Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 59

Chapter Fifty-Nine The Deployment of the Navy!!

The Locks Pirates, the most powerful pirates on the sea right now.

Its great strength, even their navy and the world government, when facing the Locks Pirates, there is no good way.

And now that they have received the news that a month later, the Locks Pirates are actually going to declare war on the world government, how can these navies not be surprised, how can they not be afraid, and have expressed their views.

Some impulsive navies suggested launching a direct attack and teaching the Locks Pirates a lesson so that they could see the power of their navy.

Some of the more timid navies recommend not to launch an attack easily, otherwise the navy will suffer a heavy blow.

Some of the more sober navies suggest that they think long-term, act together with the world government, and make arrangements in advance.

For a moment, nothing was said in the whole conference room.

The news of the sudden declaration of war by the Locks Pirates made all the navies a bit untouched and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing the chaotic navy in front of him, the air marshal sitting on the first seat frowned involuntarily.

He waved his hand at everyone, signaling all the navies to be quiet and listen to themselves first.

“The world government is ready!”

“When the time comes, all the forces of the world government will cooperate with our naval operations.”

“The Locks Pirates have become the world’s greatest threat and must be uprooted!”

“We will solve the Locks Pirates in the Valley of the Gods…”

The words of the air marshal were tantamount to fixing the needle of the sea god, and after listening to the words of the air marshal, all the navies around them settled down.

However, the clever Warring States is full of doubts about this action.

“Air Marshal, even if we join forces with the world government to solve the Locks Pirates, it will still be very difficult…”

“Now the power of Locks’ side is very strong.”

“Locks, Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Charlotte Lingling, Wang Zhi, and Magneto White Night, the strength of these Ganfan team captains is extremely terrifying.”

“And The Unknown Rocks…”

“Look at our side again.”

The Sengoku looked at all the navies in front of them.

Feeling the gaze of the Sengoku, all the navies present bowed their heads.

These navies are also very clear, and it is indeed difficult for them to deal with the captain of the Locks Pirates.

“Air Marshal, the combat strength on our side is a little insufficient…”

Sengoku said with some concern.

“Yes! Air Marshal! ”

“The members of the Locks Pirates are very strong.”

“Especially with the existence of the ‘Magneto’ White Night, we simply can’t use artillery and battleships, and the superiority of our navy is all gone!”

Zefa and Karp followed suit.

Both of them were people who had fought with White Night, so they were very aware of white night’s strength.

Even if they were cultivating desperately during this time, their strength had increased a lot

But they also didn’t think they could block the attack of the White Night.

In particular, the magnetic fruit has been developed to an extremely powerful point.

There was the magnetic fruit of the white night, the huge artillery of their navy, and the countless naval warships, all of which could not be used.

And for the current Navy, huge artillery and countless naval warships are indeed their advantages.

The inability to use artillery and naval warships invisibly weakened their naval superiority.

“Hmm! The Warring States analysis is correct. ”

“The top fighting force in the Locks Pirate Regiment is indeed far more numerous than our navy!”

“But what about it!”

“According to intelligence, the Locks Pirates are not a group in the true sense of the word, but an interest group ruled by the Power of Locks…”

“Every captain of the squad has his own ideas, and many squad leaders have shown more than once that they want to go it alone, but The strength of Rox suppresses these ideas.”

“So, I speculate.”

“As long as we solve Locks himself, this terrorist organization will surely fall apart.”

The air marshal looked at the intelligence analysis in his hand and said.

Hearing the words of the Air Marshal, all the navies present breathed a sigh of relief.

“The Air Marshal is right!”

“We don’t have to fight the entire Locks Pirates, we just have to defeat Locks!”

The Warring States listened to the words of the Air Marshal and constantly nodded their heads in affirmation.

But he soon thought of something.

“But, Air Marshal, even so!”

“With the combat strength of our navy and the world government, it is also very difficult to solve the Locks Pirate Regiment!”

“We cannot pin our hopes of victory on contradictions within the enemy! Variables…”

“And I always feel (Magneto” White Night thing we plan a warring state as a wise general, obviously think more.

Hearing the words of the Warring States, all the sea vaults present meditated again.

The Warring States were right, with their naval and world government combat strength, it was indeed difficult to deal with Locks.

If You can’t solve Locks in the first place, all the pirates will flock to you.

Steel Bone Air seemed to think of something at this time, and it was difficult to say.

“Sengoku, if you can, contact Roger.”

“But it must be kept secret.”

Although the words of the steel bone were not finished, with the wisdom of the Warring States, he quickly understood the meaning of the air marshal.

This is intended to seek the help of Roger Pirates.

“Air Marshal! Roger is a pirate! World Government over there! ”

Sengoku also frowned and said.

“You don’t have to worry about the world government, our main task now is to eliminate the Locks Pirates.”

“As for the rest, I’ll leave it all!”

Steel Bone Said in a very affirmative tone.

The navies whose duty is to eliminate pirates actually seek the help of the pirates

This word will definitely make the whole world laugh off its teeth and make the Navy lose face

However, the real people of Lohus were too strong and tired.

If there was really no way, the Navy would not seek help from the pirates.

“I see, Air Marshal!”

“I’ll contact Roger right away!”

Sengoku obviously understood this as well, and said in a dull tone.

Soon, the entire naval headquarters moved, due to the deployment of the Battle of the Locks Pirates in the next few months…

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