Magnetic fruit, the valley of the gods Chapter 110

Chapter 110 The Navy’s Response!!

One Piece Roger used his life to make a name for Magneto White Night.

Now the name of the ‘Magneto’ White Night has spread throughout the sea.

Whether it is the Great Passage, the Four Seas, or any other sea, we all know the name of the ‘Magnetic King’ White Night.

It is even difficult for them to know the name of ‘Magneto’ White ~ Night

Every pirate regiment, every force, every newspaper, is constantly reporting the information of the White Night.

It can be said that this time, the white night is really famous in the sea.

Marin Fando, Naval Headquarters.

In a huge conference room, all the navy leaders gathered here.

“Sengoku, Zefa, what’s going on!”

“How did things get to this point?”

The current Admiral was empty of steel bones, roaring angrily at Sengoku and Zefa.

The public execution of One Piece Roger was a very simple matter.

The Naval Headquarters also dispatched two admirals to monitor the execution of One Piece Roger.

But no one expected that Roger had actually put their navy together before he died.

“I’m sorry, Air Marshal, it was my negligence!”

“Air Marshal, I also reviewed, I did not expect things to develop to this point!”

In the face of the roar of the steel bone, Sengoku and Zefa both bowed their heads helplessly.

Now the two of them also regretted dying.

Neither of them imagined that Roger would use his life to make a name for Magneto White Night.

If they had known that Roger would say such things before he died, the two of them would have directly sealed Roger’s mouth.

But it’s a great pity that it’s too late now.

Along with Roger’s words, the name of the ‘Magneto’ White Night has been spent in the sea.

“Whew……… Xiao He, what should I do about the situation on the sea now! ”

After a loud scolding at Sengoku and Zefa, Steel Bone took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.

He was also very clear that this matter could not be blamed on Zefa and the Warring States.

No one expected that Roger would do such a thing temporarily.

The most important thing now is to uphold justice on the sea and reduce the influence of this matter.

“Report to the Air Marshal, now the sea has become chaotic!”

“Countless pirate regiments on the Great Passage are active!”

“According to the report of the naval branch, countless new types of pirate regiments have also appeared in the four seas!”

“Several naval bases have been attacked by pirates!”

“These pirates are all looking for Magneto” White Night! ”

Xiao Tsuru looked at the information in his hand and reported it.

“It’s a headache!”

After listening to Xiao He’s report, the steel bone was empty and had a very headache, and then he asked.

“White Nights!’ Magneto’Where is the White Night!? ”

“Did he do anything?”

Now at the center of the whirlpool on the sea is the ‘Magneto’ White Night, and the Navy must grasp the trail of the White Night.

‘Hmm!’ Magneto’s White Nights left the New World! ”

Xiao Tsuru looked at the information in his hand and said.

“Huh!? Left the New World? What is he going to do!? ”

Hearing Xiao He’s words, the steel bone was suddenly frightened.

“There is not enough intelligence to determine the purpose of the White Night!”

Xiao Tsuru continued.

“Well, don’t move around, keep a close eye on the tracks of magneto’s white night.”

“If there is any movement, report it immediately!”

Steel Bone thought about it and said.


Xiao Tsuru replied.

Regarding the arrangement of steel bones and empty air, Sengoku, Zefa and others have no opinion.

They were all very aware of the horrors of Magneto’s White Nights, the kind of power that was like a natural disaster, and they had to deal with it carefully.

A little carelessness can lead to irreparable losses.

But other people don’t know these things.

In particular, there are a few newcomers in the Naval Headquarters who are just emerging.

“Damn, Air Marshal, is it enough to just monitor the ‘Magneto King’ White Night!?”

The fiery and impulsive Red Dog immediately stood up and said.

“The Magnetic King White Night is the source of chaos on the seas! As long as we destroy him, we can restore calm to the sea! ”

“We should concentrate the combat power of the naval headquarters and eliminate the ‘Magneto King’ White Night!”

Akadine is now a vice admiral.

The reason why he was able to become a vice admiral so quickly was, in addition to his own strong strength, and the severe crackdown on pirates.

The Red Dog pursues ‘thorough justice’, has a straight personality, cruel means and leaves no emotion, and will never allow a trace of ‘evil’ to exist.

In order to be able to complete the task, colleagues and ordinary people can be annihilated as targets without any care.

Now, with Roger’s words before his death, the ‘Magnetic King’ White Night has become the source of chaos in the sea.

In The Red Dog’s view, the easiest way to restore calm to the sea is to destroy the Magnetic King White Night.

Therefore, now hear the air marshal, just monitoring the ‘Magneto King’ White Night, without any action.

Red Dog felt very dissatisfied.

Not only the red dog, but even the pheasant and yellow ape around the red dog, although the two did not speak.

However, from the expressions on the two of them, it can also be seen that they are also very puzzled by this order of the air marshal.

“Red Dog, the strength of ‘Magneto’ is very strong! You can’t rush into it. ”

“A little carelessness may bring irreparable losses!”

Sengoku looked at Akatsuki explaining.

“How about being powerful! We are a righteous navy! ”

“As a righteous pirate, how can you be afraid of pirates?”

Red Dog still shouted in confusion.

“Red Dog, sit down!”

“You’ve just become a lieutenant general and don’t understand the situation on the sea!”

Seeing the red dog that was screaming somewhere, Steel Bone said in a serious tone.


Hearing the order of the steel bone, although the red dog was still very unwilling, he still had no choice but to do it.

I am only a lieutenant general, and Steelbone is a marshal.

Even if you don’t want to, as a vice admiral, you must obey the orders of the admiral.

For the expression of the red dog, the steel bone void did not care.

They were all new to the Navy and had no idea of the horrors of the White Nights of Magneto.

These few new naval personnel still need to be honed to become the mainstay of the navy.

“Now let’s talk about Roger one Piece!”

“Although Roger is dead, according to intelligence, Roger has a pregnant wife…”

“Roger’s evil bloodline must not remain on the sea…”

“By order of the world government, be sure to find Roger’s wife… Steel Bone Air continued to speak commandingly. ”


Soon, the Navy and the World Government were all in action.

The sea began to look for Roger’s wife and children…

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