Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 22

“Got it!?” ……”

“Then how about another one!” ……”

Seeing that the Warring States had caught up with this naval warship, White Night once again unleashed the Magnetic Fruit ability.

Under the control of the White Night, another naval warship levitated again, and under the control of the White Night, it continued to smash towards the Warring States.

“Not bad! Warring States, another naval warship has also attacked…”

Seeing the naval warship that flew up again and smashed over, Xiao Tsuru shouted loudly at the Warring States.

“Damn! …… It’s too late…”

Hearing Xiao He’s words and looking at the naval warship that was once again smashed at him, Sengoku also had an ugly face.

At this time, the Warring States had just stabilized this naval warship, and there was no way to free it.

I could only watch as the naval warship smashed towards me.

“Quick! Defense! ……”

“Everybody abandon the ship!” ……”

The little crane on the battleship shouted loudly.

By this time, the huge battleship had fallen.

“Boom! ……”

There was a loud explosion, and the three battleships collided directly together, and a huge explosion sounded.

As for the navy of the three battleships, they were all dead and wounded.

“Wow… It’s awesome…! ”

“Is this the strength of lord of the white night!?” ……”

“It was so easy to solve three naval warships…”

“Sure enough, following the White Night Lord is the right choice…”


Seeing that the white night had easily solved the three naval warships, one by one cheered again.

Without the hindrance of the three naval warships, the ships of the White Night soon rushed to the docks.

“Attack, go and snatch the heavenly gold for me…”

White Night said to Xia Qi.

“Yes… Lord of the White Nights…”

“Everybody come with me, and we go and rob the heavenly gold…”

Hearing the words of the white night, Charlotte was also very excited, and jumped off the pirate ship directly with countless pirates, rushing towards the ship escorting the heavenly gold.

The Draco who was on the ship, looking at the pirates who rushed over, was so frightened that his ass was pissed, hysterically yelling at his guards.

“You guys, get on it and stop these pirates for me at once…”

“Never let the pirates get near my ship…”

“Or you’ll all die!” ……”

Hearing the shouts of the Draco, one of the guards immediately took up his weapon and attacked the pirates.

Soon, the pirates, led by Xia Qi, were at war with the Draco guards.

White Night did not go to rob the heavenly gold.

In other words, in the eyes of the White Night, the Heavenly Gold did not have to shoot at all, and xia Qi alone could easily seize the Heavenly Gold.

White Night has something more important to do, that is, to wait for the Warring States here.

Sure enough, a moment later, a huge figure fell in front of the white night.

There is no doubt that this person is the Warring States who transformed into a golden Buddha.

Behind him, there were thousands of navies.

Although White Night relied on magnetic fruits, he directly controlled two naval warships and smashed into the Warring States, destroying the three naval warships

But the battleships are all elite navies, and at the critical time, these navies still jumped into the sea and survived.

It didn’t cause much damage.

Sengoku saw that countless pirates were rushing towards the ships escorting the Heavenly Gold, and said with a very serious face.

“Damn, little crane, you are leading people to guard the heavenly gold!” ……”

“This pirate, I’ll give it to…”

After saying that, the Warring States was full of golden light, staring at the white night.

“Understood! ……”

“Come with me…”

Hearing sengoku’s words, Xiao Tsuru was about to leave with his navy to support The Guardian of Heavenly Gold.

You know, this time they escorted heavenly gold.

It is a tribute to the Draco people by the countries of the world government, so the Heavenly Gold absolutely does not allow accidents.

“You can’t go anywhere!” ……”

“Sand iron! ……”

Countless powerful magnetic fields erupted from the body of the white night, and under the action of the magnetic force, countless dark sand irons around them emerged.

Although the ability of the White Night Magnetic Fruit has been increased to level 9, it can already control the magnetic fields of other objects with magnetic force.

However, compared to the weak magnetic field on other objects, sand iron is most easily controlled by magnetic forces.

Therefore, the main attack method of White Night is still sand iron.

“Sand iron tide! ……”

Under the control of the White Night, these sand irons rushed towards the navy like a black tide.

Directly blocked the way of Xiao Tsuru and all the navies.

Seeing the attack of the White Night, the Warring States did not hesitate in the slightest, and directly launched the demon ability.

Under a burst of golden light, the size of the Warring States rose to more than ten meters, transforming into a huge golden Buddha.

Huge size, golden brilliance, the Warring States at this time really gave people a strong pressure, full of momentum.

“Abominable pirate…”

“Break it to me…”

The golden Buddha slapped his palm towards the sand and iron wave in front of him, and a powerful shock wave rushed towards the black sand and iron.

“Boom! ……”

The powerful impact directly hit the sand iron tide, directly defeating the attack of the White Night.

“It’s so big! ……”

“But do you think you can block my attack that way!?” ……”

“It’s not over yet! ……”

“Sand Iron Giant! ……”

Seeing the huge golden Buddha in front of him, White Night also immediately released the ability of magnetic fruit.

Under the countless magnetic forces, the dense and fine sand iron quickly converged and continued to combine.

Soon a huge, even larger sand iron giant than the Warring States at this time appeared here.

“What’s that!? ……”

“What a horror! Looks taller than the Warring States Lieutenant General…”

“What a horror! ……”

“The strength of this pirate is also too strong!” ……”

“Can we really defeat this pirate!?” ……”

Seeing the huge sand and iron giants that suddenly appeared in front of him, the faces of the navy became very miserable.

The sand iron of the white night is actually really too big, and the big one is somewhat amazing.

Up to 100 meters tall, standing on this island like a mountain, the teeth and claws are constantly roaring.

This huge size alone puts a huge pressure on the Navy.

In front of this sand iron giant, all the navies felt like ants.

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