Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Her life, I saved!!

“Lord White Night, is he Roger’s wife!?”

“It doesn’t look very pretty!”

“I really didn’t expect that One Piece Roger actually liked such a woman!” Stucy looked at Portkas. D. Lujiu couldn’t help but say. ”

“What do you say!? Didn’t I say that!? ”

“I don’t know any One Piece Roger!!”

Hearing white nights and Stucci’s conversation, Potkas Although D. Lujiu was very scared in his heart, he still retorted.

Now Portkas D. Lu Jiu’s heart was very scared, very afraid.

Originally, after learning that the Navy had come to the island.

Portkas · D. Lujiu planned to hide in the nearby forest to temporarily avoid the navy’s search.

But she did not expect that before she could hide, she was stopped by a man and a woman.

At the same time, he directly said his identity.

“Rest assured! We are not the people of the world government! ”

“I promised Roger that I would protect you for a while!”

White Night looked at Portcus D. Lujiu said.


“Are you really not a member of the World Government!?”

Portkas · D. Lujiu still looked at the white night with some suspicion.

“Standing in front of you is the ‘Magneto’ White Night!”

“The man who will conquer the whole world!”

See Portkas D. Lujiu still didn’t believe it, Stucy said without anger.

“‘Magneto’ White Nights!? You really are ‘Magneto’ White Night! ”

Hearing the name of White Night, Portkas D. Lujiu began to believe in White Night.

Even Bodkas D. Lujiu is now just an ordinary person, and he has also heard the name of “Ten Thousand Magnetic King” White Nights.

This is Roger’s name in advance before he dies.

Legend has it that Roger gave all the treasures he had found to Magneto the White Nights.

“I don’t think anyone on the sea now dares to pretend to be my name!”

White Night said very affirmatively.

If in the past, there may be people pretending to be the name of white nights.

But now, no one dared to pretend to be the name of white night.

‘Magneto’ White Night, this is the one who got Roger’s treasure.

Now everyone on the sea, whether it’s the navy or the pirates or the world government, is looking for the ‘Magneto’ White Night.

Now pretending to be ‘Magneto’ White Night, isn’t this looking for death!?

“I see, thank you Lord White Night!”

After determining the identity of White Night, Portkas D. Lujiu put away Puti and said thank you to White Night.

“Let’s go!”

“Get off the island first!”

White Nights against Portkas D. Lujiu said.

Just as the three were about to leave town, Karen rushed over with the Navy.

Directly surrounded the three of them in the white night.

“No, it’s the Navy!”

Seeing these encircling navies, Portkas D Sheng Jiu Xin Sergeant.


“What are you navies going to do!?”

“Want to die!?”

White Night looked at these navies and said.

Not only was White Night not afraid, but even Stucci was not afraid at all.

Therefore, Stucci knew very well that the naval strength in front of him was too weak, and he could easily solve it without having to shoot at night.

“‘Magneto’ White Nights!”

‘Damn!’ Magneto’s White Night is here, this is a bounty 4 billion sea thief! ”

When Lieutenant Karen saw the white night, her face changed suddenly.

No one else knew White Night, but Karen, a second lieutenant in the Navy, had seen White Night’s wanted list.

Therefore, now he recognized at a glance that the person in front of him was the ‘Magneto King’ White Night who was now in the limelight on the sea.

Hearing the words of his commander, the navy around him was all shocked!

“‘Magneto’ White Nights!? Could it be the white night with a bounty of 4 billion and the treasure of One Piece!? ”

“How did such a terrible pirate come here?”

“Sir, what should we do now?”

For a moment, the navy around them also became panicked, and one by one looked at Karen with a miserable face.

White Night was now a celebrity, and even these ordinary navies had heard of White Night’s name.

And now that this horrible pirate with a bounty of 4 billion has appeared in front of him, how can they not be afraid!

Now that these navies needless to say attack, they can hold back and not escape, which is already good.

“If this person is One Piece White Night!”

“Then that woman must be Roger’s wife!”

Although Lieutenant Karen is also very scared in his heart now, as a second lieutenant in the Navy, his mental quality is still a little better than that of other pirates.

He was also about to notice that Behind the White Night, Portcus D. Lu Jiu.

Roger gave his treasure to White Night, and it is also very likely that White Night protected One Piece’s wife.

“Magneto White Night, what are you doing in Batelila!?”

“That woman is not Roger’s wife?”

The fear in The Ninja’s Heart, Lieutenant Karen, stared at Portkas. D Lujiu asked.


Feeling the gaze of Lieutenant Karen, Portkas D. Lujiu was startled, and his body couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

In the face of the Navy’s inquiry, White Night did not hide, but generously admitted.

“Yes, he is indeed the wife of One Piece Aijie!”

“I saved her life!”

“You navies, get me out of here at once!”

White Night looked at these navies and still said very arrogantly, not taking these navies in his eyes at all.

“‘Magneto’ White Night, don’t be arrogant!”

“We are a navy, a navy of justice… We will not let you go. ”

Lieutenant Karen looked at the white night, resisted the pressure of the white night, and said without retreating.

At the same time, in order to cheer himself up, he shouted at the white night.

But before he could finish speaking, White Night struck directly.

“You’re talking too much nonsense!”

“Since you’re not going to let go, you can die!”

“Shen Luo Tianzheng!”

A powerful magnetic force erupted from White Night’s body.

The magnetic force turned into a powerful repulsive force and rushed towards the surrounding navy.

A series of crashes rang out, and Karen flew out slightly, along with all the navy’s mouths spitting blood.

“The nasty Navy is gone, we can go!”

After easily solving these navies, White Night took Potkas D. Lujiu quickly left the island…

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