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Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 70

Chapter Seventy Respective Battles!!

“Boom! Thundered! ”

At this time, the island of the Valley of the Gods was completely filled with smoke.

Fighting is taking place all over the island.

Naval soldiers fight pirates, soldiers of the world government fight pirates, pirates keep killing navy soldiers, and the navy constantly surrounds and kills pirates.

It can be said that in the Valley of the Gods, there are battles happening at every moment in the sea.

“Armed color, steel bone…”

The muscles of the steel bone hollow body exploded, and the two fists condensed with a powerful armed color qi and attacked towards The Locks.

In the face of the attack of the steel bone air, Locks was also not afraid, and the punch that condensed the qi of the king was also met.


The two men’s attacks collided, and a powerful shock erupted.

Under this powerful impact, the two flew out at the same time.

However, from the distance between the two retreats, it can be seen that Locks’ strength has the upper hand.

“Damn, Locks!”

“Today, you will surely fail, and the justice of the Navy will triumph…”

Steel Bone Looked at Locks and said in a dignified tone.

At the same time, he once again used the armed color state qi to condense the whole body

The metallic armed color condensed the whole body with qi, making the steel bone empty as if it were cast in steel, standing in front of Locks, which was really worthy of the name of ‘steel bone’.

“Haha, justice!? Navy Justice!? ”

“Only the victors are qualified to speak of justice!”

“As long as I destroy the world government and become the king of the world, I am righteous!”

Locks laughed wildly, and the mighty Overlord Color Domineering Spirit wrapped around his fist and attacked Locks again.

“Air Marshal! I’ll help you! ”

Looking at the rocks rushing over, Karp also rushed up with a fist.

Although Karp’s strength is not as strong as Locks’, with the continuous fighting, Karp’s momentum is rapidly improving.

While Steelbone and Cap were facing Locks, the other navies and pirates were not idle.

Ten members of the World Government CP0 organization are attacking Whitebeard.

In the face of the attacks of the members of the CP0 organization, Whitebeard waved the clouds of the sky, and the tiger was mighty, easily blocking all attacks.

“Ku grinned……… You bastards of the world government! ”

“Give me death!”

“Tianyun cut from a shock…”

Whitebeard condensed the energy of the Shock Fruit onto the long knife in his hand, and then slashed down hard at the members of the CP0 Organization in front of him.

“Bang! Airplanes! ”

The space in front of him directly exploded, and a powerful concussive force rushed towards the members of the CP0 organization.

“Not bad! Get out of the way! ”

“Damn, I can’t get out of it anymore!”

“Defend fast.”

“Armed color with gas!”

Faced with the attack of Whitebeard’s Shock Fruit, the first reaction of the members of the CP organization is to dodge.

But there are still a few unlucky CP0 members| and they have no time to dodge.

There is really no way, these CP0 members quickly use the armed color gas.

Want to rely on the armed color to block whitebeard’s attack.

But it was a pity that Whitebeard’s ability to shock the fruit was too powerful to be resisted by these CP0 members at all.

“Bang……… Bang……… Bang! ”

“Poof……… Burst……… Burst! ”

These CP0 members directly spat blood and flew out backwards.

Then he fell to the ground, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

“Damn, be careful!”

“Whitebeard’s Shock Fruit is very powerful…”

“Don’t resist!”

“Understood! Keep attacking! ”

The members of CP0 once again headed towards Whitebeard.

In the sky, three birdmen were rapidly attacking the golden lion.

And these three bird people are the bird demon fruit abilities that can fly in the world government’s justice island troops.

They were specially recruited to the Valley of the Gods to deal with the Golden Lion’s Fluttering Fruit Ability.

“Haha, do you want to fight me in the air!?”

“Don’t you know that I’m a flying pirate!?”

Seeing the three birdmen, the golden lion holding the cigar laughed.

At the same time, he held a famous knife in each hand and slashed at the three birds.

“Quick, dodge!”

“Wing Attack!”

“Bird’s beak piercing…”

“Claw Attack!”

The three birdmen quickly dodged the golden lion’s slash and at the same time quickly attacked the golden lion.

“The lion cuts the valley dryly…”

Facing the attack of the three birdmen, the two famous swords in the hands of the golden lion quickly swung.

Countless slashes erupted.

A battle in the air begins.

Above the ground, two members of the CP Organization, in coordination with three admirals, attacked Charlotte Lingling.

“Great opportunity!”

“Charlotte Lingling, go and die!”

“Six-type iron block change, broken bones!”

A lieutenant general seized the opportunity during the attack and appeared behind Charlotte Lingling in an instant.

At the same time, the Navy Six was immediately launched, and a punch was directed at Charlotte Lingling’s back.


A fierce punch slammed into Charlotte Lingling’s back.

“Did it work!?”

Seeing that the admiral had hit the target, the surrounding navies could not help but feel a pang of relief.

“What are you guys doing!?” Tickle me!? ”

Charlotte Lingling, as if nothing had happened, grabbed her right hand hard, and the admiral fell directly to Charlotte Lingling.

Then Charlotte Lingling slammed it hard.

“Ah… Poof………”

The lieutenant general, who directly smashed his mouth and vomited blood, fainted and died.

“Such a powerful defense…”

“This is the Steel Balloon”! ”

“Don’t panic, keep attacking…”

The people of the surrounding navies and world governments were very surprised by the strong dog defense ability of Xialot Lingling.

But they still didn’t flinch and continued to attack Charlotte Lingling.

“Magnetic fruit, power increase!”

“Armed color!”

Bai Ye’s right hand clenched, and the powerful armed Sezhou Qi condensed into his fist, and attacked fiercely in the Warring States.


With a loud crashing sound, the Warring States were directly thrown out by a punch from the White Night.

Followed by.

“Magnetic Fruit, Speed Enhancement!”

“King’s color winding!”

The powerful King’s Qi condensed into his left fist, and The White Night instantly appeared in front of Zefa.

At the same time, a punch flew Zefa out again.

“Sengoku, Zefa!”

“Looks like you’re going to die!”

“If the world government has only such power, then today is the day when the world government will perish.”

After easily beating the two people, Bai Ye looked at the two and smiled.

“Damn, ‘Magneto’ White Night, don’t be arrogant…”

“Your plot will not succeed…”

“The Navy’s justice will triumph!”

Sengoku and Zefa quickly stabilized their bodies, staring solemnly at the Night King…

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