Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 16

“Do I demonstrate my sword skills?” ……”

Hearing Whitebeard’s words, the Golden Lion suddenly had a note in his heart, looked at White Night and smiled.

“I can demonstrate my own swordplay on the side!” ……”

“But if you can’t learn it, you’re going to join my team…”

Yes, the Golden Lion is also very optimistic about the strength of the White Night.

If there is a chance, the Golden Lion also wants to subdue White Night and let White Night’s own team.

“No problem…”

Hearing the words of the Golden Lion, White Night agreed without even thinking about it.

“Well… Then you’re going to look good…”

“I only demonstrated once…”

Hearing the words of the white night, the golden lion was very excited, and the two famous knives in his waist were sheathed at the same time.

He waved a famous knife in each hand.

In addition to being a fluttering fruit ability, the Golden Lion is also a powerful sword master.

Double knife flow sword Hao.

The two famous swords were in the hands of the golden lion, like sharp blades out of their sheaths, and each slash would erupt into a huge slash.

Coupled with the golden lion’s long flowing blond hair, the golden lion is really like an angry male lion.

Of course, in order to make The White Night convinced, he joined his own team.

The Golden Lion is also explaining his sword skills in detail.

“White Night, I am a double-bladed flow swordplay!” ……”

“This is the sword skill I developed according to the fluttering fruit…”


The reason why the Golden Lion explained it in such detail was that he believed that White Night could not learn his sword skills so quickly.

You know, your own swordplay is a swordplay that you have studied for more than ten years, and it is a swordplay developed with your own fluttering fruit.

No matter how high the talent of the white night is, it is impossible to learn it for a while and a half.

“Captain Golden Lion is teaching swordplay…”

“Let’s go and learn…”

“Captain Whitebeard’s swordplay I didn’t learn, I must learn Captain Golden Lion’s swordplay…”

“Wow… The Golden Lion’s swordplay is so powerful! ……”


Seeing the golden lion demonstrating swordplay, constantly explaining, countless pirates also gathered.

They also want to learn the golden lion’s swordplay.

But the Golden Lion’s swordplay was too profound.

Like Whitebeard’s swordplay, these pirates didn’t take long to see it, and one by one they frowned and frowned, not knowing what to expect.


Soon, the Golden Lion’s swordplay demonstration was over and he came to the white night.

“White Night, how’s it going!?” ……”

“Have you learned my sword skills?” Or are you going to join my team…”

The golden lion looked at the white night and said very confidently.

This was the Golden Lion’s confidence in his swordplay, and he didn’t believe that White Night could learn his swordplay just by watching his own demonstration.

In this way, it seems that White Night joining his own team is a sure thing.

“Your swordplay, I’ve learned…”

White Night held his hands together, a powerful magnetic force was released, and the sand and iron converged and condensed into two long swords.

With a long sword in each hand, White Night slashed out forcefully.



As the long sword in White Night’s hand fell, a huge sword qi suddenly appeared and bombarded the sea in the distance.


Suddenly, the powerful sword qi cut off the sea and cut the sea in half.

“What!? How is this possible! ……”

“This is my swordplay!” ……”

“You… You really learned my sword skills! ……”

Seeing that White Night had unleashed his sword skills, the Golden Lion’s expression at this time was the same as that of Whitebeard just now, and he was also shocked.

It’s actually true!?

Bai Ye actually only watched his own demonstration once, and then learned his own sword skills.

He’s a demon!

“Golden Lion, thank you so much for your sword skills…”

Bai Ye’s body flew up, and the two long swords in his hands were constantly waving.

Compared to the White Beard’s Heavenly Cong Cloud Sword Technique, White Night still prefers the Golden Lion’s double-bladed swordplay.

The Golden Lion is a person with the ability to flutter fruits, so this set of sword skills of the Golden Lion is very suitable for fighting in the air.

The White Night is a magnetic fruit ability, and can also fly like the fluttering fruit.

Therefore, the White Night could fully exert the power of this set of sword skills.

Sure enough, coming to the Locks Pirates was the most correct

“Hmm, no thanks…”

The golden lion snorted coldly and left the place directly.

The Golden Lion felt that he had lost a lot.

Not only did he not subdue White Night, but his sword skills were learned by White Night.

“White Nights!” Where is this bastard! ……”

Just when White Night was happy to learn swordplay for himself, an angry roar sounded in the distance.

I saw the silver axe carrying a piece of pirates, and angrily came from a distance.

“Silver Axe, what are you guys doing!” ……”

Seeing the angry silver axe, Whitebeard frowned questions.

You know, today is the day of your own teaching.

The silver axe rushed over with the pirates in anger, and no matter how they looked, they had come to make trouble, and did not give themselves face.

“Whitebeard, I’m not looking for you…”

“I’m here to find White Night…”

“Where is this damn guy of White Night…”

Silver Axe glanced at Whitebeard and shouted angrily.

The Silver Axe hated White Night to the bone, so the Silver Axe’s injuries were just right, and he rushed over with all his men.

This time, he not only had to defeat White Night, but also in front of his own men.

Re-establish his prestige and position in the Locks Pirates.

“Who am I to be!” It turns out to be you, the defeated general! ……”

“You dare to appear in front of me!” ……”

White Night looked at the silver axe in front of him and said very dismissively.

Originally, the Silver Axe was not his opponent, but now he had learned swordplay.

The white night is even less likely to put the silver axe in the eye.

“White Night, you goddamn bastard! ……”

“I must kill you today…”

The enemy’s eyes were extremely red when they saw the white night, and after seeing the white night, the eyes of the silver axe were red again, glaring at the white night, while holding the huge axe in his hand.

“Kill me!? Oh, it should be you who died today…”

White Night looked at the corner of silver axe’s mouth and said without concern.

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