Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 111

Chapter 111 One Piece’s Wife!!

Countless pirates are pouring into the sea, looking for the ‘Magneto’ White Night, looking for the treasure of One Piece.

Countless navies and world governments have moved to look for traces of One Piece’s wife and daughter.

It can be said that now the sea has become more chaotic with Roger’s death.

The Navy pursues the pirates, and the pirates pursue the Navy.

The Navy eliminated the pirates, and another pirate appeared on the sea.

The whole sea has become a pot of porridge.

And where is the white night at the heart of all this chaos!? The White Night has come to the island of Bartlera.

“Lord White Night, is One Piece’s wife really on this island!?”

Wearing a mask, Stucci, who was following White Night, asked White Night.

In addition to being queen of joy, Stuttsie is now a member of the CP0 organization.

Therefore, even if she continues to follow the side of the white night, she needs to hide her identity.

“Of course on this island!”

“Let’s go!”

White Night said a word to Stucci and went straight to the island of Bataillera.

He promised Roger that he would help him take care of his wife and daughter.

And Roger used his life to help himself make a name, although White Night had no interest in such fame.

So, the white night came to the island of Bartlera.

If White Nights is not mistaken, Roger’s wife, Potkas D Lujiu, should be on this island.

At this time, on the island of Batelila, the Navy had already landed on the island ahead of schedule.

“Quick, search this island at once…”

“Get all the pregnant women out!”

“Roger’s evil bloodline must be wiped out…”

A second lieutenant named Karen is giving orders to all navies.

“Yes……… Sir! ”

Hearing the commander’s order, all the navies moved and began to search for all the pregnant women on the island.

Not only on the island of Batelila, it can be said that this scene is happening on all the islands in the sea.

I’d rather kill the wrong person than let it go.

The world government has issued an order that all pregnant women who want to kill this time must destroy all of One Piece’s bloodline.

In a hidden room on the island of Batelira, there is a woman with long pink hair, a flower decoration on her head, freckles on her face, and a bulging belly

This woman is none other than One Piece’s wife, Portkas. D. Lu Jiu.

“Damn, the Navy has found it!”

“What should I do now?”

“This is Roger’s child, and I absolutely can’t let him have an accident…”

Lu Jiu touched her stomach and thought firmly in her heart.

Just as the Navy was looking for pregnant women all over the island, white night came from afar.

“What are you!?” Leave now! ”

“The whole island has been completely blocked by our navy!”

Seeing the white night coming from a distance, a team of navies stopped the white night and drove loudly at the white night.

“Navy! You guys are so fast! ”

“Now you can roll!”

As the white night’s voice fell, a powerful repulsive force erupted, and the navy in front of them directly flew out with blood in their mouths.

“What man!? How dare they attack our navy! ”

“Destroy him now!”

Seeing that White Night dared to launch an attack on the Navy, the other navies also rushed over, and at the same time, all the muskets in their hands were aimed at White Night.

“Fire and destroy this pirate!”

Countless bullets shot rapidly towards the white night.

As soon as these bullets were about to hit the White Night, a powerful magnetic force erupted.

I saw these bullets, all suspended around the white night.

“What’s going on!?”

“How did our attack have no effect!”

“He’s a Demon Fruit Power!”

“Run! He is a Demon Fruit Power one! We are not his opponents at all…”

“Ask for support now!”

After determining that White Night was a Demon Fruit Ability, the navies were startled and immediately chose to retreat.

“Hmm, attacked me and I still want to run!”

“Give me all to die!”

As soon as the White Night’s mind moved, these suspended bullets all flew out backwards and shot towards these navies…………

“Ahh……… Yes……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

A series of screams rang out, and the pirates all died here.

“Let’s go!”

“Go straight to town and look for a woman named Potkas D. Lujiu…”

“She’s One Piece’s wife…”

Having solved these navies, White Night and Stucci walked directly toward the town.

“Report To Chief Karen!”

“The third squad was attacked by pirates and was all killed!”

Just as White Night had just entered the town, Karen, a second lieutenant, was also attacked by the Navy.

“Attacked by pirates!? What’s going on!? ”

“How can there be pirates here?”

Hearing the news that the Navy squad had encountered pirates, Lieutenant Karen was stunned.

You know, Batelila is just an island in ordinary waters, and there are not many pirates at all.

Even if a pirate regiment passed by, it would be impossible to destroy his naval squad.

“Could it be that a sea thief has come to Bateira!?”

“What did the Sea Thief do when he came to Bateira!?”

“Wait, are you looking for Roger’s wife!?”

“Yes, it must be so!”

Karen, a second lieutenant, was not stupid either, and quickly analyzed a lot of things.

“All the Navy squads will come with me right away!”

“Blockade the whole town…”…”

Under Karen’s leadership, countless pirates quickly walked towards the central town.

At this time, the white night in the town also found Roger’s wife.

“You are Portkas. D. Lu Jiu! ”

“Roger’s wife!”

Bai Ye looked at the woman in front of her who was not too beautiful and had freckles on her face.

“You……… Who are you!!? I don’t know what you’re talking about!? ”

“What One Piece’s wife!?” I don’t know! ”

Hearing White Night say his identity, Potkas D. Lu Jiu’s face became flustered…

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