Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 37

“Boom… Rumble…”

There was another loud crash, and a powerful shock erupted.

White Night and Sengoku, Zefa, and Karp all retreated quickly because of the powerful shock.

White Night levitated in midair by magnetic force, breathlessly watching the three Kapu, Sengoku, and Zefa who had fallen onto the naval battleship.

“Whew… Is this the combat power of the future admiral!? ……”

After some fighting, White Night’s physical strength was now also seriously depleted.

What’s more, the White Night is now one against three, and now it is about to reach its limit.

This can be said to be the most difficult battle since White Night got the magnetic fruit.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, you can’t run away!” ……”

“For the sake of justice on the sea, we must destroy you today…”

Sengoku and Zefa were also breathless and sweaty.

As for Karp, although he didn’t say anything, his clenched fists also showed their attitude.

Similarly, after some fighting, the physical strength of the three of them was also severely depleted.

However, for the sake of naval justice, in order to eliminate the pirate of the White Night, the three of them had no intention of retreating.

At the same time, the naval warships and countless navies around them were also waiting in strict formation, absolutely not giving the white night any chance to escape.

It can be said that the current Navy has completely occupied an absolute advantage.

“Haha, want to catch me…”

“It depends on your ability…”

Faced with the threat of the Navy, the White Night did not have any fear, but looked into the sky.

“Hmmm… Almost! ……”

White Night looked at the rapidly condensing dark clouds in the sky, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but smile.

At the time of the battle just now, the White Night relied on the fruits of magnetism and released countless flames.

The blazing flames kept bombarding the sea.

Countless seawater evaporated and condensed into the sky, forming a large dark cloud.

And now, it is intended to rely on this dark cloud to defeat the Navy.

“Hmmm… Almost!? What’s almost over!? ……”

Hearing the words of the white night and seeing the expression of the white night, the Warring States frowned.

What is this hateful pirate of White Night going to do!?

Is there anything else I don’t pay attention to!?

Before making a plan, the Warring States had thought about many aspects and taken into account all possible situations.

The Warring States did not believe that under the siege of hundreds of naval warships, White Night could still escape safely.

“Warring States, I suddenly have a bad premonition…”

Seeing Bai Ye’s confident smile, Zefa frowned and said to Sengoku.

“Is there still a backhand in the white night…”

“But there’s nothing here…”

“There is no trace of the Locks Pirates on the sea in the distance! ……”

Sengoku frowned and carefully looked at the surrounding environment.

Now that everything around them was completely blocked by the Navy, the Warring States really couldn’t think of how the White Night would escape.

“Whatever he is!?” ……”

“Let’s solve him first, so as not to have too many dreams in the night!” ……”

Karp clenched his fists and said to the two men.

Just when the Warring States, Karp and Zefa were wondering.

The white night suddenly flew rapidly towards the sky.

“What is he going to do!” ……”

“Everybody be vigilant…”

Seeing the action of the white night, the Warring States shouted loudly, and all the navies were also vigilant and ready for battle at any time.

“White Night, what is this going to do!” ……”

“Is he going to run away alone…”

Not only were these navies very confused, but even the little crane who was on the White Night Pirate Ship was now very puzzled when he saw the behavior of the White Night.

With hundreds of naval warships, coupled with the powerful combat power of the three navies of the Warring States, Karp and Zefa, White Night can be said to have been completely surrounded.

Even Xiao He really couldn’t think of how White Night should solve this dilemma.

The Roger Pirates who were secretly watching the battle from a distance saw the situation at this time and were also very unsightly about the white night.

“Captain Roger… It seems that this ‘Magneto’ white night is going to work! ……”

“Yes! That’s Karp, Sengoku and Zefa…”

“Although they are only lieutenant generals, their strength cannot be underestimated!” ……”


As the current rising star of the Pirates, roger the Pirates have also fought against the three of them many times.

Therefore, they are very aware of the strength of the three people.

Now see White Night surrounded by Kapu’s trio, surrounded by hundreds of naval warships.

How to see the ‘Magneto King’ white night is in a desperate situation, there is no chance of victory at all.

In the midst of everyone’s incomprehensible gaze, The white night’s body quickly lifted up and flew all the way to the bottom of the dark clouds in the sky.

“Navy, are you ready to die!?” ……”

As the sound of the white night fell, a powerful magnetic force erupted from the body of the white night.

Powerful magnetic forces poured directly into the clouds.

“Click… Thundered! ……”

Under the powerful magnetic force, lightning and thunder suddenly flashed in the dark clouds, and the thunder and thunder were condensing in the dark clouds.

Dark clouds are made up of countless water vapors, and within the water vapor there are countless positive and negative charges.

In normal times, these charges in the dark clouds will remain balanced and nothing will happen.

But in certain cases, these charges in the dark clouds will collide, eventually triggering lightning and forming a storm.

And now the white night relies on the ability of the magnetic fruit to directly disrupt the balance in the dark clouds.

It triggered thunder in the clouds.

“Click… Thundered! ……”

Countless azure thunderbolts were rolling through the clouds, thundering and rolling.

“Whew… Whoops…”

With the rolling of thunder in the sky, a fierce wind blew above the sea.

The wind is getting faster and faster, and the power of the wind is getting stronger and stronger.

“Whoops… Hula…”

The fierce winds stirred up the sea, forming a series of huge waves.

The waves grew larger and stronger with the strong wind, and soon turned into a wave of more than ten meters.

The whole sea was already completely boiling.

The sky was filled with dark clouds, lightning and thunder, and thunder rolled.

Above the sea, the wind is fierce and the waves are rough.

The sea, which had just been calm, suddenly turned into a terrifying wave.

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