Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 53

Just when White Night had just subdued Kaido’s little brother, on the sea not far from the White Night Pirate Ship, there was also a Pirate Ship sailing here.

And this pirate ship is the pirate regiment that has just been chased by the naval warship.

From the windward waving pirate flag on the pirate ship, it can be seen that this should be roger pirate regiment.

After the Rogers Pirates came to the New World, they did several great things, and now they are also the more famous Pirates in the New World.

It has also become an important target for the Naval Headquarters and the world government.

Today, after a naval warship spotted Roger’s pirate regiment, it directly chased after it.

“Captain, how did the pirate ship that was chasing us suddenly disappear…!”

“Yes! This pirate regiment suddenly collapsed and sank…”

“How is this way of destroying naval warships so familiar!” ……”

“I also feel very familiar…”


The members of Roger’s Pirate Regiment also looked at the collapsed and sunken naval battleship behind them with great doubt.

Roger Pirates, a group of pirates gathered in search of freedom to conquer the Great Passage.

Although it has strong strength, it will not be easy to shoot in normal times.

Even today, in the face of the pursuit of the naval warship, the Roger Pirates did not intend to fight, but chose to throw off the naval warship.

But what made the people of Roger’s Pirates strange was how they had not yet thrown off the naval battleship, how the naval warship had collapsed on its own.

“Captain, look, there’s a pirate ship in the distance again!” ……”

“Pirate Ship!? Black Flag White Night!? This is what a pirate flag, first seen! ……”

“Ah… Captain Roger, I remember, this is the Pirate Flag of the White Nights of Magneto…”

“What!? Magneto White Night!? How could he be here…”

“Damn, how did we meet this perverted demon…”

“Captain, what should we do now!” ……”


After determining that it was the pirate ship of the ‘Magneto’ White Night, everyone in Roger’s Pirate Regiment was on guard.

Some time ago, they had just seen the power of the White Night.

Changing the weather, storming the waves, harnessing thunder, destroying a hundred naval warships.

This powerful force, even if they think about it now, feel a moment of fear.

And now that they have encountered the ‘Magneto’ White Night, how can the people of Roger Pirates not be vigilant.

It was even said that there were a few timid people who were directly frightened and sat on the deck.

“Captain, let’s get out of here quickly!” ……”

“Yes! The strength of this monster is too terrifying! ……”

A few timid pirates, their voices trembling, said to Roger.

“Haha, why leave! ……”

“Since we have met, how can we see the strength of the ‘Magneto King’ White Night!” ……”

Roger looked at the pirates of the white night in the distance, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

Roger is also a pirate strong, and his strength is also very strong.

For the white night of the ‘Magneto King’ white night, Roger has long wanted to see it.

Now that it’s the White Night, how can Roger let it go.

“Full speed ahead…”

“Let’s see the power of the ‘Magneto’ White Night…”

Roger drew his sword from his waist and pointed it straight at the pirate ship of the White Night.

“Yes… Captain Roger…”

Hearing Roger’s words, vice captain Reilly and the others also showed expressions of interest on their faces.

They are also full of interest in White Night, a well-known pirate newcomer.

“Lord White Night, the pirate ship is coming in our direction…”

“As you can see through the Pirate Flag, this should be the Roger Pirate Regiment!” ……”

Xia Qi looked at the rapidly approaching pirate ship in the distance and immediately said to the white night.

“Roger Pirates!? What are they here to do!? ……”

Hearing Xia Qi’s words, White Night also looked curiously at the sea in the distance.

As a crosser, the White Night is very clear, Roger One Piece, this is the one piece that conquered the great route, with the title of ‘One Piece’.

Of course, this is a later matter.

The current Roger Pirate Regiment is just a new world, a new pirate regiment.

Roger’s pirate ship docked not far from White Night’s ship, and Roger stood on the bow of the ship, looking at White Night.

“‘Magneto’ White Nights, I’m Roger…”

Roger looked at the white night and said in a deep voice.

“Hmm! …… What’s the matter!? ……”

White Night replied in a flat tone.

Although White Night knows that Roger will become ‘One Piece’ in the future, White Night does not have any special feelings.

With the strength of White Night, it is not difficult for White Night to become One Piece.

It’s just that in the eyes of White Night, the World of Pirates is a world where power is supreme.

What pirate regiment, what conquers the great shipping route….

These are all hypocrisies.

Only one’s own strength is the most real.

“Haha, what an interesting person…”

“Let me see the strength of ‘Magneto’…”

Roger didn’t give a crap either, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

At the same time, a dark red overlord color domineering qi emerged from his body and rushed towards the white night.

“Overlord color…”

In the face of Roger’s overlord color domineering attack, White Night did not hesitate in the slightest, and also released the armed color domineering qi, and a dark red domineering qi burst out.

“Whew… Rumble! ……”

In an instant, two powerful overlord colors collided together.

The powerful Overlord Color Domineering Qi touched and formed a powerful impact, which spread rapidly around.

The first to bear the brunt were the pirates around them.

Some of the weaker pirates directly fainted.

“What a horror! ……”

“What power is this!? ……”

“Is this the mighty one on the sea!?” ……”

Kaido, who had just joined the White Night Fan Team, saw the domineering attack of the Overlord for the first time, and now he was also frightened.

In the past, Kaido relied on a strong physique to fight, and he didn’t know at all that there was such a thing as domineering in the sea.

The first time he faced the domineering attack of the Overlord, Kaido was not stunned, and it was already a good thing.

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