Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 34

“Not good, evacuate!” ……”

“He’s ‘Magneto’ White Night! ……”

Seeing the White Night appear here, the members of these CP0 organizations were horrified.

“Quick, leave with the Draco right away!” ……”

“Everyone else, stop the white night together…”

The captain of the cp0 members looked shocked and hurriedly said to the cp0 members who had caught the Draco.

As members of the CP0 organization, they are all about protecting the Draco.

Therefore, the members of these CP0 organizations should give priority to the safety of the Draco people.

“Yes… Captain…”

Hearing the order of his captain, the members of this CP0 organization did not hesitate in the slightest, immediately grabbed the Draco, stepped on the moon step, and ran towards the ship of the World Government.

As for the members of the other CP0 organizations, they all attacked the White Night.

“Type SIX, finger gun…”

“Six-style, Arashi foot…”

“Six-type, iron block change…”


In the face of the attacks of these CP0 organization members, the corners of the mouth of the white night disdain some.

“Roll it all!” ……”

“Shen Luo Tianzheng…”

A powerful magnetic force suddenly erupted from White Night’s body.

The strong magnetic force is the same as the magnetic field properties on the members of these cp0 tissues.

The same sex repulsed, and in an instant a powerful repulsive force burst out.

“Bang… Bang…… Bang…”

“Ah… Yes…… Ahhh…”

In a scream, these cp0 members directly spat out blood and flew out, falling directly into the sea one by one.

“And you! ……”

“Give me death too!” ……”

After solving the members of these CP0 organizations, White Night looked at the CP0 member who was running away.

“Super electromagnetic cannon…”

As soon as The White Night’s mind moved, a gold coin suddenly turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the member of cp0.

When the coin was about to hit the cp0 member, a black shadow suddenly appeared and blocked the member of the cp0 organization.

“Iron Fist…”

“Boom! ……”

A sandbag-like fist collided with the attack of the White Night, emitting a huge explosion, and the attack of the White Night was directly destroyed.

Taking advantage of this time, the cp0 member and the Draco also landed safely on the ship of the world government.


That’s right, the man who blocked the attack of the White Night was the future naval hero Karp.

However, the current Karp is only a vice admiral and has not yet won the title of ‘Naval Hero’.

However, relying on the powerful armed color domineering, the current Karp has also gained the name of ‘Iron Fist’.

At this time, sengoku and Zefa also rushed over immediately, also blocking the front of the white night.

“White Night, there we are, today you don’t want to hurt the Draco…”

Sengoku looked at Bai Ye and said in a very firm tone.

“That’s right, White Night, I must defeat you today…”

Zefa also clenched his fists and looked at the white night with a serious look.

When they heard the actions of the members of the CP0 organization, the three of them did not hesitate in the slightest and immediately rushed over.

Because they are very clear that the strength of White Night is very strong, these cp0 members are not white night opponents at all.

Sure enough, when they rushed over, they just saw that all the members of cp0 had been defeated by the White Night.

At the same time, there is also a member of the cp0 organization who is grabbing the Draco and escaping, who is being hunted down by the White Night.

Karp struck decisively, blocking White Night’s attack and saving the cp0 member and the Draco.

“Haha, I want to kill people, no one can stop …”

Seeing the Warring States that stopped them, Kapu and Zefa trio, the corners of White Night’s mouth smiled.

At the same time, White Night shook the retreating World Government battleship in the distance.

“Click! ……”

A loud crushing sound saw the battleship of the world government twisting rapidly and constantly cracking.

Soon, the entire world government warship directly turned into a ball of scrap iron, and then quickly sank into the sea.

As for the members of cp0 and the Draco on the ship, they could not die again, who had long since died.

“You… You damned fellow…”

Seeing that White Night destroyed the warships of the World Government in front of them and killed the Draco, whether it was the Warring States, Kapu or Zefa, the faces of the three people were very ugly.

“Warring States, is he the ‘Magneto’ White Night!?” ……”

“It’s really hard! ……”

Seeing the attack of the White Night, Karp said with a solemn face.

Although White Night only shot once, Karp also saw that White Night was very skilled in developing his own abilities.

“That’s right, he’s the ‘Magneto’ White Night, and his ability is the Magneto Fruit!” ……”

Sengoku looked at the white night and said very ugly.

You must know that the main goal of the Warring States action this time is to save the Draco and regain the Heavenly Gold.

And now, White Night had killed the Draco directly in front of them, which meant that their plan had already failed halfway before it had even begun.

“Okay, now it’s your turn…”

Easily solving the Draco, White Night looked towards the Warring States, Karp and Zefa.

As a crosser, The White Night is very clear, and the three people in front of them are the absolute backbone of the future of the Navy.

It’s still very exciting to be able to play against the three of them.

More importantly, however, White Night can quickly improve the proficiency of various abilities by fighting with them.

“Attack! ……”

“Let’s go together! ……”

“Solve him! ……”

Sengoku, Kapu, and Zefa looked at each other and attacked the White Night at the same time.

“Iron Fist! ……”

The fastest speed was Kapu, only to see Kapu’s body instantly appear in front of the White Night, condensing a powerful and domineering punch, and violently attacking the White Night.

“Good to be here! ……”

“Strength enhancement, armed color domineering!” ……”

In the face of Karp’s attack, White Night did not dodge, and also met it with a punch.

“Bang… Boom…”

The two fists collided together, and a powerful shock erupted from the collision of the two fists.

A powerful shock bombarded the surface of the sea, setting off a huge wave.

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