Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 43

The present New World has not yet reached the era of the bounty explosion in the future.

Therefore, the bounties of pirates are now real existence.

One bounty, one strength.

Pirates with bounties of more than 100 million yuan are already considered sea thieves.

As for the bounty of one billion, this is already the existence of the top of the new world.

Even the current Locks, as the captain of the most powerful pirate ship now, the bounty is only a few billion.

As for Whitebeard and Golden Lion, the two of them are the most powerful captains in the Locks Pirates, and the bounty is only more than a billion.

As for charlotte Lingling, John, and Wang Zhi, who are relatively weak, the bounty is only seven or eight billion.

Therefore, in the eyes of these people, White Night is just a new pirate, even if he robs the heavenly gold, the bounty should not exceed one billion.

“Daddy, the bounty for the White Nights of Magneto is not a billion…”

Marko looked at the bounty of the White Night, saw the numbers on it, and said in disbelief.

“Oh!? Didn’t reach a billion!? That’s seven or eight billion! ……”

“For White Night, a new pirate, it is very rare to be able to get a bounty of seven or eight billion…”

Whitebeard took a big sip of wine and couldn’t help but say.

“No… The bounty for white nights is not seven or eight billion…”

Marko continued.

“Not even eight hundred million!?” The Navy actually despised the White Night like this! ……”

Whitebeard said somewhat unexpectedly.

In Whitebeard’s view, with the strength of White Night and the act of winning the heavenly gold, it should not be a problem to get a bounty of 800 million.

“Father, the Navy did not despise the White Night…”

“The new bounty for White Nights now is 2 billion…”

Marko looked at the series of numbers on the wanted list, several times in a row, and then said with great certainty.

“Marco, what are you talking about! ……”

“2 billion!? Bounty of $2 billion!? How is this possible! ……”

“Your eyes can’t be wrong!” ……”

Hearing this bounty, the first person to react was the Golden Lion.

The Golden Lion snatched the White Night Wanted Notice from Marco’s hand and looked at it.

When you see the bounty on the White Night on the wanted list is really a bounty of $2 billion.

The golden lion’s face couldn’t stop showing a surprised expression.

“How is this possible!? It’s really a bounty of $2 billion! ……”

“What did this guy do on white nights!?” How could you get such a high bounty! ……”

“Even if you take the Heavenly Gold and kill the Heavenly Dragon People, you won’t be able to get a bounty of 2 billion!” ……”


The Golden Lion had to be surprised.

You know, as the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment.

The Golden Lion also robbed The Heavenly Gold, killed the Draco, and even destroyed the naval headquarters and killed countless navies.

But even so, the Golden Lion is only a billion yuan now.

And White Night, the new pirate, actually got a bounty of 2 billion.

At once, it exceeded his years of effort, how could the Golden Lion not be surprised.

“2 billion!? It’s really a bounty of $2 billion! ……”

“That’s an exaggeration! ……”

“Isn’t White Night a newcomer to pirates!?” How could I get a bounty of $2 billion! ……”

“These guys from the world government won’t be blind!” ……”

“This bounty has surpassed all of us…”

Not only was the Golden Lion very surprised.

Even Charlotte Lingling, John, and Wang Zhi were surprised to see the 2 billion bounty of white nights.

The three of them are the captains of the Locks Pirates, and now they only have a bounty of seven or eight billion.

And White Night got a bounty of 2 billion.

In other words, the bounty of the White Night was close to catching up with the bounty of the three of them.

“Daddy, there’s a copy of White Night’s intelligence here!” ……”

“This is flowing from roger pirates! ……”

“White Night and a hundred naval warships encountered on the sea, along with three admirals, Zefa, Sengoku, and Kapu…”

“Relying on the powerful force, the White Night directly changed the weather and set off terrifying waves…”

“Defeated the admiral, destroyed a hundred naval warships, and calmly left…”

Marko took out a piece of information again and said to the crowd.

“What!? Destroyed a hundred naval warships in one person!? ……”

“What are you kidding!? How is this possible! ……”

“Change the weather!? Control of the Thunder!? ……”

“Has the strength of this guy in white night reached this point!?” ……”


Hearing this, the faces of golden lions and Charlotte Lingling could not stop showing disbelief.

Even Whitebeard’s face showed a look of surprise.

You know, a hundred naval warships, this is an extremely powerful force.

Even if they were the captains of the squad, facing so many naval warships, they could only escape.

And now, White Night had single-handedly destroyed a hundred naval warships.

How could they not be surprised.

“Ku grinned!’ Magneto ‘White Nights…”

“I really didn’t expect that this guy of the White Night would actually reach such a point…”

Although Whitebeard is very optimistic about White Night, he believes that White Night has a very broad future and will definitely become a powerful pirate.

However, he didn’t even think that the rise of the White Night would inevitably be too fast!

Directly destroyed a hundred naval warships and received a bounty of 2 billion.

Just when all the captains of the squad were being surprised, a pirate ship suddenly appeared on the sea in the distance.

“Wow, look, there’s a pirate ship approaching…”

“It’s the Pirate Ship of the ‘Magneto’ White Night!” ……”

“It must be the ‘Magneto’ White Night that has returned…”


Just then, one of the pirates suddenly shouted.

Hearing the sound of this pirate, all the pirates boiled up and rushed in the direction of the dock.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

The white night destroyed the snatching of heavenly gold, killed the Draco, and destroyed a hundred naval warships, and the news has spread in the Locks Pirate Regiment.

These pirates also want to see the style of the white night of ‘Magneto’.

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