Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 65

Chapter Sixty-Five Demon Fruit Ability!? One punch to fly!!

“Hey…… What’s going on!? ”

“Talk back! What happened to the Naval Branch! ”

“Hey, you guys…”

Sengoku, who was in the Valley of the Gods Naval Base, shouted anxiously at a phone bug.

But no matter how it was shouted, the phone bug did not move.

“Damn, damn…”

Sengoku scolded loudly, and then immediately reported to the Admiral Steel Bone.

“Report to the Air Marshal, our first line of defense has been lost!”

“The Locks Pirates have crossed the first line of defense!”

“So fast!!”

“The Locks Pirates broke through the first line of defense so quickly!”

In order to deal with the Locks Pirates, the Navy and the World Government deployed three lines of defense.

The naval branch on the island near the Valley of the Gods was the first line of defense against the attack of the Locks Pirates.

Originally, in the view of steel bones, relying on the support of the naval branch, as well as countless elite navies and characteristics of the sea tower stone shells.

Even if it is impossible to destroy the Locks Pirates, it should be able to inflict heavy damage on the Locks Pirates.

However, there is still no day before the first line of defense is actually destroyed.

How steel bone air can not be surprised.

“It was made by the ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

“He relied on his powerful ability to directly destroy the entire upside-down island!”

Zhan Chinese said solemnly.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, this guy again…”

Hearing this name, the steel bone empty is also a very headache.

Magneto White Night is obviously a new pirate, but he has extremely terrifying strength.

They have repeatedly inflicted irreparable losses on their navy.

“Let the Navy warships all attack and stop the Locks Pirates…”

“At the same time, we must also be ready for battle!”

Steel Bone Immediately gave the order.


“All the naval warships attacked to stop the Locks Pirates.”

With the order issued, countless huge naval warships appeared on the surface of the sea, rushing in the direction of the Locks Pirates.

This is the second line of defense for the Navy.

Rely on naval warships to stop the attack of the Rox Pirate Regiment, waiting for the opportunity to destroy the Pirate Regiment…

“Offense… Destroy the Locks Pirates! ”

“All artillery ready!”

“Do your best to stop the ships of the Locks Pirates…”

Countless naval warships broke through the sea and attacked the Locks Pirates not far away.

At the same time, the Locks Pirates also discovered these naval warships.

“A naval warship is found ahead!”

“That’s a lot!”

“What are you afraid of! Attack directly and let these navies see how powerful we are! ”

“That’s right, there are a lot of warships in the navy, and there are quite a few pirate regiments on our side!”

“Attack! Kill! ”

In the face of these naval warships that rushed over, the pirate regiments of the Locks Pirate Regiment not only did not fear, but rushed over one by one excitedly.

“The pirates are coming!”

“Start attacking!”

“Divide the battlefield!”

The naval warships rushed towards the Locks Pirates very cooperatively.

Each naval warship has its own mission objectives.

Among them, ordinary naval warships rushed towards ordinary pirate ships.

Pirate ships such as Whitebeard, Golden Lion, and Charlotte Lingling, the captain of the Loxban team, were all blocked by the admiral.

The pirate ship where Locks himself was located was even more blocked by the admiral.

As for the White Night, it was also the naval warships of the three admirals who blocked it.

And these three naval warships are different from ordinary naval warships.

The three naval warships did not have any metal components on them, not even artillery.

This is to counter the Magnetic Fruit ability of the White Night, a naval warship made entirely of trees.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, today is your death date!”

“That’s right, let’s end you!”

“Without steel, your abilities are useless!”

The three admirals stood on the naval battleship and said confidently, as if they had eaten the white night.

In the eyes of the three admirals, White Night is a magnetic fruit ability, which can control all steel.

With the magnetic fruit ability of steel, it can be said that it is very powerful.

And now, the three of them were riding on a special naval warship, a naval warship made entirely of trees, without a little steel.

In this way, the ‘Magneto King’ White Night will not be able to exert the ability of magnetic fruit

Those who have lost the ability of the Demon Fruit ability are like tigers without teeth, and they are simply not enough to rely on.


“It’s a laugh on me!”

Hearing the words of the three navies, White Night burst out laughing as if he had heard a joke.

“Hmmm……… What are you abominable pirates laughing at! ”

Seeing the look of white night laughing, the three admirals frowned.

“I want to kill you, do I still use the Demon Fruit ability!?”

The voice of the white night fell and disappeared in an instant.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of the three admirals.



“Kill this pirate…”

Seeing that White Night suddenly appeared in front of him, although the three admirals were startled, their reaction was also very fast, and they all clenched their fists and attacked White Night.

“Armed color solemnity!”

In the face of the attack of the three people, White Night also greeted it with one punch.

At the same time, the powerful armed color qi condensed into the fist.

“Whew……… Rumble! ”

With a loud crashing sound, a powerful shock erupted from White Night’s fist and rushed towards the three admirals.

“Bang……… Bang……… Bang…”

“Ahh……… Yes……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Three crashes, accompanied by three screams.

The three admirals screamed directly and flew out with blood in their mouths.

“What’s going on!?!”

“What just happened!”

“The admiral was actually punched by the pirates!?”

The attack of the White Night was so fast that all the navies that were fast did not react.

By the time they reacted, their commander, the Admiral, had already screamed and flew out two…

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