Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 29

“You hateful pirate…”

“If you have the ability, you can kill me!” ……”

The little crane’s voice trembled, covering his body with a quilt, and his eyes glared at the white night like flames.

“Kill you, you beautiful woman, I can’t bear you…”

Bai Ye pinched Xiao He’s face and smiled.

For The little crane, the beautiful navy, the white night did not let go.

And now Xiao Tsuru is his own prisoner, and he can do whatever he wants.

“Don’t touch me, you hateful pirate…”

Feeling the movement of the white night, the little crane continued to struggle, and his voice continued to tremble.

He is a navy, a navy that guards justice on the sea.

I didn’t expect that I was now in the hands of pirates.

Now Xiao Tsuru was eager to kill the pirate in front of him immediately.

But it was a pity that the strength of this pirate was too strong, and he was not the opponent of the White Night at all.

“Haha, you’re my captive now…”

“You have no right to be angry…”

Seeing the little crane staring angrily at him in front of him, Bai Ye smiled and said.

“You goddamn pirate, sooner or later I’ll kill you…”

Xiao Tsuru looked at The White Night and said angrily.

“Haha, then wait until you have the strength!” ……”

“But now you are my prisoner…”

“To be a captive is to have the consciousness of a captive…”

White Night ignored the angry little crane and squeezed her directly on her body.

Again it caused her an angry scream.

After some time, Bai Ye sorted out his clothes and walked out of the cabin, leaving only the angry little crane.

White Night had just stepped out of the cabin when he met Xia Qi, who was walking up to him.

“Lord White Night, are you done!?” ……”

“Need me to fix this female Navy!?” ……”

Xia Qi came to the front of the white night and asked very intimately.

As a pirate, Xia Qi knew exactly what she was doing.

And she is also very clear about what is the treatment of the female navy as a pirate.

In order to get out of the way, eventually the pirates will kill the female navy directly.

“Nope! ……”

White Night directly rejected Xia Qi’s kindness.

Although White Night is now a pirate, not a good man, too.

But the white night has not yet reached the point where the pants are lifted and no one is recognized.

“Lord White Night, I see…”

Hearing White Night’s words, Xia Qi put away her killing intent for Xiao He.

“Ah… You hateful pirates, let me go right away!” ……”

“I’m a Draco, if you dare to hurt me!” The world government will not spare you…”

Just then, a roar came from the distant deck.

And this arrogant person is undoubtedly the Draco.

At the time of the white night to snatch the Heavenly Gold, the Draco was hiding in the ship escorting the Heavenly Gold.

Therefore, when these pirates grabbed the Heavenly Gold, they also arrested the Draco by the way.

“Haha! Draco! ……”

“Lao Tzu is fighting the Draco!” ……”

Seeing this arrogant Draco, a pirate directly rushed up and slapped the Draco.


This Tianlong person is all fat, and even ordinary people are inferior.

One slap down, now the Draco is half dead.

“Hey, what the are you guys doing!” ……”

“How can I use so hard…”

“What if you beat the Draco to death!” ……”

“We still want to play more!” ……”

The other pirates said hurriedly.

For the behavior of these pirates, white nights did not stop it.

Anyway, the Draco people are not good people, and when they die, they die.

“Boom! ……”

At this moment, a shell suddenly shot in the distance and landed on the sea around it, setting off a series of explosions.

“Captain, it’s not good! ……”

“Our navy is surrounded…”

“So many naval warships! About a dozen…”

Xia Qi looked at the rapidly approaching naval warship on the distant sea surface and immediately reported it.

“Navy!? Is the Navy coming!? ……”

“So many naval warships!” Bastard, how can there be so many navies…”

“What are you afraid of! The White Night Lord is here…”

“That’s right, as long as lord White Night is here, the navy is not afraid at all…”

“Kill these navies and let these navies see how good we are!” ……”


Seeing these naval warships appearing, the pirates on board not only did not fear, but screamed with excitement one by one.

On the deck of the frontmost naval battleship, Rear Admiral Cabelle was looking excitedly at the pirate ship in the distance.

“Yes, this must be the pirate ship of the White Night…”

“All artillery ready, attack!” ……”

“We must not let these hateful pirates run away…”

“All the ships quickly pulled up…”

Major General Cabell shouted loudly.

Rear Admiral Cabell was the base commander of the 135th Branch of the Navy.

After Major General Cabell learns that White Night has robbed Celestial Gold and has also captured a Draco and disappeared.

He immediately set out to search for traces of the pirate ship of the White Night.

Major General Cabell knew very well that the heavenly gold was robbed and the Draco was captured, which was an extremely important thing for the world government.

If he could regain the Heavenly Gold and save the Heavenly Dragon People, it would definitely be a great achievement.

Maybe you can become a navy admiral directly!

So, after learning the trail of the White Night.

Without the slightest hesitation, Rear Admiral Cabell immediately led all the naval warships to block the White Night.

He must kill the pirate of the White Night, regain the Heavenly Gold, and save the Draco

“Sir, according to the intelligence of the Sengoku Lieutenant General!” ……”

“The strength of The Pirate White Night is very strong…”

“The Warring States Lieutenant General only asked us to block the White Night, and did not let me attack directly…”

The lieutenant next to Cabell said with some concern.

Sengoku had fought against White Night, and he was well aware of the horrors of White Night’s strength.

Therefore, the order of the Warring States was only for the naval branch to block the White Night and wait for the support of the Naval Headquarters to deal with the White Night.

However, Cabell clearly had no intention of following the orders of the Warring States.

“You shut me up! I am the supreme commander here…”

“Listen to my orders, all attack!” ……”

Cabell shouted loudly.

“Yes… Sir…”

Although the adjutant still wanted to stop it, Cabell was the highest official here, and he was only an aide-de-camp.

Even if he wanted to stop it, he had no right, so he could only give the order to attack at Cabell’s request.

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