Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 25

“Quick, retreat…”

“Get out of here, this level of fighting is not something you can participate in…”

Seeing countless dead soldiers, Xiao Tsuru shouted loudly at countless navies.

“Withdraw … Get out of here all…”

Hearing Xiao He’s words, these navies, who were still full of fighting spirit just now, quickly fled from here one by one.

“Hmm, want to run! ……”

“Can you run away!?” ……”

Seeing these fleeing navies, the power of the magnetic fruit was released again, and countless magnetic forces converged in the sky.

When the magnetic force condensed to the extreme, countless electric sparks flew in mid-air.

“Thunder! ……”

“Click! ……”

Under the control of the white night, countless thunderbolts fell from the sky and continued to attack these navies.

“Ah… Ahhh…”

“Boom… Rumble! ……”

Every lightning bolt that fell blasted out a large crater on the ground.

Every time a large pit appears, countless navies scream and be struck by lightning.

Soon, the place turned into a thunderous thunder bath, and countless navies were constantly screaming and fleeing.

“Damn, how could this guy’s strength be so terrifying!” ……”

“Warring States, is he really a magnetic fruit ability!?” He wouldn’t be a beast with demonic fruit abilities! ……”

Seeing the powerful power displayed by the White Night, the flames and lightning constantly released, Zefa asked with some doubt.

For the magnetic fruit, Zefa is also very clear, and there are also records of the magnetic fruit in the world government’s Demon Fruit Atlas.

This is only the Ability to Control The Demon Fruit of Magnetism, and as for the way of fighting, it is nothing more than controlling metal, not a powerful Demon Fruit ability.

It was not without pirates’ ability to obtain magnetic fruits, but these pirates were easily solved by the Navy.

But now, the White Night was unleashing flames and lightning, two abilities that had nothing to do with magnetism.

And it also showed such terrible combat power.

Now Zephas was wondering if the people of the world government were mistaken.

White Night will not have any other powerful demonic abilities, such as the Esper Demon Fruit ability.

“This… I don’t know either…”

Hearing Zefa’s words, the Sengoku also had some doubts.

The strength that White Night was showing now was really too strong, and indeed some of it didn’t look like the power of a magnetic fruit.

“Now is not the time! ……”

“We must stop him! Absolutely cannot let him snatch the heavenly gold…”

Although for the ability of the White Night, sengoku also feels very strange.

But he was also very clear that now was not the time to speak.

Now they have something even more important to do, that is, to stop the White Night from snatching the heavenly gold.

“Understood! ……”

“Attack! ……”

The Warring States body was full of golden light, and the ability of the Buddha’s fruit was enhanced to the extreme, attacking towards the white night.

Seeing the Warring States launch an attack, Zefa did not hesitate in the slightest, and also released a powerful armed color domineering spirit, and also rushed up.

“Good to be here! ……”

“Sand iron sky cloud! ……”

Seeing the two people rushing over, under the control of the white night, countless sand irons were converging and condensing in the hands of the sand iron giants.

Soon, these sand and iron transformed into a weapon in the shape of a huge cloud of heaven.

“The clouds of heaven… Chop…”

The sand iron giant wielded a huge sand iron sky cloud and attacked towards the Warring States and Zefa.


A huge slash about a few hundred meters long violently attacked the two men.

“Not good…”

“Hurry up and get out of the way! ……”

In the face of this huge slash, sengoku and Zefa reacted very quickly, quickly launching the Navy Six-type dodge.

The huge slash that did not hit the target slammed into the island.

“Boom! ……”

With a loud roar, the powerful slash directly shredded the island.

With a loud roar, the island was cut in half by the sand iron giant.

As for the country on this island called Kars, it was also completely destroyed in a fierce slash.

The white-bearded Heavenly Cong Cloud Sword Technique was originally more suitable for people with huge bodies.

The sand iron giant in front of him, hundreds of meters tall, was just right to exert the power of the Heavenly Cong Cloud Sword Technique.

In the power of the sand iron giant, the Heavenly Cong Cloud Sword Technique exerted three hundred percent of its strength.

With one blow, you can easily destroy the island.

“This attack power!? ……”

“Damn, his attack is probably too exaggerated!” ……”

Seeing the island that was cut in half with one blow, now Sengoku and Zefa are also feeling the pressure.

Such a powerful slash, even the two of them had to deal with it carefully.

But as a righteous navy, the two still did not have any fear and continued to attack fiercely towards the white night.

The Buddha fruit of the Warring States was exerted to the extreme, transformed into a golden generosity, and constantly launched a shock wave to attack the white night.

And Ze Fa was clenching his fists, and the powerful armed color domineering qi converged on his wrists, just like black wrists, and he was also constantly attacking towards the white night.

In the face of the attack of Sengoku and Zefa, White Night manipulated the sand iron giant and attacked the two.

For a moment, it was an explosion roaring, domineering, sand and iron flying, and the whole island was constantly collapsing in the battle of the three people.

“The strength of lord White Night is really too strong!” ……”

“We can’t be left behind either! ……”

“Are you guys dead?” ……”

“Go with me right away to snatch the Heavenly Gold…”

Xia Qi saw that the white night had stopped the Navy, and Xia Qi once again led the Navy to rush towards the ship escorting the heavenly gold.

During the battle between the White Night and the Warring States and Zefa, the navy of Kozuru was not idle, and had been observing the White Night.

“The strength of this pirate of white night is too strong!” ……”

“A way must be found to solve him!” ……”

“Otherwise, it would have been impossible to destroy this terrible sand iron giant…”

Seeing the fierce battle in front of him, Xiao He couldn’t help but think in his heart.

Although it seemed that the battle was very fierce, the attacks of sengoku and Zefa were fierce.

But they had been fighting until now, and the two had been fighting with the sand iron giant, and they hadn’t touched The White Night himself at all.

If they continue to fight, they will eventually lose the navy.

Therefore, Xiao Tsuru must do something to change the current situation.

Thinking of this, Xiao He took out a flintlock gun and aimed it at the white night.

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