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Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 51

“Bang… Bang…… Bang…”

“Boom… Rumble…… Rumble! ……”

Every time White Night’s domineering fist fell, it would erupt into a powerful impact.

Every burst of shock would send Kaido flying out.

Soon, Kaido was swollen by the blue nose of the White Night Blaster.

But every time Kaido, who spat out blood and flew out, he got up from the ground like no one else and rushed towards the white night again.

Seeing the hundred beasts Kaido’s powerful ability to resist blows, all the pirates around them exclaimed.

“This little devil actually resisted beating like this…”

“It’s such a strong defense!” ……”

“Yes! This powerful defensive ability is simply the same as Captain Lingling! ……”

“No wonder Captain White Night would come and invite him personally!” ……”


For the strength of the White Night, the members of these teams are very clear.

The strength of the White Night, they had already seen it, was simply not something that these ordinary pirates could fight against.

And now, this little ghost named Kaido in front of me.

Not only can you attack like no one under the attack of the White Night.

How could these pirates not be surprised! How can it feel unexpected.

Seeing Kaido’s strong defensive ability, these pirates couldn’t help but think of Charlotte Lingling of the Locks Pirates.

Charlotte Lingling has a special strong defensive system.

Even in the midst of a rain of bullets, it could not bring her the slightest scar.

“Hey, Kaido, do you still want to attack!” ……”

“If you keep attacking, you’re probably going to die!” ……”

White Night looked at Kaido, who had a blue nose and swollen face at this time, and said.

Although Kaido has a special system, his defense and ability to resist blows are very strong.

But even the most powerful defense is also online.

If White Night continued to attack like this, it would not be difficult to kill Kaido.

“Cough cough… Damn, I’m not going to concede defeat…”

Hearing the words of the white night, Kaido still had no intention of giving up, and his face was still full of unruly expressions.

Just when he was carrying the wolf’s tooth stick and planning to continue attacking the white night.


Kaido’s stomach suddenly rang out, and the roar of hunger reached everyone’s ears.

“Haha… Are you guy hungry!? ……”

White Night looked at Kaido, who was holding his stomach, and smiled.

“Well, I’ll go find a naval branch first, and when I’m full, I’ll fight you!” ……”

Kaido blushed and said, holding his hungry stomach and leaving here, looking for a place to eat.

And Kaido’s search for a way to eat is also very simple and crisp.

Go directly to the naval branch to cast a net, and then flee from the naval branch when you are full.

“Haha, if you want to eat, why go to the naval branch…”

“I invite you! ……”

White Night stopped Kaido, who wanted to leave, and then said to Xia Qi, who was not far away.

“Xia Qi, prepare the food right away…”

“I’m going to have a good meal with Kaido…”

“Yes… Lord of the White Nights…”

Hearing this, Xia Qi immediately commanded the pirates around him to get busy.

Soon, countless huge roasts, delicacies, and drinks were delivered to White Night and Kaido.

“Wow… Lots of food! ……”

“Did you really invite me to eat!?” ……”

Kaido looked at White Night and asked.

“Of course, eat as much as you want!” ……”

White Night looked at Kaido and said.

“Then I’m not going to be rude…”

Hearing the words of the white night, Kaido rushed straight up and ate a huge piece of roast meat.

Although Kaido’s physique is very special, his defense and ability to resist blows are very strong.

But correspondingly, his appetite is also very strong.

Ordinary places simply make him hungry.

Otherwise, Kaido wouldn’t have thrown himself into the net to rub rice in the naval branch.

“Haha… Kaido little devil, don’t eat so fast…”

“We don’t lack food…”

“Eat as much as you want…”


Seeing where Kaido was wolfing down, looking like a hungry ghost reincarnated, all the pirates around them laughed.

Through the battle just now, seeing that he had been beaten by the White Night Storm for so long, Kaido was not dead.

These pirates have basically identified with Kaido.

Even if it is a white night, it is very funny to see Kaido in front of you.

Now Kaido is still a little ghost, and he does not have the majesty and cruelty of the four emperors in the future.

So, now Kaido is still a humble man.

“Hey, what are you drinking!” ……”

Kaido, who had eaten wildly, noticed the wine glasses in the hands of many pirates.

“It’s fine wine, how come you haven’t drunk it!?” ……”

The pirates swung their glasses and asked Kaido.

“Wine!? What is this!? ……”

“I’m going to drink too…”

Kaido was sold to the world government by the kingdom as a teenager.

Immediately after that, there is a fleeing, a constant wandering, and a precarious life every day.

As a result, Kaido had never drunk wine at all, and he didn’t know what it was.

“Haha little devil, want to drink!?” Give him a barrel of wine…”

“Look at how much this little devil is drinking…”

Immediately, a pirate moved a barrel of wine and delivered it to Kaido.

“Is this wine!?” ……”

Curious Kaido poured a glass of wine and drank it.

“Wow… Is this wine!? ……”

“It was so cool! ……”

After taking a sip of wine, Kaido was immediately attracted by the taste.

Directly carry the barrel and pour it up.

“Gollum… Boom! ……”

Soon, Kaido had poured down a bucket of wine, and Kaido’s face was flushed and his body was shaking.

“Wine, it’s so delicious…”

“Give me wine, I’ll drink!” ……”

“You guys, get me wine right away…”

The drunken Kaido, shaking his body, shouted loudly while wielding a huge wolf’s tooth stick and attacking indiscriminately.

Some of the pirates around them who couldn’t dodge were directly hit by Kaido’s wolf’s fangs and flew out.

“Bastard, what are you doing with this little devil!” ……”

“You’re playing drunkard!” ……”

“Give me honesty…”

Seeing Kaido’s appearance, several pirates rushed up and tried to control Kaido.

But unfortunately, before they could get close to Kaido, they were directly hit by Kaido and flew out.

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