Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 26

Xiao Tsuru, now a rear admiral, as a young female rear admiral, Xiao Tsuru’s strength is also very strong.

Among them, Xiao he, the female navy, is best at gun skills.

He can rely on the flintlock gun to kill any target very easily.

And now Xiao Tsuru is planning to sneak into the White Night with a flintlock gun.

Xiao Tsuru did not seek to defeat The White Night, but only to hurt the White Night, and to be able to support sengoku and Zefa.

“Aim, shoot…”


A bullet, rapidly attacking towards the white night.

This was not an ordinary bullet, but a bullet that condensed the domineering spirit of the armed color, and this bullet was also a great threat to those who had the ability to demon fruits.

But can such an attack really hurt the White Night!?

Obviously not.

Just as Xiao He had just launched an attack and sneak attack, The powerful magnetic force of the White Night found her movements.

Only to see this fast bullet, when rushing towards the white night, the speed of the rapid sharp decrease.

When the bullet came to the white night, the bullet had completely lost its strength and stopped in front of the white night.

“Sneak attack!? ……”

“Hey, a beautiful navy! ……”

“She should be a young crane staff officer!” ……”

White Night’s gaze looked in the direction of the little crane.

Seeing this tall, heroic female navy in front of her, White Night immediately recognized her.

She should be the future General Staff officer of the Naval Headquarters, a famous general of the Naval Headquarters.

“Not good, it was discovered…”

Feeling the gaze of the white night, Xiao He immediately put away his flintlock gun and quickly retreated.

She had seen the strength of White Night, so she knew very well that she was not a rival of White Night at all.

Now that White Night had found himself, all he could do now was to retreat quickly.

“Want to run! …… Did you run away!? ……”

Now Xiao he is only about twenty years old, which is the most beautiful age of youth and vitality.

Such a beautiful navy has come to the door, how can the white night let it go.

“Come here for me!” ……”

“Vientiane Heaven leads…”

Looking at the little crane that was running away, Bai Ye’s right hand shook at her.

A powerful magnetic force erupted from White Night’s hand.

The little crane that was running away suddenly felt his body out of control and flew towards the rapid flight of the white night.

Like the Divine Luo Tianzheng, White Night relied on the nature of the powerful magnetic force to develop this move called ‘Vientiane Heavenly Introduction’.

If only the ‘Divine Luo Tianzheng’ was developed by relying on the principle of same-sex repulsion between magnetic forces.

So now the white night released the ‘Vientiane Heavenly Introduction’ is based on the principle of heterosexual attraction between magnetic forces.


“You hateful navy, give me death…”

Although Xiao Tsuru doesn’t know what’s going on now.

However, seeing that he was flying towards the discovery of the white night, his reaction was also very fast, directly holding the flintlock gun and smashing it towards the white night.

“Haha, what a violent little beauty! ……”

With a squeeze of Bai Ye’s right hand, the flintlock gun fell into Bai Ye’s hand and was directly crushed by Bai Ye.

“Armed color domineering! ……”

After discovering that his flintlock gun had been destroyed by the White Night, Xiao He still did not give up, condensing a domineering fist towards the White Night.

But is such an attack really useful for white nights!?

Obviously not.

Bai Ye shook his left hand and easily grabbed Xiao He’s fist, while pulling hard.

Xiao He fell directly into the arms of the white night.

“Damn, let go of me! ……”

“What are you goddamn pirates up for!” ……”

“Let go of me! ……”

Finding himself falling into the arms of the pirate of the White Night, the little crane kept struggling and screaming.

“Shout! Just call it…! ”

“Even if you scream for a throat break, it’s useless…”

Looking at the little crane that was struggling in his arms, Bai Ye smiled and said.

“Little Crane! …… Damn, let go of the little crane…”

“Damn pirate, what are you going to do!” ……”

Seeing that White Night had caught Xiao He, both Sengoku and Zefa were anxious and rushed towards White Night.

But before they could get close to the White Night, the giant sand iron giant also attacked.

A huge fist like a hill slammed into them.

In the face of the attack of the sand iron giant, the two had no choice but to stop getting close and quickly run the armed color domineering defense.

“Bang! ……”

With a loud crashing sound, the two flew straight upside down.

“White Night Lord, White Night Lord!” ……”

“The heavenly gold is us!” ……”

“We’ve got heavenly gold!” ……”

“We also captured a Draco…”


At this moment, Xia Qi’s excited voice rang out.

During the white night battle, Xia Qi was not idle.

Under Xia Qi’s leadership, the pirates have completely occupied the ships escorting Tianjin.

Each pirate held countless treasures in front of him, and rejoiced with excitement.

In Xia Qi’s hand, he also grabbed a Draco who was scared half to death.

“Very good! ……”

“Let’s withdraw!” ……”

Bai Ye directly carried the little crane in his arms on his shoulder, jumped forward, and came to Xia Qi’s face.

“Yes… Retreat…”

“Let’s leave! ……”

Hearing White Night’s words, Xia Qi immediately gave the order to retreat.

The ship quickly left the dock with the heavenly gold.

“Damn, don’t let these pirates run!” ……”

“Quick, stop them…”

“Absolutely not let them go…”

Seeing that the Heavenly Gold had been snatched away, Sengoku and Zefa were shocked and quickly chased in the direction of the White Night.

The task of the two of them was to protect the heavenly gold.

Moreover, there was also a Draco on the ship escorting the Heavenly Gold.

The crane was also caught by the pirates.

Therefore, no matter what the reason, the white night cannot be allowed to leave here.

“Stop them…”

Under the leadership of Sengoku and Zefa, countless navies quickly rushed over.

“Haha, Navy! ……”

“This is my gift to you!” ……”

Seeing the countless navies rushing over, The White Night shook the huge sand iron giant hard, and a powerful magnetic force suddenly appeared in the sand iron giant’s body.

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