Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 76

Chapter Seventy-Six You Are Too Threatening!!

“Locks, did you die like this!?”

“Defeated by Karp’s punch!”


“It seems that Locks’s plan has failed, and I am leaving!”

Seeing the complete chaos of the Locks Pirates in front of him, White Night couldn’t help but think in his heart.

Although, White Night had long known that Locks would be defeated, That Locks’ plan would fail, and that the Locks Pirates would disband.

But when he really saw that Locks was really defeated by Karp’s punch, White Night still felt a little unreal.

The mighty Locks was actually defeated by Kapu’s punch, and the once crazy Locks Pirates were actually disbanded in this way, which is a bit mysterious to see.

However, although the white night was very surprised and very incredible, the truth had already happened, and the white night could not manage so much.

All White Night has to do now is get out of here quickly.

With The death of Locks, Locks’ plan failed and Locks’ pirate regiment was disbanded.

All the pirates began to run away without a life, and there was no point in staying here any longer in the white night.

More importantly, through constant combat, White Night gained a great deal of proficiency, awakening to the ability of magnetic fruits.

The purpose of the White Night has also been achieved.

“Kaido, Xia Qi, let’s get out of here too!”

White Night summoned Kaido and Xia Qi, and took the two of them to leave here.

“It’s the boss!”

Kaido greeted him and immediately followed White Night away from the islands of the Valley of the Gods.

“Little Crane, I’m leaving!”

“We’ll see each other later!”

Xia Qi, who was fighting with Xiao He, smiled and said to Xiao He, and also followed the white night to leave quickly.

“Damn, haiku attack!”

“Stop them!”

Seeing that White Night was planning to escape, Xiao He immediately ordered the surrounding navy to stop White Night.

“Get me out of here!”

“Divine Luo Tianzheng.”

A powerful magnetic force erupted, and the magnetic force turned into a powerful repulsive force, directly hitting all the attacking navies.

“Locks’ Pirate Regiment is disbanded!”

“Looks like the battle is over!”

“Let’s go too!”

Roger briefly recovered from his wounds and told the people of Roger’s Pirates that they were also pirates, although they helped the Navy defeat the Locks Pirates.

But they were also afraid of the navy crossing the river and dismantling.

Therefore, the people of Roger Pirates also left the Valley of the Gods quickly.

“Report to the Air Marshal!”

“The pirates are retreating, we are hunting down the pirates…”

“It’s just that there are too many of these pirates!”

A navy member came to the steel bone and said very excitedly.

Locks was killed by the Navy, and their navy upheld justice on the sea

An unprecedented victory was achieved.

As a Navy, how could he not be excited.

The Navy is now constantly pursuing these escaped pirates.

However, the number of pirates escaping is too much.

Even if their navies join forces with world governments, they are a little too busy.

“Well stop chasing and let these pirates go!”

“All siege of ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

“This time, we must leave the ‘Magneto King’ White Night behind!”

Steel Bone Said to the Navy in front of him.

At a time when the World Government was arranging to block the Rox Pirates’ plan.

Two goals were set.

One is to destroy Locks and disintegrate the entire Locks Pirates through Locks’ death.

The second is to eliminate the ‘Magneto’ White Night.

Now that Locks has been defeated, Locks is beginning to fall apart, and his first sighting has been completed.

Well, now there is only one second goal left.

That is to destroy the ‘Magneto’ White Night.

Magneto”White Night” though is just a newcomer to Pirates.

But what he did during this time was not something that a newcomer pirate could do

Whether it’s robbing The Heavenly Gold, killing the Draco, or destroying a hundred naval warships, the bounty of 2 billion Berry is a major blow to the world government.

Coupled with the fact that ‘Magneto’ White Night has such a powerful power at such a young age, they have no doubt that as long as they give White Night time, White Night will definitely become a terrifying sea thief.

Now the ‘Magneto’ White Night has also become the number one threat to the world government

Therefore, today must solve the ‘Magneto King’ white night.

The threat of ‘Magneto’ White Nights must not be allowed to grow.

This threat must be snuffed out in the cradle.

“It was the Admiral’s order!”

“Give up on the pirates and attack with all your might (Magneto”White Nights!).

With the order issued, countless navies immediately turned their spearheads and attacked fiercely towards the White Night.

‘Magneto’ White Night, let me die!

‘Magneto’ White Night, today is your death date!

‘Magneto’ White Night, Where to Run!

The naval masters, led by Sengoku, Zefa, Kapu, and Steel Bone Air, rushed directly from all directions to the White Night.

Completely blocked all retreats of the white night.

At the same time, countless navies rushed over, holding weapons and facing the white night.

“What are you navy doing?”

“The battle is over!”

“Won’t you let me go?”

Seeing these navies surrounding him, White Night frowned and said.

Supposedly, now that Locks has been defeated, the Locks Pirates are already ashamed.

In order to prevent the fish from breaking the net and causing unnecessary damage, it is now time for the navy and pirates to stop and go back to their homes and recover from their injuries.

Even the pirates want to take advantage of the chase, want to destroy the pirates.

It should also be to go after Whitebeard, the Golden Lion, these long-established pirates.

These navies besieged themselves for what to do.

“Ah, ‘Magneto’ White Night, the other pirates can leave!” But you have to stay here. ”

Steel Bone Looked at the white night and said in an affirmative tone.

“That’s right, your threat is too great, and you must not be allowed to reappear on the sea.”

‘Magneto’, White Night, today is your death date! Warring States, Zefa and others were also staring at the white night.

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