Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 21

“Lord White Night, it’s a naval warship…”

“No, the navy is surrounded, and the navy seems to have been prepared…”

“We are already surrounded…”

Seeing the three naval warships surrounding in the distance, Xia Qi said with a serious face.

These three naval warships had completely surrounded the pirate ship of the White Night, and the pirate ship of the White Night had no way to escape.

But is White Night really going to run away!?

Obviously not.

“Naval battleships!?” Don’t care…”

“It seems that the Navy has already received the news that we are coming…”

“The Navy is worthy of being the most powerful fighting force under the command of the world’s governments…”

Seeing the naval warships that were rapidly encircling, White Night couldn’t help but say.

As the strongest fighting force under the command of the world government, the Navy will certainly not let the pirates easily take away the heavenly gold.

The Navy’s response so quickly was obviously that it had ambushed here in advance, intending to destroy the White Night.

However, the white night did not have any fear, but instead looked eager to try.

“Just rush up! ……”

“I want to see the power of the Navy!” ……”

White Night said to Xia Qi.

White Night is a person with a game system, who can continuously accumulate proficiency and improve combat effectiveness through combat.

Since the Navy has now sent it to the door, how can the White Night let it go!

“Yes… White Night Lord! ……”

“Keep going…”

Hearing White Night’s words, Xia Qi also immediately issued an order to continue to move forward.

The pirate ship continued to paddle through the sea and made a rapid advance in the direction of the dock.

“Sengoku, the pirate ship has no intention of retreating!” ……”

On the naval battleship, Rear Admiral Tsuru looked at the pirates who continued to rush and said to the Sengoku beside him.

“That’s what these pirates are! Don’t shed tears when you don’t see the coffin…”

“Today, destroy these pirates…”

Sengoku looked at the pirate ship that rushed over and said very dismissively.

Sengoku is not the first time he has encountered pirates.

Every time they encountered pirates, they rushed up very recklessly and fell into the encirclement of their navy.

And now, seeing the pirate regiment that directly rushed up, the Warring States did not think much about it.

In the eyes of the Warring States, this pirate ship rushed straight up, almost like sending death.

In this way, their navy can just solve these pirates.

“All artillery ready…”


Seeing the rapid approach of the pirate ship, the Warring States decisively issued the order to attack.

“Yes… Fire…”

“Attack together…”

Hearing the orders of the Warring States, all the guns on the naval warships opened fire at the same time.

Countless shells rained down on the pirate ship of the White Night.

“No, the artillery is coming…”

“What a lot of shells!” ……”

“Quick, dodge…”

“No, there are too many shells to dodge…”


Seeing these dense shells, the pirates on the ship all panicked.

They also wanted to dodge, but there were too many shells.

The dense shells were like raindrops, leaving them with nowhere to hide.

When the pirate ship was about to be buried in countless shells.

White Night finally struck.

“Magnetic Fruit! ……”

A powerful magnetic force erupted from White Night’s body.

The powerful magnetic field instantly controlled these incoming shells, and one by one the shells were suspended around the pirate ship.

“This is!? The Lord of the White Nights has struck…”

“Great, Lord White Night saved us…”

“It’s so dangerous! I almost thought I was going to die…”


Seeing the shells suspended around, the pirates on the pirate ship instantly changed from panic to cheering.

“Your shells, give them back to you…”

As soon as the white night’s mind moved, the magnetic field around him suddenly changed.

Only to see these suspended shells quickly fly backwards and fly out, returning to the same way to attack the naval warships.

“No, the shells are back…”

“Quick, dodge…”

“Damn, it’s too late…”


Seeing the shells that had returned from flying backwards, the Navy of the Navy battleships was also shocked one by one, and at the same time, the Navy battleships were quickly dodged.

Trying to dodge these shells.

But the number of these shells is too much, and even these naval warships want to hide, and it is too late.

“Warring States, this is the ability of the ‘Magneto King’ White Night, the Magnetic Fruit…”

Seeing these shells flying backwards, Xiao Tsuru immediately said to Sengoku.

“Magnetic Fruit Ability!?” I see…”

“Give me these shells!” ……”

The Warring States also immediately unleashed the power of the Buddha’s Fruit.

Only to see the golden light of the Warring States’ whole body, the body quickly expanded, and soon transformed into a huge golden Buddha, standing on the naval battleship.

“Shockwave! ……”

The Golden Buddha’s huge fist swung out, and a powerful shock wave attacked the shells in the sky.

“Boom… Boom…”

A series of explosions sounded, and countless shells in the sky exploded violently.

“Blocked!?” ……”

“Then try this…”

“Magnetic control…”

Seeing that the Warring States had blocked the attack of the cannonballs, the corners of Bai Ye’s mouth smiled, and once again released the power of the Magnetic Fruit.

Under the powerful magnetic force of the White Night, a naval warship was directly controlled by the White Night and levitated.

The battleship’s entire navy panicked.

“Ah… What’s going on!? ……”

“What’s going on!? ……”

“Damn, our ship is out of control…”


In the exclamation of countless navies, this naval warship was directly caught by the white night and violently thrown towards the Warring States.

“Not good…”

Seeing the huge naval warship thrown over, the warring states’ faces suddenly became serious.

What White Night had thrown away now was a naval warship with thousands of navies on board.

If you don’t handle it well, you may destroy the ship and kill people.

Thinking of this, the Warring States once again unleashed the power of the Buddha’s fruit.

The size of the Golden Buddha grew larger again.

“Catch me…”

The huge golden Buddha immediately hugged the naval warship, caught the naval warship that crashed over, and saved the navy on the battleship.

“It’s a Sengoku Lieutenant General!” ……”

“Great, Lieutenant General Sengoku saved us…”

“It’s dangerous! I almost died…”


A navy on a battleship is also a look like the rest of his life.

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