Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 15

Whitebeard looked at these pirates who had been constantly comparing and had never mastered the essentials of their own swordplay, and shook their heads in disappointment.

The talent of these pirates is really too poor, the strength is too weak, and they are not qualified to join their own team.

At this time, Whitebeard noticed the white night not far away, smiled and walked over.

“White Night, how is my swordplay…”

“As long as you join my team, I will personally guide you in your cultivation…”

Whitebeard looked at White Night and said.

Although Whitebeard knows that White Night wants to be the captain of the team, Whitebeard is still very optimistic about White Night and is still inviting White Night.

“Yes! Join Daddy’s Team…”

“Daddy’s swordplay is hard, and it’s very powerful…”

Marco, who was staying by Whitebeard’s side, also looked at White Night and said.

“Swordplay! Is it hard!? ……”

Hearing Whitebeard and Marko’s words, White Night’s right hand shook.

A magnetic force condensed, and countless iron sands converged towards the hands of the white night, and soon turned into a weapon like the clouds of the sky and appeared in the hands.

“The clouds of heaven… Chop…”

Armed with a weapon in hand, the white night slashed at a rock not far away.


A huge slash hit the huge rock directly, and the rock directly exploded and turned into some pieces.

“This… This is my swordplay!? ……”

Seeing the slashing blow wielded by the white night, Whitebeard was not only surprised, but also a pair of eyes were wide.

Whitebeard was pretty sure it was definitely his own swordplay.

The big stone that was torn apart was like a shattered trace.

Obviously, it was the power skill that he had learned from the shock fruit.

“This is probably too exaggerated!” ……”

“Did he have an hour!?” I learned the sword skills that I had accumulated over time! ……”

Whitebeard’s mind is now very complicated, and it cannot be described in words for a while.

And the action of the White Night side also quickly attracted the attention of the pirates around them.

“What is that guy doing!?” ……”

“He seems to have just used the Heavenly Cong Cloud Sword Technique…”

“I saw it too…”

“It is impossible, Whitebeard has only taught it once, how can anyone learn…”

“Yes, Whitebeard’s swordplay is very advanced, I have studied it for so long, and I still don’t have any clue…”


The pirates who were studying swordplay all around them also looked at the white night and the broken stones in front of them and talked in doubt.

“You really learned my sword skills!” ……”

After the surprise, Whitebeard looked at White Night and asked.

“Of course, it’s not too hard…”

White Night said without a word, nodding.

Listening to the words of the white night, the navy around them felt as uncomfortable as eating flies.

What is not difficult!?

Didn’t you see all the pirates present, and didn’t even understand the moves!?

“You take another slash and see…”

Whitebeard looked at White Night and continued.

Whitebeard didn’t mind White Night learning his own sword skills.

But White Night now said that he had demonstrated it once, and he had directly learned his sword skills, and Whitebeard still didn’t believe it.

Hearing this, Bai Ye nodded, holding the clouds of sand and iron in his hand, and came to a more rocky face.

Whitebeard and all the pirates around him also watched solemnly as White Night struck the knife again.

“The clouds from … Chop…”

White Night raised the long knife in his hand, and then quickly slashed at the stone in front of him.


A slash hit the rock, and the huge rock was shattered directly and turned into fragments.

“You… You really learned! ……”

“You’re such a demonized version of genius…”

Seeing White Night use his sword skills again, Whitebeard once again had an unbelievable expression in his eyes and said with great emotion.

Whitebeard has been wandering the sea for some time and has seen many geniuses.

But if you want White Night to learn your own swordplay in an hour, Whitebeard is still the first to encounter.

The current white night can no longer be described as a genius, it is simply a demon.

Not only Whitebeard, but even the pirates around them, seeing that White Night had once again used Whitebeard’s sword skills, all of them exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh my God! This is not true, right! ……”

“White Night really learned Whitebeard’s sword skills…”

“Of course it’s true!? Didn’t you hear Whitebeard say it himself!? ……”

“White Night is so powerful, I heard that she is about to become the captain of the Fan team…”

“I must join the White Nights team…”

“Me too, and I’m going to join…”


One by one, the pirates looked at the white night and said excitedly.

The Lox Pirates were originally a pirate regiment with supreme strength.

Whoever is strong has more followers.

And now that White Night has shown great strength, he has naturally been followed by many pirates.

“What’s going on!? ……”

“What’s going on here!? ……”

Hearing the movement on this side, the golden lion also walked over with great curiosity.

“Captain Golden Lion is like this, White Night only watched the demonstration once, learned captain Whitebeard’s sword skills…”

“Yes! Captain Whitebeard has admitted…”

“The White Night is so powerful…”


Seeing the golden lion coming, the other pirates said hurriedly.

“What!? What do you guys say!? ……”

“Demo once, learned Whitebeard’s swordplay!?” Are you kidding me!? ……”

The Golden Lion’s first reaction was disbelief.

For Whitebeard’s swordplay, the Golden Lion is also very clear.

This is a unique sword skill developed by Whitebeard’s accumulation over time, coupled with his ability to shock the fruit.

Although the Golden Lion admits that White Night has such a strong strength at a young age, he is indeed a genius.

But to say that he had only read it once, he had learned the swordplay of Whitebeard, and he did not believe in killing the Golden Lion.

“Whitebeard, you can’t be mistaken! ……”

The golden lion looked at Whitebeard and said.

“Ku grinned, I don’t believe White Night can do it…”

“However, White Night really learned my sword skills…”

Whitebeard looked at the golden lion and said very affirmatively.

“If you don’t believe me, you can demonstrate your sword skills next time…”

Whitebeard looked at the golden lion and said.

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