Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 73

Chapter Seventy-Three Be My Stepping Stone!!

At this time, the battle on the Valley of the Gods was also changed by the participation of roger pirates.

Originally, this was a battle that belonged to the Locks Pirates and the World Government.

Now turned into the Rocks Pirates vs. Roger Pirates and the World Government where roger pirates of the Sparks pirates? Jabba and Whitebeard fought together

Roger Pirates’ Sambell and Seakal battle the Golden Lion.

Roger Pirates’ Dolingo and Eye Dragon stopped Charlotte Lingling.

It can be said that everyone in roger pirate regiment has found a captain of the Rox pirate regiment.

Despite the strength of a single round, the members of Roger Pirates are not opponents of the captain of the Locks Pirates at all.

But don’t forget, it’s not just the Roger Pirates, but also the Navy and the World Government.

With the cooperation of both sides, they finally blocked the attack of the Locks Pirates.

Magneto “White Nights, give up!”

“Your plans for the Locks Pirates have failed!”

“Locks will undoubtedly die today…”

The Warring States said in a deep voice, the sound was like thunder, and the rolling Sound of Buddha rushed towards the white night.

This is also one of the abilities of the Warring States Buddha Buddha Fruit.

By attacking the enemy through sound waves, you can deter the enemy.

It is even said that a weaker person, who was so roared by him, could be frightened and lose his fighting spirit at that time.

But it was a great pity that these things were of no use to the White Night, who possessed a powerful DingWang Color.

“DingWang color winding…”

“Your words are too much!”

“Roll me!”

Ignoring the Buddha’s voice of the Warring States, White Night condensed a fist of Ding Wang’s color stomach qi and attacked towards the Warring States.

In the face of the attack of the White Night, the Warring States also raised a huge Buddha palm defense.


With a loud crashing sound, the Warring States were directly knocked out by the White Night.

Just as White Night was about to take advantage of the chase, Zefa and Reilly attacked.

“Black wrist, shock…”

“Armed colors…”…”

Faced with the attack of Reilly and Zefa, White Night had no choice but to abandon the attack and start defending instead.

“Shen Luo Tianzheng…”

A powerful magnetic force erupted and rushed towards the two men.

A powerful magnetic burst directly blocked the attack of the two men, and at the same time quickly pushed the two away.

The two withdrew in a row to a distance of more than ten meters, which was enough to stop the white night.

“Reilly, Sengoku, Zefa!”

“The three of you will be stepping stones for my strength!”

Bai Ye looked at the three people, not only was he not afraid, but he was a little excited in his heart.

White Nights is a man with a game system.

Along with the battle, the proficiency of White Night’s various abilities is also rapidly improving.

The more powerful people you fight, the faster your strength increases.

Therefore, for White Night, Reilly, Sengoku and Zefa are the best candidates to enhance their strength.

Thinking of this, Bai Ye did not hesitate in the slightest, and directly launched the ability of the Magnetic Magnetic Fruit and attacked the three people.

“Sand Iron Giant!”



Under the magnetic control of the white night, all the sand and iron around them converged and rose.

Transformed into a giant sand iron giant.

Immediately after that, the sand iron giant’s whole body emitted a fiery heat and ignited a flame.

But that’s not the end of it, the thunder in the sky rolls, and thunder continues to fall.

Every thunder attack will smash a large pit on the ground, and countless pirates who have not dodged in time will die directly.

Just when the white night was fiercely fighting.

White Night’s men, Kaido is also not weak.

Although kaido has not yet obtained the Demon Fruit ability.

However, Kaido, who has a special physique, has a very strong defense.

In particular, Kaido, who holds the wolf’s tooth stick, is like a humanoid tank, rampaged against the navy.

“Get me out of here!”

“Give me death!”

Kaido wielded a wolf’s tooth stick and kept smashing it towards the surrounding navy.

Every time the wolf’s tooth stick was waved, a screaming navy would fly backwards.

And with Kaido constantly wielding the wolf’s tooth stick, Kaido is becoming more and more handy, and now it has begun to have the rudiments of thunderous gossip.

“What’s going on with this little devil?”

“How perverted!”

“Is there such a person in Locks!?”

“Such a monster should be resisted by the Admiral!”

Facing Kaido wielding a wolf’s tooth stick, these ordinary navies could not resist at all, and could only retreat one after another.

“He’s Kaido!”

“Just joined the Locks Pirates, and is now a member of the ‘Magneto’ White Night Fan Team!”

“Is this the strength of the Locks Pirates!?”

“It’s horrible!”

Hearing this information, one by one the Navy couldn’t help but think of it.

Not far from Kaido, Xia Qi and Xiao He also fought here.

“Xia Qi, surrender!”

“The Locks Pirates are about to be defeated…”

“The ‘Magneto’ White Night will also die here today!”

Xiao He looked at Xia Qi across from him and said.

The reason why Xiao Tsuru followed White Night’s side and joined the Locks Pirates was to collect intelligence on the Locks Pirates.

Now the Locks Pirates have begun to attack the Valley of the Gods.

Kozuru’s mission was also completed.

Therefore, there is no need for Xiao Tsuru to continue to be a pirate.

Therefore, as soon as she ascended the Valley of the Gods, she sided with the Navy and led the Navy to attack the members of the Locks Pirates.

“Little Crane, isn’t it good to be a pirate!?”

“Lord White Night, be so good to you!” Are you willing to betray lord White Night like this!? ”

“I remember you were in the room with Lord White Night every night…”

Xia Qi looked at Xiao He and said involuntarily.

Hearing Xia Qi’s words, Xiao He couldn’t help but hear what had happened between himself and The White Night, and his pretty face couldn’t help but blush.

Some flustered Xiao He quickly interrupted Xia Qi’s words.

“Shut me up! Play. ”

“I am the Navy, the Navy of Justice!”

“You pirates, today you are going to be destroyed…”

Xiao He attacked Xia Qi directly.

In the face of Xiao He’s attack, Xia Qi also immediately counterattacked, while laughing.

“Huh! That’s not certain! ”

“Maybe you navies will be defeated by Lord White Night!”

“Even if you are caught in the room by lord of the white night!”

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