Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 57


In the middle of a huge square, countless pirates are gathered here, constantly cheering, constantly shouting.

“Come on, kill him!” ……”

“Kaido, slaughter him for me…”

“Let them see how powerful our White Nights team is!” ……”

“Haven’t you idiots eaten!?” I can’t even beat a newcomer! ……”

“You are also too humiliated by our Wang Zhifan team…”

“I bet a million, and Kaido will definitely win!” ……”

“Kaido is only one person, and I am still optimistic about the other pirates…”


In the middle of the crowd, a group of pirates were beating each other up.

This is really too ordinary in the Locks Pirates, and it happens very often.

Many people have long been accustomed to it, and even many people have begun to bet on it.

Among these fights, the most eye-catching is Kaido, who has just been brought by the White Night.

Kaido was originally a grumpy and moody person.

Especially drunk, he likes to play drunk and attack all the people around him.

“You guys, get me out of here!” ……”

“These wines are mine…”

“None of you are allowed to touch…”

Kaido, the hundred beasts, constantly waving with the wolf’s tooth stick, roared loudly around.

At the same time, from time to time, he grabbed a barrel and poured it into his mouth.

“Bastard, Kaido, don’t think you’re a member of the White Night Squad, you can be so arrogant!” ……”

“Lao Tzu is a member of the Golden Lion Pirate Regiment…”

“That’s right, you’re so arrogant…”

“It looks like we need to teach you a lesson!” ……”

“Let you, the newcomer, know what a senior is…”

Seeing such arrogance, Kaido, who was drunk and crazy, the pirates around him were angry.

With the improvement of White Night’s strength, White Night’s status in the Locks Pirate Regiment is very high, and the status of the corresponding White Night Fan Team has also improved.

In the Locks Pirates, except for the Whitebeard Fan Team and the Golden Lion Fan Team, the other Fan Team people did not dare to provoke the White Night Fan Team at all.

However, Kaido is only a newcomer, even if he joins the White Night’s team.

And they also had a few Golden Lion Fan Team, Whitebeard Fan Team people, there was no need to be afraid of Kaido.

Now they have to teach Kaido a lesson, the newcomer.

Let him know the rules of the Roxfan team.

“Attack, teach this little devil a lesson!” ……”

A pirate of the Golden Lion Fan Team held a sword and slashed at Kaido.

“Tear up…”

With a loud cry of friction, the long sword in the pirate’s hand slashed directly at Kaido’s body.

But to his surprise, the seemingly sharp sword slashed at Kaido’s body, leaving no scars at all, leaving only a white mark.

“What! How is this possible! ……”

Just as the pirate was being surprised, Kaido’s huge wolf-tooth rod had already smashed through.

“Boom! ……”

The pirate didn’t even have a chance to react, he just spat out blood and was smashed out.

“Damn, such a strong defense!” ……”

“Don’t be afraid! He’s only one person, and we’re on it together! ……”

Although Kaido’s strong defensive power is indeed very surprising, the pirates around them are still not afraid, relying on the advantage of the large number of people, and continue to rush kaido.

Soon, it was a scuffle.

Countless pirates attacked Kaido.

But sometimes, the number does not determine the victory of the battle.

Although the strength of these pirates is good, there is still a big gap compared to Kaido.

“Bang bang bang! ……”

“Boom! ……”

Accompanied by a series of collisions and the sound of fighting.

Before the pirates could get close, they were directly punched by Kaido.

Kaido is frantically hammering these pirates.

And the melee on Kaido’s side also immediately attracted the attention of the other captains of the fan team.

“I really didn’t expect that the strength of This little devil of Kaido was so strong!” ……”

“I knew that he had this kind of system, so I went to recruit Kaido…”

“Yes! I was picked up by this guy from White Night again…”


Golden Lion, Wang Zhi, John and others, looking at Kaido who killed all four sides in the melee, were all admired and envious.

Being able to have such a powerful subordinate will not only be much more convenient when acting in the future, but also the strength of the fan team will be improved, and the corresponding status in the Locks Pirate Regiment will also be improved.

If they had known that Kaido had such a powerful strength, they would have already taken over Kaido, and they would not have been able to turn the white night.

Among them, the most excited to see Kaido is Charlotte Lingling.

“Such a powerful physique! ……”

“Such a body is so fascinating…”

Charlotte Lingling looked at Kaido, and her eyes couldn’t help but glow with excitement.

For Charlotte Lingling, his favorite thing is to find all kinds of strong people as husbands, and then give birth to powerful children.

It can be said that in the entire Lockes Pirate Regiment, there are really few men who have not been on Charlotte Lingling.

Charlotte Lingling likes powerful men, and even more likes men with special powerful abilities.

Because this will make the offspring she gives birth to more powerful.

So, now seeing Kaido in the battlefield, Charlotte Lingling is like discovering a treasure.

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