Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 3

A great storm began around the white night.

As for where the White Nights are!?

At this time, after a day of cultivation, the white night came to an irregular bar.

“Take it off for me…”

“Work harder! ……”

“What Lao Tzu has is money!” ……”

“Little beauty, smile…”


Countless pirates waved the bills in their hands, their eyes like wolves, staring at the dancing girls on the dance floor.

Even if it is a white night sitting in a corner, it is a glass of wine, watching these dancing beauties with great interest.

In the world of One Piece, there are countless strange races, such as Fishman, Catwoman, Fox Girl, Rabbit Girl… Wait a minute.

In the past life, all kinds of erotic beauties that can only be seen in the world of One Piece, but they are real.

For this kind of beauty, White Night is also very interested.

Just when White Night really admired the beauty, at the door of the hotel, a man carrying a huge silver axe and wearing silver armor walked over.

“Are you sure!?” ……”

“Is the ‘Magneto’ White Night in this place!?” ……”

The man who came was none other than captain of the Silver Axe of the Locks Pirates.

For the new pirate of White Night, Silver Axe is also very interested.

If you let White Night join the direct fan team, the strength of your own fan team will definitely be greatly improved.

Therefore, he also mobilized his men to search for traces of the White Night.

The kung fu paid off, and finally, he found the white night for the first time.

Without the slightest hesitation, silver axe immediately came down with his own hand to look for the white night.

“Captain Silver Axe, I’m pretty sure that the ‘Magneto’ White Night is here…”

A pirate came to the Silver Axe and said with great certainty.

“Well… Today, I must take him under my command…”

Silver Axe looked at the huge axe and walked toward the bar.

Silver Axe walked into the tavern, quickly spotted the White Night, and walked directly towards the White Night.

The huge silver axe in his hand smashed directly on the table in front of the white night.

The loud noise suddenly caught the attention of everyone around.

“Little devil, join my team!” ……”

Silver Axe looked at White Night and said proudly.

In silver axe’s view, he is the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment.

As the captain of his own team, inviting a new pirate has already given him enough face.

“That’s!? Silver Axe!? That’s right, captain of the Silver Axe of the Locks Pirates…”

“I really didn’t expect to meet Captain Silver Axe here…”

“Captain Silver Axe actually invited people personally…”

“Who is this man!?” ……”

“It’s so enviable…”


The pirates around them all whispered.

The Locks Pirates, the most powerful pirates in the New World right now.

The Silver Axe can become the captain of the Locks Pirate Regiment, and his strength is also the top existence.

Therefore, now seeing that the Silver Axe had personally invited people, these pirates were also very surprised to look at the white night.

“I remember! He’s White Night! ……”

“‘Magneto’ White Nights! ……”

“That’s right, it’s him! ……”

“He has just destroyed a naval branch and offered a reward of 100 million berry for the first time…”

“No wonder I was personally invited by Captain Silver Axe!” ……”

The pirates around them also quickly recognized the identity of White Night.

“Hey, little devil, what about your answer!” ……”

“As long as you agree to join my team, you don’t have to take the probationary examination and become a full member!” ……”

Silver Axe continued to look at White Night and said very confidently.

In silver axe’s view, no pirate can refuse the temptation to become a direct locks pirate.

“Wow… It is really enviable to become a full member directly…”

“Yes! This is the Locks Pirates! ……”

“I also want to join the Locks Pirates, I don’t know if I have a chance…”

“Just you!? Forget it! You may not even pass the probationary examination…”

“I don’t know, how the ‘Magneto’ White Night will answer!” ……”

“Do you still need to ask!?” Of course, I promised to come down immediately…”


The pirates around them all stared at the white night and talked about it, and their eyes couldn’t help but show envy.

The Locks Pirates, the most powerful pirates in the New World right now.

In other words, the whole New World is decided by the Locks Pirates.

Even the current navy and the world government can’t help Locks.

As long as you join the Locks Pirates, you can get the protection of the Locks Pirates, and you can travel unimpeded in the sea.

Therefore, many pirates want to join the Locke Pirates.

But the selection of the Locks Pirates is very cruel, only the strong can join the Locks Pirates, as for the weak, there is only death.

Therefore, now seeing that the captain of the Silver Axe team directly invited White Night to become a full member of the Locks Pirates, they were all envious.

To them pirates, this is simply a pie that fell from the sky.

However, the next action of the white night surprised them.

Only to see White Night directly pick up the huge silver axe on his desk and throw it on the ground at random.

“What are you…”

“Don’t bother me drinking…”

Bai Ye looked at the silver axe in front of him and said in a very dismissive tone.

“What!? You damn little devil! ……”


Seeing the action of the white night and hearing the tone of the white night, the silver axe was directly furious.

White Night’s current action was tantamount to slapping the silver axe fiercely in front of the public.

And the action of the white night also directly shocked the pirates around them.

“What is this guy going to do!?” He actually lost the axe of the silver axe…”

“Did he turn down the Silver Axe’s invitation?” ……”

“He’s looking for death!” ……”


The faces of the pirates around them couldn’t help but exude a look of trepidation.

They had already foreshadowed that the silver axe would slash the little ghost in front of them.

It is even said that it may affect the fish pond and affect them.

Some timid pirates have turned their heads and fled quickly.

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