Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 60

Chapter Sixty The Navy and Roger Unite!!

A new world, a calm sea.

Roger Pirates’ Oro Jackson is docked in this area.

It was now a long time since the battle with the White Night, but the shadow left by the White Night had not disappeared.

At the thought that White Night could read memories, their little secret was discovered by White Night.

Each of them’s face was very ugly.

“Ahh……… I see, we may have been deceived.”

Just then, Roger, who was the captain of the ship, suddenly shouted.

“Captain Roger, what’s wrong!?” What happened! ”

“What a cheat! What have we been cheated of! ”

Hearing the sudden shouting of Roger, the others asked curiously.

“Haha, we may have all been deceived by the White Night…”…”

“It is impossible to read memories at all in the white night!”

“We were frightened by this guy!”

Roger looked at the crowd with a big laugh and said.

“Won’t read memories!?”

“How could the ‘Magneto’ White Night know about the Captain and Mr. Reilly?” What the hell is going on here!? ”

Hearing Roger’s words, the others asked curiously.

“It’s no secret that I’m doing with Reilly…”

“White Night may have inadvertently learned from someone else…”

“If White Night could really read memories, we wouldn’t be able to leave so easily!”

“And White Night is not afraid that we will reveal his secrets!?”

Roger laughed and said to the others.

When White Night told the scene where he and Reilly met and that he could read the memory, Roger was also frightened.

Without saying a word, he directly led the pirate regiment to retreat, for fear of having too much contact with the white night and being read by the memory of the white night.

But these few days of thinking, how Roger thinks and how to feel that the situation is not right.

If White Night could really read memories, how could they leave so easily!

And the ability to read memories is a bit incredible.

There was only one possibility, they were all deceived by White Night, and White Night would not read the memory at all.

As for White Night’s story of himself meeting Reilly and the voyage he had just chosen, lucy, that didn’t make any sense at all.

This kind of thing is not a secret, and a little inquiry can be easily obtained.

Maybe it was these things that White Night had inadvertently learned.

Sure enough, after listening to Roger’s words, the pirates around them were also suddenly enlightened.

“Captain Roger is right, Magneto White Night doesn’t read memories at all!”

“I was thinking about how to sneak into the ship of the White Night in search of treasure, and if he could really read the memory, he wouldn’t let it go.”


“And me, I was thinking too…”

Hearing Roger’s analysis, these pirates also reacted.

Yes! The strength of the ‘Magneto’ White Night is very terrifying.

But to read the memory, it is still a bit of an exaggeration.

Moreover, each of them had bad thoughts at that time.

If White Night could really read the memories, they wouldn’t be able to leave at all.

The only explanation is that White Night doesn’t read memories at all.

They were all deceived by the ‘Magneto’ White Night.

Thinking of this, they all felt a flush.

All of them in the Pirate Regiment were actually frightened by a non-existent ability.

“We were really deceived!”

“Damn, it scared me to death!”

“All of us have been deceived!”

“Don’t let me see the White Night of Magneto…”

“I must let him know how good I am!”

Members of Roger’s pirate band said indignantly.

“Blue Blue…”…”

“Blue……… Blue………”

Just then, the phone bug in Roger’s hand suddenly rang.

“Hmmm……… Hey, I’m Roger! ”

Roger answered the phone bug.

Soon, the voice of the Warring States spread from the telephone worm.

“Roger, I’m Kacuo!”

“Karp!? Is there anything you navy is looking for me for!? ”

“Or are you not going to be a navy, you are going to join my pirate regiment!”

“I can make you my vice captain…”

Hearing that across the street was Vice Admiral Cap, Roger said jokingly.

Although the navy and pirates, like rats and cats, are sworn enemies.

But in the Navy, there are always many alternatives.

And Vice Admiral Karp is an alternative in the Navy.

While chasing Roger, Karp discovers that Roger’s Pirates are different from other pirates.

After coming and going, the two actually became friends.

Karp admires Roger the pirate very much, and Roger is also very optimistic about The Navy.

“Hmm, Roger, what the fuck are you bastard guys saying!”

“I’m the Navy!”

Karp’s annoyed voice came from the phone bug.

“Okay! Vice Admiral Karp, what are you looking for me for! ”

“I’m a pirate!”

Roger then asked.

“Roger, in a month’s time, the Locks Pirates will declare war on world governments and naval headquarters!”

“The Locks Pirates will attack the Valley of the Gods!”

“Hope you can make the right choice…”

Karp finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Then Karp asked the Warring States beside him.

“Sengoku, is there really no problem with saying this!?”

“Will Roger not understand what we mean?”

“Or I’ll just ask him to help!”

Karp asked the Warring States with some concern.

“Rest assured! Roger is a smart guy and he knows what to choose…”

“And we are the Navy, even if we seek the help of the pirates, we can’t say it explicitly!”

“Karp, there’s still a month to go, step up training!”

“We can’t pin our hopes on pirates…”

Zhan Chinese said solemnly.

“Captain Roger, whose phone bug was it?”

The members of Roger’s Pirates asked curiously.

“Yes, Kayin!”

“Karp!? What did he call you!? ”

“Yes! Wasn’t Karp a vice admiral!? ”

The others asked doubtfully.

“Hmmm……… Karp told me an intelligence! ”

“In a month’ time, the Locks Pirates will declare war on the World Government, and the Locks Pirates will attack the Valley of the Gods…”

Roger said everything in short.

“The Locks Pirates are going to declare war on the World Government!?”

“The Locks Pirates are going to attack the Valley of the Gods!?”


Hearing this news, the members of Roger’s Pirate Regiment were also very surprised and their expressions became serious.

Because he also knows very well that the Locks Pirates declared war on the world government, which is a big deal.

Things that can change the world.

However, the clever Reilly also soon discovered the deep meaning of the Navy.

“Captain, Karp told you these things, and should have wanted to invite you to join you against Locks!”

“Cooperate with the Navy, the Navy will not be a trap, deal with us!”

“Yes! Working with the Navy is too dangerous! ”

“Captain, what do you think?”

The people of Roger’s pirate group all looked toward Roger.

“Haha, of course it’s the custom of the gods!”

“How can we let go of such a battle that changes the world pattern?”

“Don’t you want to avenge this guy from ‘Magneto’ White Night!?” Roger looked at the crowd and laughed. ”

Hearing Roger’s words, the other pirates were also excited.

“The captain is right, how can we let go of such a big battle?”

“Go……… Go to the Valley of the Gods…”…”

“And the guy ‘Magneto’ White Night, who scared me to death at the time, and I want to avenge him!”


Soon, the people of Roger Pirates excitedly advanced in the direction of the Valley of the Gods…

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