Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 20

A month passed quickly.

During this month, The White Night was cultivating to enhance his strength.

And Xia Li also began to collect information about the heavenly gold according to the orders of the White Night.

“How is it now…”

“Has the escort route of Heavenly Gold been found…”

Xia Qi, smoking a cigarette, asked several pirates in front of her.

“Vice Captain Xia Qi, according to the news that was transmitted…”

“The Heavenly Gold Ship has already set out, and at this time the Ship escorting the Heavenly Gold is docked in the Kingdom of Kars…”

Hearing Xia Qi’s question, these pirates asked hurriedly.

In order to allow Xia Qi to better help her manage the Fan team, Bai Ye directly gave Xia Qi the position of vice captain.

Although, at present, the Fan Team of White Night has not yet been established, and White Night has not yet grabbed the Heavenly Gold to become the captain of the Fan Team.

But everyone in the Locks Pirates had no doubt that White Night would become the captain of the squad.

Therefore, White Night is not yet the captain of the Fan Team, but he is better than the Captain of the Fan Team.

“Oh… Has Heavenly Gold already set off!? ……”

“I’m going to inform Lord White Night right away…”

After receiving the news of Heavenly Gold, Xia Li did not hesitate at all and immediately came to the island of the White Night Cultivation.

Relying on her powerful sight and smell domineering spirit, as soon as Xia Li landed on the island, White Night sensed her arrival.

Relying on magnetic force, the white night appeared in front of Xia Li in an instant like a stream of light.

“Lord of the White Nights, the ship escorting the heavenly gold is now docked in the kingdom of Kars…”

“According to the latest intelligence! ……”

“At this time, The Heavenly Gold was guarded by Lieutenant General Sengoku and Rear Admiral Tsuru and 1,000 naval guards…”

“Among them, on the ship escorting The Heavenly Gold, there is also a Draco…”

On the ship, Xia Qi took the information in her hand and introduced the information about the heavenly gold to the white night.

“Sengoku!? Cranes!? ……”

“It’s actually them…”

Hearing Xia Qi’s words, Bai Ye said with some surprise.

As a crosser, White Night is very clear that the Warring States is the future admiral.

As for the crane, a female navy, she will also become a crane staff officer in the future.

It can be said that both of them will become the mainstay of the Naval Headquarters in the future.

I didn’t expect to actually let myself meet now.

I just don’t know how strong the Warring States are now.

“Prepare the ships, and we will go to the kingdom of Kars and bring back the gold in the sky…”

“By the way, see how powerful the Navy is!” ……”

White Night said to Xia Qi.

“Yes… Lord of the White Nights…”

Soon, White Night boarded a pirate ship, and countless pirates followed White Night, very excited to board the ship.

These pirates are the ones that Xia Qi took during this time.

These people were also full of excitement when they heard about the robbery of heavenly gold.

Heavenly Gold, this is the treasure of the Draco, there must be a lot of treasure and opportunity, and perhaps there is also a powerful Demon Fruit ability.

“Let’s go! ……”

White Night nodded and gave the order to leave directly.

For robbing the heavenly gold, white night is also a little excited.


The huge pirate ship sailed on the sea, and the unique flag of the Locks Pirate Regiment fluttered in the wind, emitting a powerful momentum.

The speed of the ship was very fast, and soon an island appeared on the surface of the sea not far away.

“Captain, that’s the Kingdom of Kars…”

“Heavenly gold is on this island…”

Xia Qi glanced at the nautical chart in her hand, then pointed to the island in the distance.

“Just rush over…”

White Night said directly.

Hearing the words of the white night, the pirates on the ship all shook their fists one by one and excitedly pulled out their weapons.

Heavenly Gold was about to appear in front of them.

Treasure and countless fortunes are coming.

As the pirate ship of the White Night rapidly approaches, the White Night can already see the luxurious ships of the Draco docked on the shore and a naval warship.

At the same time, the navy that was looking out on the island also spotted a rapidly approaching ship.

The Navy took a look at the telescope at the giant pirate ship, the scarlet pirate ship flag of the Locks Pirate Regiment.

The navy was directly frightened and bloodless, and in a panic, he pulled out the phone worm and shouted loudly.

“Report! Report! …… There is a big situation! ……”

“The Locks Pirates are coming!” ……”

“Attention! The Locks Pirates are coming! ……”


At this time, the Draco, who had just toured the Kingdom of Kars, was walking towards the dock.

Behind him were the guards and the navy.

Among them, Sengoku and Tsuru are among them.

At this moment, the siren of the enemy attack suddenly came up from the phone.

“The Locks Pirates are coming…”

Hearing the news of the telephone worm, this Tianlong man, who was still arrogant just now, was directly frightened and fell to the ground.

Even if he was a Draco, he had heard of the notoriety of the Locks Pirates.

Several Draco had already died at the hands of the Locks Pirates.

However, the Warring States reacted very quickly and seemed to be prepared.

“Take the Draco and immediately go to guard the pirate ship escorting the Heavenly Gold…”

“Let’s go and stop the Locks Pirates!” ……”

Sengoku turned back and shouted at the Draco guards, and then he and the crane led the navy and quickly rushed towards the sailors.

As the most powerful force on the sea, the Navy’s intelligence network is also very powerful.

In particular, the Locks Pirate Regiment is the final target of the Navy’s surveillance.

The Navy had already buried the Locks Pirates undercover, and the Navy had long known that someone would come to rob The Heavenly Gold today.

It is also known that White Night joined the Locks Pirates and wanted to become the new captain of the Locks Pirates by robbing the Heavenly Gold.

Now, the Navy is planning to ambush the Locks Pirates, destroy the White Night, and severely damage the Locks Pirates.

Just as the pirate ship of the White Night had just approached the dock, the naval warship lurking in the shadows suddenly appeared on the sea.

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