Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 77

Chapter Seventy-Seven Since you won’t let me go, then kill you!!

Seeing the surrounding navy and hearing the words of the admiral steel bones, the white night is now very speechless.

For a moment I didn’t know what to say.

I didn’t expect the Navy to attach so much importance to itself.

He actually regarded himself as the most powerful threat on the sea now.

In order to destroy himself, he actually let go of the other pirates directly and gathered all his combat strength to besiege himself.

White Night really didn’t know now whether to feel honored or unlucky.

The pirates who were fleeing on the sea were very curious to find that the navy had stopped pursuing.

All stopped and looked out over the island of the Valley of the Gods.

“What’s going on!?”

“Why doesn’t the Navy chase us?”

“Look, what’s going on over there!”

“All the navies seem to be besieging a man.”

“That’s it!?’ Magneto’s White Nights! ”

“The Navy and the World Government are besieging the ‘Magneto King’ White Night!”

“It seems that the ‘Magneto’ White Night is going to die!”

“Yes! With so many navies, he simply didn’t have a chance! ”

“Let’s get out of here first!”

Seeing that so many navies were besieging White Night, all the pirates thought that white night was dead today.

The number of navies was too numerous, and the entire Valley of the Gods island had been completely blocked.

White Night had no chance of escaping.

“White Night this guy!”

“It seems that he is really going to be less fierce!”

“I haven’t had a good drink with him yet!”

Whitebeard stood on the pirate ship, looking at the white night surrounded by the navy rush in the distance, and couldn’t help but say.

For white night, the new pirate, Whitebeard is still very optimistic.

Seeing that White Night was surrounded by the Navy, Whitebeard also planned to strike at a critical time and try to help White Night.

“Uh-huh! Is White Night really going to die today!? ”

“What a pity! Such a powerful person as he can leave behind descendants, he must also be very powerful! ”

Charlotte Lingling looked at the same pirate ship with flowers and branches, looking at the white night surrounded by the navy, and said with some regret.

“White night this bastard, let him be arrogant!”

“Now I’m going to die!”

“Such an arrogant guy, just right to die!”

Wang Zhi and John both looked schadenfreude.

You know, since White Night joined the Locks Pirates, White Night has crushed them every time.

Now, seeing that the White Night was dead, they wished that the White Night would die here.

“White Night, do you guys want to help?”

“As long as you agree when I have my left and right hands!” I’ll help you!” ”

Shi Ji, the golden lion who was in mid-air, saw that the white night was surrounded, and immediately shouted loudly.

“Captain, how should we go through it now?”

“We are completely surrounded by the Navy, which has completely blocked all retreats.”

Xia Qi also looked around with an ugly face.

The surrounding area was completely surrounded by the navy, and there was no way back at all.

“What are you afraid of!?”

“Just smash all these navies to death!”

Kaido, still with an iron look, wielded a wolf’s tooth stick.

“Since these navies won’t let us go!”

“Then kill them.”

White Night looked at these navies around him, and White Night smiled at the corner of his mouth.

If it had been in the past, in the face of the encirclement of these navies, white nights might have been possible.

But now it was different, and the magnetic fruit of the white night had awakened.

Relying on the power of the Magnetic Fruit Awakening, it was not difficult for White Night to leave here.

“‘Magneto’ White Nights!”

“Today is the time of your death!”

Steel Bone Shouted Loudly.

Hearing the words of steel bones, the navies around them were also full of morale.

“Yes, the Navy will win!”

“You pirate is dead today!”

“See the justice of the Navy!”

Hearing the order of the steel bone, all the navies shouted.

Their navy had just defeated Locks, the terrible pirate, and now was the time to gain momentum.

Therefore, now the Navy has surrounded the White Night, and everyone is also scrappy.

“What a scrappy navy!”

“I hope you can still have such a fighting spirit later.”

White Night looked at these scrappy navies in front of him, smiled at the corners of his mouth, and at the same time a powerful magnetic force erupted from his body.

Huge magnetic forces converged around the white night, and the air around them became distorted by the magnetic force.

“Be careful, everyone!”

“His magnetic fruit ability is very powerful!”

Seeing the action of the White Night and feeling the terrifying magnetic force emanating from the White Night’s body, the Warring States shouted loudly in a hurry.

He had been fighting with White Night for a long time, so he was very aware of the strength of White Night’s Magnetic Fruit ability.

Now feeling the powerful magnetic force erupting from White Night’s body, the Warring States thought that White Night was going to launch a powerful attack at once, and immediately sounded a warning.

Hearing the warning of the Warring States, all the navies were also fully defended.

But what was strange was that the White Night did not launch any attack.

“Hmm! What’s going on!? ”

“Attack! This pirate attacks too! ”

“I don’t know!?”

“What is this pirate doing, he is not going to surrender!”

One by one, the navy that was prepared for defense waited for a long time, but did not see the attack of the white night, and all the doubts began to talk about it.

Not only these navies, but even the Warring States and others, when they saw the white night in front of them, their hearts were also full of doubts.

“Sengoku, what’s going on!?”

“Is he really going to surrender like this!?”

Zefa asked curiously toward the Warring States.

“I don’t know, I suddenly have a bad premonition!”

The Warring States also frowned and stared at the white night.

Seeing the powerful magnetic force surging throughout The White Night’s whole body, the Warring States suddenly had a feeling of palpitations.

He felt like something big was about to happen…

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