Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 64

Chapter Sixty-Four Destroy the World with a Wave of The Hand!!

Seeing that Whitebeard had easily destroyed countless naval defenses, countless pirate regiments all cheered.

“Look, Captain Whitebeard of the Locks Pirates has struck!”

“So strong! One blow destroyed so many of the Navy’s artillery! ”

“It’s amazing, following the Locks Pirates, and it’s right.”

“Yes! Follow the Locks Pirates and you’re sure to defeat the World Government! ”

Since Whitebeard, the captain of the Fan team, made a move, the other Fan Team captains did not hesitate in the slightest, and they also shot one after another.

“Haha, this guy With Whitebeard has attacked!”

“We can’t be left behind!”

Seeing that Whitebeard had launched an attack, the Golden Lion was not far behind, and also released his ability to flutter fruit.

“Fly in the air and attack in the sky.”

The Golden Lion slapped hard at his pirate ship.

Only to see his pirate ship fly up quickly, flying directly into the air, rushing from the air towards this naval branch.

“No, there are pirates coming from the air, fast! Shoot into the air. ”

“Definitely 120 will stop these pirates.”

“Attack! Be sure to block it. ”

The base commander of the naval branch looked at the Golden Lion Pirate Ship flying from the sky and roared loudly.

Soon, countless artillery pieces were in the sky, heading towards the golden lion.

“Double sword stream, slash.”

In the face of these naval attacks, the two long swords in the hands of the golden lion quickly cut out.

Two huge sword qi slashed through, easily blocking all the attacks of the navy.

“Boys, give me an attack!”

“Let these damn navies see how awesome we are!”

The golden lion kept swinging its slashes as it shouted at the pirates on the pirate ship.

“Yes! Captain Golden Lion”,

“Kill these navies!”

“Throw all the shells down!”

The members of the Golden Lion’s squad launched a series of attacks on the naval branch from high in the air.

Countless explosives, shells were thrown at the naval branch.

Soon, there was a loud explosion throughout the naval branch.

In the midst of the violent explosion, there were also the screams of countless navies.

Seeing that the golden lion and whitebeard had already struck, the other captains of the fan team did not hesitate in the slightest, and also attacked the naval branch.

“Napoleon, The Kingdom of Wei.”

Charlotte Lingling unleashed the Mixed Fruit ability, and the hat on her head turned into a huge sword and fell into her hand.

Charlotte Lingling waved the huge sword in her hand and slashed towards the naval branch.

“Wow……… Bang! ”

A huge sword qi, as if cutting through the sea, slammed into the naval branch.

In a series of explosions, a large number of buildings on the naval branch collapsed directly to the death of the navy, and there were countless more.

“Haha! Kill! ”

“Attack, slaughter these navies.”

“See how powerful our pirates are!”

With several captains leading the way, the Navy suffered huge losses.

Seeing the captains of the fan team who were generous and mighty, all the pirates were also full of morale, like crazy, rushing towards the naval branch.

“Resist, hold me back.”

“Destroy these pirates, and be sure to keep them out here!”

In the face of these crazy pirates, the navy also quickly counterattacked.

Soon, the entire sea, along with the entire naval branch, was turned into a chaotic battlefield.

Countless pirates rushed toward the naval branch, and countless navies constantly maneuvered their artillery and attacked the pirates.

The sound of artillery explosions and clashing swords was heard, interspersed with the cries of pirates and the screams of the navy.

“Magnetic control!”

Seeing the chaotic battlefield, the white night was not idle, and it was also added to the battlefield.

Only to see the white night quickly release a powerful magnetic force, rushing towards the island where the entire naval branch was located.

Soon, the whole island was under the control of the magnetic force of the White Night.

That is to say, everything on the whole island is now under the control of the White Night.

“Break it up for me!”

White Night’s right hand shook hard against the island.

The magnetic force that surrounds the island explodes in an instant.

Under the action of the white night magnetic force, the whole island shook, the ground began to crack, and countless cracks were spreading rapidly on the island.

Everything has a magnetic field, and the white night, which is the fruit of magnetic magnetism, can control everything by manipulating the magnetic field.

Just like now, the magnetic field of the entire island has been completely controlled.

White Night wanted to destroy the island, and it was not difficult.

The naval base commander, who was directing the battle on the island, also sensed that something was wrong and asked loudly.

“What’s going on!? What happened! ”


“Sir, it’s not an earthquake, it’s a demon fruit power!”

“This should be the ability of the ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

“He’s going to destroy our island with magnetism!”

“What are we going to do?”

Countless pirates looked at the base commander and asked with a look of trepidation.

“This…… This kind of strength is no longer something we can fight against! ”

“I want to request support!”

Seeing the pirates who were constantly rushing towards the naval branch, the base commander immediately took out a telephone bug.

“I am the 145 branch!”

“The pirates’ attack is so fierce that we can’t hold back anymore!”

“Request support, request support!”

The base commander shouted at the phone worm.

It’s just that his words are not finished.

A loud explosion struck, and the entire island shook violently.


In a series of explosions, the entire island was turned upside down, torn apart and directly disintegrated.

Like a giant firework, it exploded on the sea.

Eventually it turned into countless detritus and disappeared into the sea.

As for the navies on the island, they did not know where they had died.

“So strong! Is this the power of the ‘Magneto’ White Night!? ”

“With a wave of the hand, an island was destroyed.”

“Brothers, what are you waiting for! Offensive! ”

“Kill into the Valley of the Gods…”

Seeing the white night destroy the entire island with a wave of his hand, all the pirates were very surprised.

However, they are more excited.

With such a strong presence, they can surely enter the Valley of the Gods, destroy the world government, and get the treasures of the whole world…

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