Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 13

“Boom! ……”

On the island, the two domineering spirits collided together.

On one side was the dark black air wave of Locks, and on the other side was the dark red air wave of white night.

The collision of two powerful overlord colors set off a huge impact.

The whole island shook directly, like an earthquake.

Even the sea not far away became boiling because of the domineering impact, like a tsunami.

But this is not the end, the impact of the domineering collision is straight into the sky.

It directly pierced through the dark clouds in the sky, and it looked as if the sky had cracked in the distance.

And seeing that the white night blocked The domineering attack of Locks, Whitebeard also felt very surprised.

“White Night actually has a domineering color…!”

“Haha, that’s interesting! ……”

“However, the captain’s domineering spirit is not so simple! ……”

“Yes! I just don’t know how long the white night can resist…”

“Five minutes, or ten minutes…”


Whitebeard, Golden Lion, these team captains saw that White Night actually had a domineering color although it was very unexpected.

But think about it, such a powerful strength of the White Night, it is also appropriate to have the domineering spirit of the overlord color.

They were now curious about how long White Night could resist at the hands of Locks.

“Domineering!?” ……”

Seeing the overlord color domineering spirit released by the white night, Locks also smiled at the corner of his mouth, while the domineering spirit on his body continued to increase.

“Whew… Boom…”

In an instant, the overlord color on Locks’s body exploded.

With Locks as the center, the ground around it directly exploded, and countless cracks spread rapidly to the surrounding areas.

“So strong…”

In the face of Locks’ sudden surge of domineering, White Night is not willing to show weakness, and the overlord color domineering spirit is also a rapid improvement, meeting The domineering attack of Locks.

“Oh… The little young man actually has such a powerful overlord color domineering! ……”

“That being the case! ……”

Seeing that the white night once again blocked his own attack, Lockes also felt very surprised, and at the same time, the domineering spirit once again raised a level.

“Damn, hold me back…”

In the face of Locks’s domineering spirit again, White Night clenched his teeth, and the same was to enhance his domineering spirit and not retreat at all.


Two suddenly elevated domineering qi once again exploded a black and red wave of air in mid-air.

Immediately after, the collision of the two air currents made a tearing sound.

Like thunder and lightning, it spreads in the sky, and it is terrifying.

“How can that be!? ……”

“The overlord of the white night is so powerful…”

“This guy, how can it be so strong!” ……”

Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Charlotte Lingling and others, seeing the white night that was actually fighting with Locks, their faces could not help but show a surprised expression.

At the same time, in order to prevent each of them from being affected by the domineering qi, it is also a quick stabilization of the body.

Although White Night has a domineering color, they don’t feel surprised.

But they also did not expect that the domineering spirit of the White Night would be so powerful that it could actually confront Captain Locks.

You know, the overlord domineering spirit that Captain Locks is now unleashing, even if they want to resist, it is not so easy.

“This guy, at a young age, actually has such a powerful domineering spirit!” ……”

Lockes himself, seeing that the white night resisted his overlord color domineering spirit, was also extremely surprised in his heart.

However, his heart was more excited.

A strong person like White Night joins his own pirate regiment, and the strength of the pirate regiment will definitely increase again.

I am getting closer and faster to becoming the king of the world.


“It’s so nice…”

Locks erupted into a burst of laughter that had never been seen before.

Along with his laughter, the domineering spirit around him exploded like a volcano, and it exploded again.

The violent domineering qi turned into a black air wave, which was constantly surging, directly defeating the domineering spirit of the white night and began to force back the domineering spirit of the white night.

“Not bad! ……”

Feeling that his domineering spirit was defeated, White Night wanted to improve his domineering spirit again.

But it was a pity that Locks’ domineering spirit was really too strong, and with White Night’s current Overlord Color Domineering Level, it was impossible to compete with Locks’s domineering spirit.

Locks’ powerful domineering spirit had completely suppressed the White Night.

Now the only thing That White Night could do was to surround the Overlord Color Domineering Spirit and resist the domineering attack of Locks with difficulty.

“Captain!! Okay…”

“The captain’s domineering spirit is also too strong!” ……”

“If you continue to let the domineering spirit spread, the whole island will be destroyed…”


In the face of the overlord color domineering spirit released by Locks madly, the faces of white beards, golden lions and others are also very solemn.

It is also the use of its own domineering spirit, resisting the dark black air waves that are gushing around it.

As for the pirates on the island, some weak pirates directly spat white foam and fainted.

As for some of the more powerful pirates, they were also shocked by the domineering spirit, and one by one they were frightened and frightened, lying on the ground like dead dogs.

At the same time, because of the powerful domineering, the whole island also began to shake and began to crack.

It can be said that if the domineering spirit continues to spread, the entire island will soon be destroyed.

However, Locks clearly did not have the idea of destroying his base camp.

Seeing that he had completely suppressed the white night, the domineering spirit of his whole body suddenly closed.

“White Night, you are very good…”

“As long as you can grab the Heavenly Gold, you are the new captain of the Locks Pirates…”

Locks glanced at the white night, left directly, and returned to the skeleton building in the middle of the island.


Feeling the news of Locks’ domineering, Whitebeard, and Golden Lion, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, Locks’s domineering spirit was so terrifying that even they couldn’t resist it.

“Is that What Locks is!?” ……”

“One day, I will have such power too…”

Looking at the distant Locks, White Night clenched his fists and said very affirmatively.

Although Locks was very strong now, White Night was not discouraged at all.

White Night is a person with a game system, a data-based body.

White Night believes that as long as he gives himself time, he will definitely have such strength, even beyond the power of Locks.

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