to run away, and could only watch as huge meteorites slammed into them.

“No……… Yes! ”


In a series of desperate screams, the huge meteorite slammed into the Valley of the Gods…

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