Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 69

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Fighting Zefa and the Warring States Again!!

Locks, Golden Lion, Charlotte Lingling, the three of them ascended to the Valley of the Gods as a signal.

On the surface of the sea in the distance, countless pirate ships appeared again, rushing rapidly in the direction of the Valley of the Gods.

“The pirates are coming…”

“Attack, stop them!”

“You must not let them get near the Valley of the Gods!”


Seeing the countless pirate ships rushing over the sea in the distance, these naval warships also immediately went to block.

“You damn navy!”

“Get me out of here!”

“Shock Fruit!”

Seeing these naval warships, Whitebeard clenched his right hand, and the shock fruit condensed into his fist.

When the white light on the fist condensed to the extreme, Whitebeard slammed out with a punch.

“Bang! Airplanes! ”

Space exploded, and a powerful concussive force rushed towards the naval battleship in front of him.

“Boom! Rumble……… Rumble! ”

These naval warships, like steel behemoths, were directly overturned by the force of the concussion and exploded on the sea.

“Boys, attack!”

“Landing, Valley of the Gods…”

Destroying the naval warships that were blocking the way, the Whitebeard Pirate Ship immediately rushed to the shore of the Valley of the Gods.

Countless pirates jumped from the pirate ship and rushed towards the Valley of the Gods.

“Whitebeard is coming!”

“Shock Fruit Whitebeard…”

“Stop him…”

Seeing Whitebeard leading the pirates to the island, the masters of the Navy and the World Government immediately rushed up and fought with them.

“Is this the Valley of the Gods!?”

“I don’t know if there really is treasure on this island!”

At this moment, the pirate ship of the White Night also rushed over.

Standing on the pirate ship, looking at this huge island in the distance, White Night couldn’t help but think in his heart.


“Destroy these abominable pirate ships!”

Just as the White Night was approaching the Valley of the Gods, a naval warship rushed up.

“Get me out of here!”

“I’m not interested in you!”

Seeing these huge steel naval warships, White Night waved his hand with great disdain and a powerful magnetic force burst out.

These naval warships, as if they had suffered a heavy blow, flew out directly upside down.

“Boom……… Hurrah! ”

Then the huge naval warship fell fiercely into the sea.

As for the navy on the navy battleship, they didn’t know where to die and went to the ‘Magneto’ White Night Landing!

“Stop Magneto now” White Night! ”

Seeing that the white night had stepped into the Valley of the Gods, the Navy immediately reported loudly.

“Did the Magnetic King White Night appear!?”

“He handed it over to me!”

Hearing the news of the appearance of the White Night, the Warring States were the first to rush towards the White Night.

“Sengoku, I’ll help you with my bed!”

Zefa did not hesitate in the slightest, and also rushed towards the white night.

Sengoku and Zefa, the two of them, were once defeated by the White Night.

Moreover, the gold in the sky was also taken from their hands by the White Night, leaving an indelible shadow on their two naval careers.

Therefore, the two of them were cultivating wildly all this time.

It is to be able to defeat the white night and wash away the shame of the past.

Now hearing that the White Night had appeared, sengoku and Zefa did not hesitate in the slightest, clenching their fists and rushing towards the White Night.

“White night, go and die!”

The Warring States body was full of golden light, incarnated as a big Buddha, and the huge golden Buddha palms shot towards the white night.

The Buddha’s palm had not yet approached the white night, and the white night felt a powerful impact coming at him.

“Good to be here!”

“Armed color with gas!”

Seeing the warring states that had attacked, The corners of Bai Ye’s mouth smiled.

The fist clenched, and the powerful armed sezhou qi condensed into the fist and greeted it.

“Bang! Rumble! ”

With a loud crashing sound, the two men’s attacks collided together, and a powerful impact spread out.

But it was the power of the White Night that was even better.

The powerful power of the White Night directly hit the Warring States.

The huge body of the Warring States retreated a dozen steps in a row, which stabilized the pace.

“White night, feel the justice of the Navy!”

Seeing that the white night had repelled the Warring States, Zefa also immediately rushed to bed.

Only to see Zefa clenching his fists, a powerful armed color qi condensed into his hands.

The pitch-black armed domineering spirit extends all the way to the wrist area, like a black wrist.

In the face of Zefa’s attack, White Night also greeted it with one punch.

“Bang……… Rumble! ”

There was another loud crash, and the two fists collided together.

Immediately after that, Zefa also flew out backwards.

After taking dozens of steps back in a row, this stopped at the side of the Warring States.

“Zefa, Sengoku!”

“How come it’s just you two!”

“You two defeated generals are not my opponents!”

Bai Ye looked at Zefa and Sengoku and smiled.

“Damn, Magneto White Night! Don’t underestimate us! ”

“With us here, you don’t want to take a step forward…”

Sengoku and Karp looked at The White Night and said in a sharp tone.

At the same time, the momentum of the two people’s whole body was great, like two mountains, blocking the white night.

“Haha, try to stop me!”

“Then it will be up to you to see what you are capable of!”

White Night said without fear.

The powerful magnetic force of the whole body burst out.

Countless sand and iron swirled around the white night.

Fiery flames and azure thunder and lightning appeared out of thin air and flew around the white night.

“It’s that ability again!”

“Is he really magnetic fruit ability!?”

Seeing the thunder and flames surrounding the white night, the faces of Sengoku and Karp became more solemn.

After being defeated by White Night for the first time, the two of them began to study White Night’s abilities.

But no matter how they studied it, they didn’t understand how White Night used the ability of magnetic fruit to control flames and lightning.

Flames, lightning, magnetism, this is simply the opposite ability.

However, now is not the time to think about it.

They have something even more important.

That is to block the white night, or even defeat the white night.


Sengoku and Zefa looked at each other as if they were facing each other, and quickly attacked towards the White Night.

“Sand iron tide!”

“Blaze, Thunder!”

In the face of the attack of the two, White Night’s mind moved.

The sand and iron turned into a wave and rushed towards the two men.

At the same time, flames and lightning melted into the sand and iron waves.

This filled the pitch-black sand and iron waves with exploding thunder and fiery flames.

The attack became more violent…

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