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Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 4

“Little devil, you’d better give me an explanation…”

“Otherwise, I’ll let you know the cruelty of my silver axe…”

Silver Axe stared angrily at the white night with a pair of eyes and gritted his teeth.

“Silver Axe!? Never heard of it! ……”

“Don’t bother me looking at beauty…”

White Night directly ignored the angry silver axe and still said very dismissively.

Although White Night is now a pirate, he does have plans to join the Locks Pirates.

However, White Night did not intend to be the hand of this silver axe.

As a crosser, White Night is very clear, and now the strongest of the Locks Pirates should be Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Charlotte Lingling and others.

In the future, these few of them will also become the legendary sea thief, the four emperors of the new world.

As for this silver axe, there was no name for him in the future sea, and at first glance it was a little minion who didn’t know where he died.

Since it was a small minion, White Night was certainly not interested.

“This guy!? He dared to talk to lord silver axe like this…”

“This pirate newcomer is also too arrogant!” ……”

“Isn’t he looking for death!?” ……”

“Lord Silver Axe is going to be angry, how terrible!” Let’s hurry up and leave! ……”


Seeing the white night so arrogant, such a disregard for the silver axe, the pirates around them were also shocked.

One by one, quickly escape from here.

Because they could already imagine that the Silver Axe Lord would soon become angry.

The angry Silver Axe Lord is very terrifying, not something they can fight.

They don’t want to be affected.

“You odious little devil! ……”

“Give me to die!” ……”

Seeing that White Night had ignored himself three or four times, silver axe directly became furious.

Seeing the silver axe in his hand, the axe that fell on the ground fell directly into his hands, and then his hands were forced.

The huge axe slashed violently towards the white night with great momentum.

“Magnetic fruit…”

In the face of this fierce blow, White Night also immediately used the power of the Magnetic Fruit.

Powerful magnetic forces directly controlled the huge axe in the hands of the Silver Axe.

The attack of the Silver Axe also stopped abruptly.

“Is this your Demon Fruit ability!?” ……”

“Break it to me…”

Feeling that his weapon was controlled by the White Night, the Silver Axe didn’t think much of it, and continued to exert force, trying to break through the White Night’s Demon Fruit ability.

But is the Devil Fruit of the White Night so easily broken!?

Obviously not.

Under this gold finger of the game system, White Night’s mastery of the ability of magnetic fruits has reached a very deep point.

More importantly, the Magnetic Fruit itself has a significant ability to restrain various steel weapons.

Any metal weapon, in the face of the magnetic fruit, is useless.

Now, the Silver Axe is holding a huge weapon in his hand, wearing metal armor to find trouble in the White Night, isn’t this coming to send him to death!?

“Ah… Damn, what’s going on! ……”

“How could this little devil’s ability be so powerful!” ……”

The Silver Axe roared angrily, and the muscles of his whole body exploded, and even the armed color domineering qi was used.

But the huge axe in his hand just didn’t move a bit.

Although, the Silver Axe had long known that the ability of the White Night was the magnetic fruit, and had a great ability to restrain metal.

But the Silver Axe didn’t pay attention to it at all.

White Night is only a newcomer to the pirates in the end, and he is the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment.

Isn’t the captain of the Locks Pirates, not the opponent of the new pirate of White Night!?

But the Silver Axe never expected that the Magnetic Fruit Ability of the White Night was so powerful.

In front of the white night, he couldn’t attack in the slightest.

“Is this your power!!? ……”

“You are indeed a little minion of the Locks Pirates…”

White Night looked at the silver axe and shook his head, waving his hand at the same time.

Only to see the silver axe that was originally parked there, the whole person flew out like a cannonball.


The huge size directly broke through the wall of the bar and smashed a large pit in the ground.

However, the Silver Axe can become the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment, although not as good as Whitebeard, Golden Lion and others, but also has a little strength.

Although the White Night directly flew the Silver Axe, the Silver Axe did not die.

“Damn little devil…”

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you…”

The silver axe crawled out of the pit with his face covered in blood, and his face was directly distorted because of anger.

The captain of his own Rox Pirate Regiment was actually beaten out by a new pirate.

It is intolerable and intolerable.

Now he had only one thought, and that was to slaughter the white night.


The angry silver axe roared angrily, taking a heavy step, holding a huge axe in his hand, and attacking the white night again.

But did his attack really work!?

Obviously not.

“I’m not interested in you!” ……”

White Night shook the silver axe that rushed over with his right hand, and a powerful magnetic fruit was released.


The huge axe in the silver axe’s hand directly shattered and turned into debris.

At the same time, the armor of his whole body also directly cracked.

But these broken metals did not scatter, but continued to be controlled by the white night, heading towards the entire package of the silver axe.

Soon, the silver axe turned directly into an iron ball.

“You can roll! ……”

Then White Night’s right hand was thrown into the distance.


In a scream, the white night, which had turned into an iron ball, flew directly and disappeared into the sky.

[Ding, magnetic fruit cultivation progress increased by 0.5%…].

This is the use of the Golden Finger of White Nights, the game system.

As long as you keep fighting and cultivating, you can quickly improve your ability.

“How did you increase your cultivation progress by 0.5%?” ……”

“Sure enough, it’s a piece of garbage…”

Seeing the prompt of the system, White Night said with great disappointment.

Then the white night continued to look at the dancers in the bar.

“Hey, what are you doing?” ……”

“Keep punching, keep dancing…”

As the sound of the white night fell, these pirates who were still stunned were suddenly in an uproar.

The whole bar was once again in a frenzy.

It was as if he had not been disturbed by the arrival of the Silver Axe at all.

“Oh my God! What I saw! ……”

“‘Magneto’ White Night defeated the Silver Axe Lord! Isn’t that true!? ……”

“It’s unbelievable, Lord Silver Axe is the captain of the Locks Pirates…”

“The strength of ‘Magneto’ is so strong…”

“‘Magneto’ is so handsome, I want to be Magneto’s woman…”


In the midst of the revelry, all the pirates in the whole bar, all looked at the white night with adoration.

There were a few women who directly threw themselves into the arms of the white night.

White Night suddenly embraced left and right, a catwoman on the left, a rabbit girl on the right, and a fox girl in the middle….

One Piece World is a strength-first strength.

As long as you have great strength, you can get together.

As for the weak, there is only dependence on the strong.

And now, White Night had directly defeated the captain of the Silver Axe Fan Team of the Locks Pirates, and was undoubtedly a strong man.

As a strong man, you can naturally enjoy everything.


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