Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 61

Chapter Sixty-One The Navy’s Second Destroying Target!!

January is slowly passing.

The News that the Rox Pirates were about to declare war on the World Government and attack the Valley of the Gods was spread in the sea.

Now all the countries on the sea, all the forces of all, all the pirate regiments, have known the news.

Of course, for the news that he had declared war on the world government and attacked the Valley of the Gods, Locks did not want to hide, nor did he intend to hide.

Locks wants to be the king of the world, and wants to destroy the world government.

Such a high-profile act is to attract the attention of the world, but also to attract more pirates to join.

Therefore, hearing this news, countless pirate groups have also taken action.

“The latest news, a month later, the Locks Pirates declared war on the World Government in the white night, and the Locks Pirates will attack the Valley of the Gods!”

“Really!? Is this true!? ”

“Of course it’s true! This was announced by Lockes himself…”

“The most powerful pirate regiment in the new world fought against the world government that existed for eight hundred years!”

“Haha! The sea is going to boil! ”

“Boys, gather me up, and we’ll go to the Valley of the Gods…”

“And us! Valley of the Gods, we pirates can’t let go! ”

“Although we are not the Locks Pirates, we are also going to attack the Valley of the Gods…”

“As long as you destroy the Valley of the Gods, you can directly attack the world government.”

“The treasure of the Draco must be in the world government!” Such an opportunity to get the treasure of the Draco people, we can’t let it go! ”

“And us!”

“We’re going too!”

Countless pirates also gathered one after another, heading in the direction of the gods.

In the eyes of these pirates, the Locks Pirates are very strong, although they are not eligible to join the Locks Pirates.

But that didn’t stop them from following the Locks Pirates.

And all the pirates are very aware that there will be a battle in the Valley of the Gods that will change the world.

For this kind of battle that bears witness to history, no pirate regiment will let go.

For a moment, the sea became chaotic.

Countless pirate regiments hold high the pirate flag and are galloping on the sea.

In the face of these arrogant pirates, if it were in peacetime, the Navy would have acted a long time ago.

But now, the Navy and the world government simply don’t have time to take care of these pirate regiments.

There are even more important things to be done for the world’s governments and navies today.

That is to deal with the Locks Pirates.

To cope with the battle of the Valley of the Gods a month later.

The Navy and the World Government continued to dispatch troops, and elite navies from all over the world were all dispatched to the vicinity of the Valley of the Gods.

The naval base near the Valley of the Gods, a member of the world government, has also entered a state of emergency, constantly building various defensive equipment.

Near the Valley of the Gods, in the nearest naval branch, countless naval high-ranking officials are all here.

“Sengoku, how is the situation?”

Marshal Steel Bone Air walked over and asked the Warring States.

“Report, Air Marshal…”

“Our naval branch is ready for battle!”

“All the shipping lanes near the Valley of the Gods have already begun to be deployed, and there is still a week to go before they can be deployed…”

Sengoku looked at the air marshal and reported loudly.

“Well, very good!”

“This time, we must destroy Locks, and we must not let go of the ‘Magneto’ White Night…”

Hearing the report of the Warring States, Steel Bone Air nodded with great satisfaction.

Eliminating Locks has become the first goal of naval operations, and the second goal has become the elimination of Magneto White Night.

Through the research and analysis of the Navy and the world government, although White Night is only a new pirate, White Night’s strength is too strong and his talent is too high.

Plus what you do during the white night.

They had no doubt that if white night were allowed to grow, white night would become a person like Lockes.

Therefore, in order to protect justice on the sea, but also to safeguard the notice of the world government.

While destroying Locks, we must also destroy the ‘Magneto’ White Night.

The ‘Magneto’ White Night must not be allowed to grow.

Be sure to stifle this threat in the cradle.

“By the way, how is the Roger Pirates now?”

At this moment, the air marshal remembered something again, and then asked.

“Hmmm……… Roger Pirates are on Wind Island near the Valley of the Gods, and there is no movement now…”…”

Sengoku continued.

“Hmmm……… Although we are to use the power of pirates…”…”

“But for pirates, be vigilant too…”

Steel Bone Continued.

“Yes……… I will keep an eye on the movements of roger pirates……”

The Warring States rushed to the scene.

“Well, keep a close eye on the Locks Pirates…”

“Report any disturbance immediately!”

Steel Bone Air gave a few more commands to the Warring States, and walked directly in the direction of the World Government…………

To fight against the Locks Pirates, it is still a bit difficult to rely on the navy alone, and it also needs the combat strength of the world government.

As a Navy Marshal, you need to coordinate the Navy and the World Government…


Since Locks announced the news of the attack on the Valley of the Gods.

The whole island became lively.

Countless pirates who were ordered all returned to the island of Hajnos.

On the originally small island, there are countless pirates gathered.

If it had been in the past, with so many pirates gathered here, it would have been inevitable that there would have been a big war.

Now, there is no pirate war, even if it is some thorns in the usual time, now it is to grasp the cultivation and improve the strength as soon as possible.

Because all of them were very aware that they were about to declare war on the world government and were about to attack the Valley of the Gods.

They need to retain their strength and prepare for the next battle.

“White Night, how are you getting ready?”

“I’m about to attack the Valley of the Gods, is there any nervousness?”

Whitebeard suddenly found White Night, and at the same time threw a barrel of wine to White Night.

White Night took the barrel, took a big sip, and then continued.

“Nervous!? What’s there to be nervous about…”…”

For a battle that already knew the ending, White Night’s mood did not fluctuate at all.

“Oh……… So what do you think of this battle! ”

Whitebeard looked at White Night’s expression and asked curiously.

“Locks will soon be dying!”

White Night said with great certainty.

“Die! Do you think Locks will fail!? ”

Whitebeard looked at The White Night with some surprise.

“How!? You’re not bullish on Locks either!? ”

Hearing White Night’s words, Whitebeard then asked.

“Roger and I have a good relationship, roger told me that the Navy is ready for combat deployment…”

“The goal of the Navy and the World Government is to wipe out Locks…”

“At the same time, the Navy attaches great importance to you, and you will be the second target of elimination.”

“Hopefully, you don’t die!”

Whitebeard finished speaking and walked off into the distance.

“Rest assured! Even if you die, I won’t die…”

Hearing the news brought by Whitebeard, White Night also felt very surprised.

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