Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 50

Seeing the sudden appearance of the white night, the young Kaido could not help but be stunned.

“Are you also a pirate on this island!?” ……”

“No… I’m not from this island, I’m the captain of the Locks Pirates…”

“Do you want to join my team…”

White Night looked at Kaido in front of him and said invitingly.

“Join your fan team!?” ……”

“What is this thing! ……”

“No matter what, since you are a pirate, let me see your power first!” ……”

Kaido looked at the white night with a pair of eyes and waved the huge wolf’s tooth stick in his hand.

Hearing that Kaido was going to challenge White Night, the pirates of the White Night Team around them all burst out laughing.

“Haha, what did I hear! ……”

“It’s so funny, this little devil actually dared to challenge Captain White Night…”

“Yes! Captain White Night is Magneto, a pirate with a bounty of 2 billion! ……”

“No one can block the attack of the Lord of the White Nights!” ……”

“I think this little devil should be looking for death, we may have to run in vain!” ……”

“Yes! ……”

These pirates are all selected by White Night through attacks.

They were all very aware of the horrors of the White Night’s power.

Therefore, now seeing that Kaido, the little devil, is actually going to challenge the White Night, all of them feel very funny.

This is simply looking for death!?

“Oh, want to challenge me!?” ……”

“I’ll give you a chance to challenge me…”

Seeing Kaido rushing over, the corners of White Night’s mouth couldn’t help but smile.

White Night was also very curious about the strength of the Hundred Beasts Kaido now.

Hearing the laughter around him, Kaido’s face turned red and his heart became very irritable.

He didn’t think much of it, and directly waved the huge wolf tooth stick in his hand and rushed towards the white night.

“Give me to die!” ……”

Don’t look at the Hundred Beasts Kaido is very young, but in order to become the Fourth Emperor, now his strength cannot be underestimated.

The huge wolf’s tooth rod slammed violently towards the white night with a powerful momentum.

“Armed colors! ……”

In the face of Kaido’s attack, White Night did not use the magnetic fruit power, only the armed color domineering.


With a loud crashing sound, kaido’s wolf tooth rod struck a violent blow, and it was directly grabbed by the white night in his hand.

“What!? ……”

“How is this possible! ……”

Seeing that White Night had easily blocked his own attack, Kaido’s face showed a surprised expression.

For the first time since he had wandered the sea, Kaido had seen someone so easily block his attack.

“Nothing is impossible! ……”

“Your strength is too weak now!” ……”

As soon as White Night pressed hard, the Wolf’s Tooth Rod, along with Kaido, was directly thrown out by White Night.

“Boom! ……”

A series of impacts sounded, and the Hundred Beast Kaido flew straight out and crashed into the building.

The huge force directly caused the building to shatter, and countless buildings collapsed, directly burying Kaido.

“Hey, are you dead!” ……”

White Night shouted loudly at the ruins.

Moments later, countless rubble pushed open and Kaido crawled out of the rubble.

But what is strange is that although Kaido’s clothes are torn, there is no scar on his body.

“Hmmm… Actually injured!? ……”

“Is this Kaido’s special physique!?” ……”

For his own attack, White Night was very clear.

Although White Night did not have a dead hand, with White Night’s current strength, no one could stop it.

And Kaido, the little devil now, did not use domineering, only relying on his own body, he blocked his own attack.

It seems that Kaido also has a very special physique, otherwise he would not have been executed by the Navy more than 40 times in the future.

Kaido crawled out of the rubble, and there was no fear on his face, but a feverish expression.

“Great, so good! ……”

“I finally met the strong! ……”

The excited Hundred Beast Kaido once again raised the huge wolf’s tooth stick and rushed towards the white night.

Kaido is a fighting maniac who loves to fight.

At the age of 10, he became the strongest warrior in the Kingdom of Woka.

It’s just that his strength is too strong, and every time he fights, his wolf’s tooth stick can easily defeat the enemy, making him lose the fun of fighting.

It is precisely because of this that he will go all over the world looking for pirates to fight.

But it was a pity that the strong people he encountered were also too weak.

No one could block his attack at all.

This made Kaido feel very bored, very boring.

Just as he thought so, he was knocked out by the white night, and Kaido not only did not have any anger, but was excited.

Finally met the strong, he can fight as much as he wants.

“Roar… Give me to die! ……”

Kaido roared angrily, raised the wolf’s tooth stick in his hand, and attacked the white night again.

In the face of Kaido’s attack, White Night once again used his armed color domineering spirit to attack Kaido.

Moreover, after knowing that Kaido’s powerful ability to resist blows, this time the attack of the White Night was no longer left.

The powerful armed color domineering qi condensed into the fist, and it was a punch to the chest of Kaido’s body.

“Bang… Poof…”

With a loud crashing sound, White Night’s fist slammed into Kaido’s chest.

Suffering such a huge attack, Kaido spat out blood and flew out backwards, and then slammed into the ground.

“Erm… I won’t push too hard! ……”

“Smash Kaido to death!” ……”

White Night thought with some concern.

But White Night’s worries were clearly superfluous.

Kaido, who spat out blood and flew out, first got up from the ground like no one else, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and continued to hold the wolf’s tooth stick and rush towards the white night.

“Oh… You can also attack! ……”

“It was so interesting! ……”

Seeing Kaido rushing towards him again, White Night did not hesitate in the slightest and continued to attack the Hundred Beasts Kaido.

“Bang… Bang…… Bang…”

Soon White Night and Kaido meleeed.

It is said that White Night and Kaido fight, but most of the time it is White Night who beats Kaido violently.

Kaido is being hammered by various blasts in the White Nights.

Although Kaido has a special physique, he is very resistant to beatings.

But now Kaido one will not be domineering, and the second will not move.

Now, apart from being beaten, there is no other ability to fight back.

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